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¿QUIERES VER UN POCO DE MAGIA?: Timman vs Tal (Tallin, 1973)


Chess openings - Grunfeld

Have astronomers discovered an alien megastructure?

Bongino talks Trump's invitation to Kim Jong Un, Jimmy Carter 'legitimac...

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Trump becomes first US president to step into North Korea

This Will Leave You Speechless...They're Back on Earth!

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AOA - 짧은 치마 (Miniskirt) M/V

Holocaust survivor wants AOC out of Congress

‘Nobel Prize in stupidity’: Holocaust survivor wants AOC out of Congress

Holocaust survivor Ed Mosberg

There are not many residual overcomers of inhumane imprisonments. Ed Mosberg is one of them. 

What's more, the 93-year-old from Morris Plains, NJ, lacks the capacity to deal with Rep. ­Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's announcements a week ago, when she called the southern fringe's vagrant detainment focuses "inhumane imprisonments." 

"She ought to be expelled from Congress. She's spreading against Semitism, contempt and ineptitude," Mosberg disclosed to The Post. "The general population on the outskirt aren't compelled to be there — they go there without anyone else will. In the event that somebody doesn't know the distinction, it is possible that they're playing idiotic or they simply couldn't care less." 

On June 18, the Bronx/Queens government official posted a video on Instagram in which she stated: "The United States is running inhumane imprisonments on our southern outskirt, and that is actually what they are — they are death camps." 

Mosberg, who lost his whole family during the Holocaust and himself endure both the Plaszów and Mauthausen camps, stated: "Her announcement is abhorrent. It harms many individuals. At the death camp, we were not free. We were constrained there by the Germans who executed and killed individuals — its absolutely impossible you can think about."
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This Doesn't Officially Exist! Something Very Strange Is Going On In Space!

What is Ketosis?

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is the metabolic procedure of utilizing fat as the essential wellspring of vitality rather than sugars.

Starches fall into two classifications:

Boring carbs from sustenances like bread, pasta, potatoes, and other high-carb vegetables

Sugar from things like treats, cakes, baked goods, and frozen yogurt

Get a full rundown of carb-overwhelming sustenances here.

On a higher-carb diet (or a Standard American Diet), the body runs only off of glucose. You have glucose in your blood and put away glucose (otherwise known as, glycogen) in your muscles and organs like your liver.

On a low-carb or ketogenic diet, dietary fat and unsaturated fats from put away muscle to fat ratio are discharged into your circulation system. From here, your body can utilize these unsaturated fats as fuel or they get changed into atoms called ketones.

Ketones are created when freed unsaturated fats (from dietary fat and separated muscle versus fat) advance toward the liver. In the liver, they're oxidized and transformed into ketones to give vitality to your body and mind.

Unsaturated fats make incredible fuel, yet ketones are much progressively amazing. Your body utilizes them proficiently as fuel. Also, ketones can cross the blood-mind obstruction to give snappy vitality to your cerebrum. Be that as it may, just without glucose.

how long does it take to get into ketosis 7 tips on how to get into ketosis in 24 hours


Ketosis has been appeared to diminish irritation, which is at the foundation of numerous interminable infections, including numerous immune system ailments.

Blood glucose and insulin levels are straightforwardly identified with mind wellbeing. Along these lines, it's no big surprise that numerous analysts are taking a gander at ketosis as a treatment choice for degenerative cerebrum illnesses like Alzheimer's and dementia[*].

Ketosis can help parity glucose and make your cells progressively delicate to insulin. Which is the reason numerous scientists are taking a gander at a ketogenic as an elective treatment for sort 2 diabetes patients[*].

Malignant growth cells flourish off of glucose from carbs. In this way, there are a few hypotheses that getting into ketosis can help starve malignancy cells and might be a decent corresponding treatment for disease patients. Most examinations on keto and disease are done in creature models, however one 2007 investigation found that the ketogenic diet was useful in overseeing cerebrum cancer[*].


¿Qué es la cetosis?

