Monday, October 21, 2019

Do you want Maxine Waters gone from Congress? this is the time for the start for a new face ,new leadership ,direction

A.G.William Barr explain the biggest Treason in USA

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La mejor entrevista que han hecho en Tele 5 en su puta vida y se la han hecho a una chica que pasaba por la calle

President Trump bashes Romney as a ‘Democrat secret asset

Ann Wilson
10/19/19, 07:09

President Donald Trump blasted Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) as a “Democrat secret asset” who tried “to infiltrate Trump’s administration as secretary of state” after the 2016 election in a video published Friday, Oct. 18, on Twitter.
The Democrats are lucky that they don’t have any Mitt Romney types. They may be lousy politicians, with really bad policies (Open Borders, Sanctuary Cities etc.), but they stick together!

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Monday, October 14, 2019

Stockfish Wins Computer Chess Championship 2019 As Neural Networks Play Catch-Up

Updated: Aug 7, 2019, 2:11 AM News
The reigning Computer Chess Champion Stockfish continues to assert itself as the greatest chess engine of all time, recently picking up a win in CCC 9: The Gauntlet.

Stockfish won CCC 9 over Leelenstein, a neural-network chess engine based on Lc0, the leading machine-learning chess project.

The champion engine triumphed in the blitz time control of CCC 9, beating 17 other engines in a "gauntlet" format.

CCC 9 Finals Crosstable. Click on the image for a larger version.

Stockfish Wins Computer Championship 2017


Superfinal Crosstable
1Stockfish 05111734003424½½½½10½½½1½½½½½½0½1½
2Houdini 6.0234073383½½½½01½½½0½½½½½½1½0½
The tournament featured $2,500 in prize money to further the development of computer chess.
1. Stockfish: $1,000
2. Houdini: $750
3. Komodo: $500
4. Fire: $250

Round Robin Crosstable
1Stockfish 0511173400352601½½½1½111111111½114.5/18
2Houdini 6.023407344410½½½½111113.0/18
3Komodo 1959.00b33983422½½½½½1½½½1½½111112.5/18
4Fire 6.233003389½0½½½0½½½1111111.5/18
5Andscacs 0.9232403258½0½½½½½½½½½½½½½½8.0/18
6Fizbo 1.93262323700½0½½½½½½11½½7.5/1855.00
7Deep Shredder 13329132340000½½½0½½½½11½½½½7.5/1854.75
8Chiron 4320331590000½½½½00½0115.5/1839.50
9Booot 6.232243157000000½½00½½½15.5/1837.00
10Gull 3 syz31913112½00000½½½½½½004.5/18

Frequency of openings over time employed by AlphaZero in its "learning" phase. Image sourced from AlphaZero research paper.


Left-Wing Fox News Anchor Shepard Smith Resigns Effective Immediately

Shepard Smith

Left-wing Fox News anchor Shepard Smith resigned effective immediately on Friday afternoon from his role as Chief News Anchor and Managing Editor of Fox News’ breaking news unit and anchor of Shepard Smith Reporting.
“Recently, I asked the company to allow me to leave Fox News,” Smith said. “After requesting that I stay, they obliged. Under our agreement, I won’t be reporting elsewhere, at least in the near future. … This is my last newscast here.”

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Caught in video how democrat trick the machine to win elections.


D. M.N. Rep Ilhan Omar spotted with the terrorist group antifa, outside a Trump rally

Cruz: 'Donald Trump has broken the Democratic Party'

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Beat Good Players with the London | Games to Know by Heart - IM Eric Rosen

Famous Chess Game: Kasparov vs Topalov 1999 (Kasparov's Immortal)

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Mystery of Death Valley's Moving Stones Solved

La pobreza para los de a pie en Cuba y los lujos para los comandantes ,Pero que viva Fidel siguen diciendo los come basura cubanos de a pie

Banter Blitz Cup - GM Alireza Firouzja vs. IM Almira Skripchenko

Petrosian's Pawn Storm | Boris Spassky vs Tigran Petrosian 1966

Schiff falsifying records, may be found guilty of conspiracy

Friday, October 11, 2019

No enfermes mas nunca con este metodo!

Amazing song by our leaders of the world

AlphaZero Crushed | DeepMind's AlphaZero Game Changer 6 | Stockfish 8 vs...

Absolutely Incredible. AlphaZero Uses The Fried Liver Attack On Stockfis...

Absolutely Incredible. AlphaZero Uses The Fried Liver Attack On Stockfis...

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Soaring gasoline prices becoming unbearable for some Southern California drivers