Thursday, November 22, 2018

Tesla Technology Has Been Revived

Viziv surface wave systems utilize a long theorized but never successfully demonstrated terrestrial, electromagnetic phenomena known as the Zenneck surface wave.

The Viziv surface wave systems will improve the quality of life for people everywhere by enabling the delivery of affordable electricity throughout the world. Below are some initial applications; we expect the list to grow along with the technology.


Our technology will enable true global access to electricity, particularly benefiting the 1.7 billion people who still don’t have it. Clean, safe, reliable, and affordable wireless power systems will remedy this, enabling necessities like hot meals, advanced medical treatment, and pure drinking water for people in the developing world. Electricity is the foundation for realizing growth and prosperity in the developing world, and introducing it to communities without electricity would help boost economies around the world.


What if affected communities had access to electricity immediately after Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, the earthquakes in Haiti and Japan, and the tsunamis in Thailand and Sumatra? Thousands of lives could have been saved. Our technology will allow for electricity to be delivered immediately to disaster areas, transforming the scope and efficiency of relief efforts.


Reliable electricity is the lifeblood of the global economy. The Viziv surface wave system will connect the world’s energy resources with those who need them with a fraction of the environmental impact of current technologies. In the case of renewable energy, prime locations for generation are often not in close enough proximity to the end user, and building traditional transmission infrastructure is not economically viable. We can overcome these problems through the use of Viziv surface wave systems. Imagine solar farms in the world’s uninhabited deserts providing electricity to the world’s most populous cities. Or wind farms that operate most efficiently at night (when energy use is lowest) sending  power to parts of experiencing peak daytime use. Green energy CAN be truly economical.


Natural and manmade events can result in long-term and wide-spread disruptions of the electrical grid. Viziv surface wave systems will harden the system by providing alternative energy sources when they’re needed, as well as help bypass reliance on the aging transmission infrastructure.
The wave is impervious to weather effects such as lightning or geomagnetic disturbance or electromagnetic pulses (EMP), including those associated with a nuclear detonation.  Unlike a wired grid, the Zenneck wave cannot be physically attacked and cyber attacks would be challenged to target or cause cascading failures to a wireless system.  And obviously, a wireless grid would never get old, eliminating the problems related to the advanced age of today’s infrastructure.

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