La cetosis es el procedimiento metabólico de utilizar la grasa como la fuente esencial de vitalidad en lugar de azúcares.

Los almidones caen en dos clasificaciones:

Aburrir los carbohidratos de sustancias como el pan, la pasta, las papas y otros vegetales con alto contenido de carbohidratos

Azúcar de cosas como golosinas, pasteles, productos horneados y yogurt congelado

Obtén un resumen completo de los sustanciales alimentos que contienen carbohidratos aquí.

En una dieta alta en carbohidratos (o en una dieta estadounidense estándar), el cuerpo solo funciona con glucosa. Usted tiene glucosa en la sangre y guarda la glucosa (también conocida como glucógeno) en los músculos y órganos como el hígado.

En una dieta baja en carbohidratos o cetogénica, la grasa de la dieta y las grasas no saturadas de músculo a grasa se descargan en su sistema de circulación. A partir de aquí, su cuerpo puede utilizar estas grasas no saturadas como combustible o se transforman en átomos llamados cetonas.

Las cetonas se crean cuando las grasas no saturadas liberadas (de la grasa de la dieta y los músculos separados frente a la grasa) avanzan hacia el hígado. En el hígado, se oxidan y se transforman en cetonas para darle vitalidad a tu cuerpo y mente.

Las grasas no saturadas son un combustible increíble, pero las cetonas son progresivamente sorprendentes. Su cuerpo los utiliza con habilidad como combustible. Además, las cetonas pueden atravesar la obstrucción de la mente de la sangre para darle vitalidad a tu cerebro. Sea como sea, solo que sin glucosa.
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Ketosis Causes Long-Term DAMAGE. Ketogenic Diets Trigger Fight or Flight...

Quien es George Soros?

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Chess openings - Sicilian Dragon

Alley Waterbury to announce her campaign to unseat Ilhan Omar next month.

Minnesota Republican Alley Waterbury has joined the battle for CD-5.
Alley Waterbury Rep. Ilhan Omar
Minneapolis, MN - Minnesotans have had enough of anti-American Congresswoman Ilhan Omar! She had better be prepared for some fierce competition! As 2020 approaches, challengers are lining up to unseat the disgraceful Omar who currently represents Minnesota's 5th congressional district in U.S. Congress.
At this time, two Republican candidates have officially announced their campaigns to run for Minnesota's 5th congressional district against Rep. Ilhan Omar in 2020. Mill City Citizen Media has just confirmed that a third candidate, Republican Alley Waterbury, will run against Omar in 2020. Alley Waterbury is a well known conservative activist in the state of Minnesota. Ms.Waterbury plans to officially announce her campaign 7/10/19 at 6:30pm on the front steps of the Minnesota State Capitol. According to Ms.Waterbury, her official campaign website and other pertinent details will be made available to the public at that time.

What CNN fake news will never tell us about it Trump's rally

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Sexy Female Oil Wrestling

Some Very Compelling Evidence the Tower of Babel Was Real

Ancient Anomalies Of Giza Academia Can't Explain

Ethiopia’s Chapel in the Sky

Ancient Anomalies Of Giza Academia Can't Explain

Six Medieval Arrow Types - What are they for?

This Wasn't Supposed to be a Sphinx

Gigantic Underwater Sphinx and Pyramids Discovered...What Happened Next ...

CAMPEÓN INSPIRANDO MIEDO: Carlsen vs Yu Yangyi (Norway Chess, 2019)

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Amazing Quick Bird Trap From Cans Coca-Cola



The TRUTH about HOW TO OPEN a LOCK with a NUT wrench!

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Impresionante! Picadas de camiones


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Privately Funded Border Wall Near Completion In New Mexico

Heard on Morning Edition

Initial sections of fencing for a privately funded border wall were installed last weekend in Sunland Park, N.M., as the result of a crowdfunding effort that went live in December.

AOC goes full on communist. God help us all if we continue to elect these kind of people in America

Donald Trump is a success. Let's count the ways.

It is time for us to give him a fair shake.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders recently tweeted, “Which is the more underreported story of @POTUS year one? Defeat of ISIS. Booming Trump economy”
Sanders asked the question for a good reason. The good news of Trump’s presidency hasn't received much attention. 
According to the Media Research Center, coverage of Trump on the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts in September, October and November was more than 90% negative.
Granted, the president is partially at fault for the lack of positive coverage. At times, he has stepped all over his message. Plus, attacking news reports as "fake news" is not the way to win friends and influence the press.
Trump supporters cry foul, but just like a coach who throws a chair or blasts the media in a news conference, the outburst tends to get more attention than it does wins. 
Trumpsters aren’t the only ones who've noticed how the media treat Trump. 
Surprisingly, 93-year-old former president Jimmy Carter said, “I think the media have been harder on Trump than any other president certainly that I’ve known about.”
Speaking with New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, Carter continued, "I think they feel free to claim that Trump is mentally deranged and everything else without hesitation.” 
But is the White House press secretary right? Are Trump's wins underreported?
On Dec. 16, Ross Douthat, writing in The Times, called the ISIS defeat “a case where the media is not adequately reporting an important success because it does not fit into the narrative of Trumpian disaster in which our journalistic entities are all invested.” 
Besides defeating ISIS, what are Trump’s wins this year?
Tax cuts: Congress has passed a tax overhaul, but just the anticipation of tax reform, which will cut the corporate rate to 21%, has excited business owners and fueled stock market records.
Economic growth: The gross domestic product has grown by more than 3% for two quarters in a row. 
Consumer confidence: In October, consumer confidence rose to the highest level in 17 years, according to the New York-based Conference Board.
Deregulation: Trump has cut 67 Obama-era regulations and added only three new rules. The rollback on regulations has spurred business confidence, economic activity and stock market growth. Trump said the actions have saved $8.1 billion in lifetime net regulatory costs.
Stock market: The Dow has set record highs 70 times this year, rising 5,000 points in a year for the first time in history.
POLICING THE USA: A look at race, justice, media
Judicial appointments: Trump has staffed the judiciary with constitutionalists such as Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. 
Unemployment: Granted, Trump inherited low unemployment numbers from President Obama, but the number of people collecting unemployment benefits has continued to fall to a near 44-year low. 
Trade: Trump worked out a trade deal with China, Vietnam and South Korea.
Israel: The United States' relationship with Israel has been much improved since the last administration. 
Immigration: In August, illegal border crossing apprehensions were down 41% on the Southern border compared with August 2016. 
U.S. energy: The Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines are under construction. Jobs to be created: 42,000.
Coal: Trump stopped Obama’s war on coal.
Climate change: Trump announced in June that he plans to withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement, citing that it would undermine our economy.
Schools: Trump is giving the green light to school choice programs across the country. 
Obamacare fail: Congress failed to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, but if the tax reform bill is passed, Obamacare's individual mandate will be repealed. 
Of course, the left credits Obama for ISIS' defeat and the booming economy. And earlier this month, Obama congratulated himself for economic growth and job creation in a speech at a conference of mayors in Chicago, saying, “Thanks, Obama.” 
Actually, Obama deserves some credit. His policies created a slow economic recovery, which forced businesses to get lean. Since taking office, President Trump has removed the regulatory weight and the economy is soaring again.
Look, Trump’s combative style reminds me of a certain three-time national champion basketball coach from  Indiana. But like that coach, Trump has more wins than losses.
Gary Varvel is a cartoonist and columnist for The Indianapolis Star, where this column first appeared. Follow him on Twitter: @varvel.

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The U.S. Just Became a Net Oil Exporter for the First Time in 75 Years

America turned into a net oil exporter last week, breaking almost 75 years of continued dependence on foreign oil and marking a pivotal -- even if likely brief -- moment toward what U.S. President Donald Trump has branded as "energy independence."
The shift to net exports is the dramatic result of an unprecedented boom in American oil production, with thousands of wells pumping from the Permian region of Texas and New Mexico to the Bakken in North Dakota to the Marcellus in Pennsylvania.
While the country has been heading in that direction for years, this week’s dramatic shift came as data showed a sharp drop in imports and a jump in exports to a record high. Given the volatility in weekly data, the U.S. will likely remain a small net importer most of the time.
“We are becoming the dominant energy power in the world,” said Michael Lynch, president of Strategic Energy & Economic Research. “But, because the change is gradual over time, I don’t think it’s going to cause a huge revolution, but you do have to think that OPEC is going to have to take that into account when they think about cutting.”

A jewish graveyard in Paris . Share it that everyone will see it

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The Josephus Problem - Numberphile

Deepfakes - Real Consequences

The Man With the Rewired Brain

Apollo 11’s ‘third astronaut’ reveals secrets from dark side of the moon...

Lost World Of Pompeii (Ancient Rome Documentary) | Timeline

Gigantic Underwater Sphinx and Pyramids Discovered...What Happened Next ...

The circumstantial evidence is mounting that the Kremlin succeeded in infiltrating the US government at the highest levels (Obama).

Turns out Obama was the real Russian stooge

The circumstantial evidence is mounting that the Kremlin succeeded in infiltrating the US government at the highest levels.
Turns out Obama was the real Russian stooge

How else to explain a newly elected president looking the other way after an act of Russian aggression? Agreeing to a farcically one-sided nuclear deal? Mercilessly mocking the idea that Russia represents our foremost geo-political foe?
Accommodating the illicit nuclear ambitions of a Russian ally? Welcoming a Russian foothold in the Middle East? Refusing to provide arms to a sovereign country invaded by Russia? Diminishing our defenses and pursuing a Moscow-friendly policy of hostility to fossil fuels?
All of these items, of course, refer to things said or done by President Barack Obama.
To take them in order: He re-set with Russia shortly after its clash with Georgia in 2008. He concluded the New START agreement with Moscow that reduced our nuclear forces but not theirs. When candidate Mitt Romney warned about Russia in the 2012 campaign, Obama rejected him as a Cold War relic.

Resulta que Obama fue el verdadero títere ruso.

Por Rich Lowry 10 de abril de 2017 | 8:43 pm | Actualizado
Ampliar imagen
Resulta que Obama fue el verdadero títere ruso.
Barack Obama y Donald Trump AP; imágenes falsas
Rico rico
 Rich Lowry
Entonces, ¿está bien destruir vidas en nombre de la lucha contra Trump?
Joe Biden no debería pedir disculpas por luchar contra el crimen
Si esto es un encubrimiento, es el peor
Bernie Sanders se aleja de los niños de las minorías urbanas
La verdad sobre la "ley del latido del corazón" de Georgia
La evidencia circunstancial se está acumulando de que el Kremlin logró infiltrarse en el gobierno de los Estados Unidos en los niveles más altos.
Turns out Obama was the real Russian stooge
¿De qué otra manera explicar a un presidente recién elegido que mira hacia otro lado después de un acto de agresión rusa? ¿Estar de acuerdo con un acuerdo nuclear ridículamente unilateral? ¿Se burla sin piedad de la idea de que Rusia representa a nuestro principal enemigo geopolítico?

¿Acomodar las ambiciones nucleares ilícitas de un aliado ruso? ¿Dando la bienvenida a un punto de apoyo ruso en el Medio Oriente? ¿Se niega a proporcionar armas a un país soberano invadido por Rusia? ¿Disminuir nuestras defensas y seguir una política hostil de Moscú hacia los combustibles fósiles?

Todos estos artículos, por supuesto, se refieren a cosas dichas o hechas por el presidente Barack Obama.

Para ponerlos en orden: volvió a establecer con Rusia poco después de su enfrentamiento con Georgia en 2008. Concluyó el nuevo acuerdo START con Moscú que redujo nuestras fuerzas nucleares pero no las de ellos. Cuando el candidato Mitt Romney advirtió sobre Rusia en la campaña de 2012, Obama lo rechazó como una reliquia de la Guerra Fría.

El presidente luego forjó un acuerdo con el aliado de Rusia, Irán, para permitirle preservar su programa nuclear. Durante el fiasco de la línea roja, él agarró con avidez un salvavidas de Rusia al precio de aceptar su intervención en Siria. Nunca cedió al darle a Ucrania armas "letales" para defenderse del ataque ruso.

Finalmente, Obama recortó los gastos de defensa de Estados Unidos y tomó medidas enérgicas contra los combustibles fósiles, una política que Rusia acoge con satisfacción, ya que su economía depende de los altos precios del petróleo.

Ponga todo esto junto, y es imposible concluir que Obama fuera un títere ruso, y no por un trato nefasto, sino por su propia ingenuidad y debilidad.

Obama no esperaba ninguna recompensa cuando le pidió al entonces presidente ruso, Dimitri Medvedev, en un momento candente en una reunión internacional que le transmitiera a Vladimir Putin su capacidad de ser más "flexible" después de las elecciones de 2012; fue, para decirlo en términos de la actual controversia sobre las elecciones rusas, "conspirar" con los rusos en la creencia de que era una buena estrategia. Su "kompromat" era su propia tontería.


El golpe de Trump en Siria es un golpe directo al poder de Oriente Medio de Putin
El costo de la orientación de Obama hacia Rusia se hizo más claro en las últimas dos semanas. Cuando se detuvo de hacer cumplir su línea roja, un acuerdo con los rusos para eliminar las armas químicas de Bashar al-Assad se convirtió en la hoja de parra para cubrir su retirada.
Este acuerdo era obviamente deficiente, pero los funcionarios de Obama utilizaron un lenguaje inteligente para dar la impresión de que había eliminado todas las armas químicas de Siria. No importa que Assad todavía usara gas de cloro para atacar a su población, explotando una grave laguna, y la evidencia de que Assad estaba engañando más ampliamente.

Los rusos cubrieron con entusiasmo a Assad porque él es su cliente. ¿Cuál fue la excusa del gobierno de Obama? Efectivamente se hizo un mentiroso para los rusos. Al mismo tiempo que Moscú reforzó el régimen de Assad, dijimos que tenía que irse, aplastó la oposición moderada que intentábamos crear y envió un flujo de refugiados desestabilizador a Europa. Este fue un desastre moral y estratégico.

Sin duda, las declaraciones de Donald Trump sobre Rusia en el último año y medio a menudo han sido estúpidas y vergonzosas. Pero siempre hubo una buena posibilidad de que la hostilidad de Rusia hacia nuestros valores e intereses hiciera insostenible cualquier intento de distensión de Trump. Con su secretario de Estado y el embajador de la ONU golpeando a Rusia con fuerza por el ataque con gas de Assad y la huelga de Trump desafiando la posición de Rusia, el gobierno parece estar adoptando una actitud de cabeza dura sin molestarse en un reinicio condenado primero.

Incluso si Obama finalmente se volvió más duro con Rusia, imponiendo sanciones después de la invasión de Ucrania y enviando contingentes de tropas estadounidenses a países cercanos a Rusia, nunca abandonó por completo su reflejo hacia el alojamiento.

No importa lo que digan los teóricos de la conspiración, no hay nada que sugiera nada negativo sobre la relación de Obama con Rusia. Pero basado en el registro solo, puede tener sospechas.

sacado de

Оказывается, Обама был настоящей русской марионеткой
Рич Лоури Апрель 10, 2017 | 8:43 вечера | обновленный
Увеличить изображение
Оказывается, Обама был настоящей русской марионеткой
Барак Обама и Дональд Трамп А.П .; Getty Images
Богатый Лоури
 Рич Лоури
Так что теперь можно уничтожать жизни во имя борьбы с Трампом?
Джо Байден не должен извиняться за борьбу с преступностью
Если это сокрытие, это худшее
Берни Сандерс снимает детей из городских меньшинств
Правда о «законе сердцебиения» Грузии
Накапливаются косвенные доказательства того, что Кремлю удалось проникнуть в правительство США на самых высоких уровнях.

Как еще объяснить, что новоизбранный президент выглядит иначе после акта российской агрессии? Согласитесь на одностороннюю ядерную сделку? Безжалостно дразнить идею, что Россия представляет нашего главного геополитического врага?

Приспосабливать незаконные ядерные амбиции российского союзника? Приветствуя русский плацдарм на Ближнем Востоке? Отказаться от поставок оружия суверенной стране, захваченной Россией? Ухудшается ли наша защита и проводится ли дружественная Москве политика враждебности к ископаемому топливу?

Все эти пункты, конечно, относятся к тому, что сказал или сделал президент Барак Обама.

Чтобы привести их в порядок: он восстановил отношения с Россией вскоре после ее столкновения с Грузией в 2008 году. Он заключил новое соглашение о СНВ с Москвой, которое сократило наши ядерные силы, но не их. Когда кандидат Митт Ромни предупредил о России в кампании 2012 года, Обама отверг его как реликт холодной войны.

Затем президент заключил соглашение с союзником России Ираном, чтобы позволить ей сохранить свою ядерную программу. Во время фиаско «красной линии» он с готовностью ухватился за спасательный круг из России ценой принятия ее вмешательства в Сирию. Он никогда не отказывался от предоставления Украине «смертоносного» оружия, чтобы защитить себя от нападения России.

Наконец, Обама сократил расходы США на оборону и расправился с ископаемым топливом - политика, которую приветствует Россия, поскольку ее экономика зависит от высоких цен на нефть.

Соберите все это вместе, и невозможно сделать что-либо еще, кроме того, что Обама был русской марионеткой - и не из каких-то гнусных сделок, а из своей собственной наивности и слабости.

Обама не ожидал каких-либо наград, когда он попросил тогдашнего российского президента Дмитрия Медведева во время горячего микрофона на международной встрече передать Владимиру Путину его способность быть более «гибким» после выборов 2012 года; он был, если выразить это с точки зрения нынешней российской избирательной борьбы, «в сговоре» с русскими, полагая, что это хорошая стратегия. Его «компромат» был его собственной глупостью.

Удар Трампа по Сирии является прямым ударом по власти Путина на Среднем Востоке
За последние две недели цена ориентации Обамы на Россию прояснилась. Когда он не смог выполнить свою красную линию, соглашение с русскими об удалении химического оружия Башара Асада стало фиговым листком для его отступления.
Эта сделка была явно неэффективной, но чиновники Обамы использовали умные выражения, чтобы создать впечатление, что она вывезла все химическое оружие из Сирии. Не берите в голову, что Асад все еще использовал газообразный хлор, чтобы напасть на его население - используя серьезную лазейку - и что накапливались доказательства того, что Асад обманывал более широко.

Русские охотно прикрыли Асада, потому что он их клиент. Что было оправданием администрации Обамы? Он фактически сделал себя лжецом для русских. В то же время Москва поддержала режим Асада, который, как мы сказали, должен был уйти, разбил умеренную оппозицию, которую мы пытались создать, и послал дестабилизирующий поток беженцев в Европу. Это была моральная и стратегическая катастрофа.

Безусловно, заявления Дональда Трампа о России за последние полтора года часто были глупыми и постыдными. Но всегда был хороший шанс, что откровенная враждебность России к нашим ценностям и интересам сделает любую попытку разрядки Трампа неустойчивой. С его госсекретарем и послом ООН сильно ударил по России из-за газовой атаки Асада и удара Трампа, ставящего под сомнение позицию России, администрация, похоже, заняла жесткую позицию, не заботясь об обреченных переустановках.

Даже если Обама в конечном итоге станет более жестким по отношению к России - введя санкции после вторжения в Украину и направив контингенты американских войск в страны, расположенные рядом с Россией, - он никогда полностью не откажется от своего решения о примирении.

Что бы ни говорили теоретики заговора, ничто не может предложить ничего плохого в отношениях Обамы с Россией. Но, основываясь на одной записи, у вас могут быть подозрения.

作者Rich Lowry 2017年4月10日|晚上8:43 |更新
 Rich Lowry






最後,奧巴馬削減美國國防開支並打擊化石燃料 - 這是俄羅斯歡迎的政策,因為其經濟依賴於高油價。

將所有這些放在一起,除了奧巴馬是俄羅斯的傀儡之外,不可能得出任何結論 - 而不是出於任何邪惡的交易,而是出於他自己的天真和弱點。


這筆交易顯然是有缺陷的,但奧巴馬官員用巧妙的語言給人的印像是它從敘利亞撤走了所有化學武器。沒關係,阿薩德仍然使用氯氣攻擊他的人口 - 利用一個嚴重的漏洞 - 並且證據證明阿薩德更廣泛地作弊。



即使奧巴馬最終對俄羅斯變得更加強硬 - 在烏克蘭入侵之後實施制裁併將美國軍隊派遣到俄羅斯附近的國家 - 他從未完全放棄對住宿的反應。

Yuánlái àobāmǎ shì zhēnzhèng de èluósī kuǐlěi
zuòzhě Rich Lowry 2017 nián 4 yuè 10 rì |wǎnshàng 8:43 |Gēngxīn
fàngdà túpiàn
yuánlái àobāmǎ shì zhēnzhèng de èluósī kuǐlěi
bā lākè àobāmǎ hé tángnàdé tè lǎng pǔ AP; gài dì túpiàn
gèng duō láizì:
 Rich Lowry
suǒyǐ xiànzài yǐ tè lǎng pǔ de míngyì cuīhuǐ shēngmìng shì kěyǐ de ma?
Qiáo bài dēng bù yìng wèi dǎjí fànzuì ér dàoqiàn
rúguǒ zhè shì yīgè yǎnshì, tā shì yǒushǐ yǐlái zuì zāogāo de
bó nísāng dé sī shuǎi diàole dūshì shǎoshù mínzú de háizi
guānyú gélǔjíyà “xīntiào fǎ” de zhēnxiàng
jiànjiē zhèngjù biǎomíng, kèlǐmǔlín gōng chénggōng de shèntòule zuìgāo jíbié dì měiguó zhèngfǔ.

Zài èluósī qīnlüè xíngwéi zhīhòu, rúhé jiěshì yī wèi xīn dāngxuǎn de zǒngtǒng? Shìfǒu tóngyì yī xiàng dān fāngmiàn de dān fāngmiàn hé xiéyì? Wúqíng de cháoxiào èluósī dàibiǎo wǒmen zuì zhòngyào dì dìyuán zhèngzhì dírén de xiǎngfǎ?

Shìyìng èluósī méngyǒu de fēifǎ hé yěxīn? Huānyíng èluósī zài zhōngdōng zhàn wěn jiǎogēn? Jùjué xiàng èluósī rùqīn de zhǔquán guójiā tígōng wǔqì? Jiǎnshǎo wǒmen de fángyù bìng zhuīqiú mòsīkē yǒuhǎo de duì huàshí ránliào de díyì zhèngcè?

Dāngrán, suǒyǒu zhèxiē xiàngmù dōu shì zhǐ bā lākè·àobāmǎ zǒngtǒng suǒ shuō huò suǒ zuò de shìqíng.

Wèile shǐ tāmen jǐngrán yǒu xù: Tā zài 2008 nián yǔ gélǔjíyà fāshēng chōngtú hòu bùjiǔ yǔ èluósī chóngxīn zǔjiàn. Tā yǔ mòsīkē dáchéngle xīn de START xiéyì, zhè jiǎnshǎole wǒmen de hé lìliàng ér bùshì tāmen de hé lìliàng. Dāng hòuxuǎn rén mǐ tè luó mǔ ní zài 2012 nián de jìngxuǎn zhōng jǐnggào èluósī shí, àobāmǎ jùjué jiāng tā zuòwéi lěngzhàn yíwù.

Suíhòu, zǒngtǒng jìxù yǔ èluósī de méngguó yīlǎng dáchéng xiéyì, yǔnxǔ qí bǎoliú qí hé jìhuà. Zài hóngxiàn cǎnbài qíjiān, tā jíqiè de cóng èluósī zhuā zhùle yītiáo shēngmìngxiàn, yǐ jiēshòu qí zài xùlìyǎ de gānyù wèi dàijià. Tā cónglái méiyǒu ràng wūkèlán “zhìmìng” wǔqì lái dǐyù èluósī de xíjí.

Zuìhòu, àobāmǎ xuējiǎn měiguó guófáng kāizhī bìng dǎjí huàshí ránliào - zhè shì èluósī huānyíng de zhèngcè, yīn wéi qí jīngjì yīlài yú gāo yóujià.

Jiāng suǒyǒu zhèxiē fàng zài yīqǐ, chúle àobāmǎ shì èluósī de kuǐlěi zhī wài, bùkěnéng dé chū rènhé jiélùn - ér bùshì chū yú rènhé xié'è de jiāoyì, ér shì chū yú tā zìjǐ de tiānzhēn hé ruòdiǎn.

Dāng àobāmǎ zǒngtǒng dí mǐ tè lǐ·méi dé wéijiéfū zài yīcì guójì huìyì de rèmén huàtí zhōng xiàng èluósī pǔjīng tíchū tā zài 2012 nián dàxuǎn hòu gèngjiā “línghuó” de nénglì shí, tā méiyǒu xiǎngdào rènhé huíbào. Jiù mùqián de èluósī xuǎnjǔ zhēngyì ér yán, tā yǔ èluósī “chuàntōng”, rènwéi zhè shì yīgè hǎo cèlüè. Tā de “kompromat” shì tā zìjǐ de yúchǔn.

Yě kěyǐ kàn kàn
tè lǎng pǔ duì xùlìyǎ de bàgōng zhíjiē dǎjíle pǔjīng de zhōng dōngbù shìlì
zài guòqù de liǎng zhōu lǐ, àobāmǎ duì èluósī de dìngwèi chéngběn biàn dé gèngjiā qīngxī. Dāng tā méiyǒu zhíxíng tā de hóngxiàn shí, yǔ èluósī rén dáchéng xiéyì, shānchú bā shā ěr·ā sà dé de huàxué wǔqì, chéngwéi zhēgài tā chètuì de wúhuāguǒ yè.
Zhè bǐ jiāoyì xiǎnrán shì yǒu quēxiàn de, dàn àobāmǎ guānyuán yòng qiǎomiào de yǔyán jǐ rén de yìn xiàng shì tā cóng xùlìyǎ chè zǒule suǒyǒu huàxué wǔqì. Méiguānxì, ā sà dé réngrán shǐyòng lǜqì gōngjí tā de rénkǒu - lìyòng yīgè yánzhòng de lòudòng - bìngqiě zhèngjù zhèngmíng ā sà dé gèng guǎngfàn dì zuòbì.

Èluósī rén jíqiè dì wéi ā sà dé bàodǎo, yīnwèi tā shì tāmen de kèhù. Àobāmǎ zhèngfǔ de jíkǒu shì shénme? Tā yǒuxiào dì shǐ zìjǐ chéngwéi èluósī rén de piànzi. Yǔ cǐ tóngshí, mòsīkē zhīchí ā sà dé zhèngquán, wǒmen shuō bìxū qù, dǎpò wǒmen shìtú chuàngjiàn de wēnhé fǎnduì pài, bìng xiàng ōuzhōu pàiqiǎn yī zhī pòhuài wěndìng de nànmín cháo. Zhè shì yīchǎng dàodé hé zhànlüè zāinàn.

Kěyǐ kěndìng de shì, tángnàdé tè lǎng pǔ guòqù yī nián bàn de guānyú èluósī de yánlùn wǎngwǎng shì yúchǔn hàn kěchǐ de. Dànshì, èluósī zǒng shì hěn yǒu kěnéng duì wǒmen de jiàzhíguān hé lìyì de gōngrán díyì huì shǐ tè lǎng pǔ de rènhé chángshì dōu bù kě chíxù. Yóuyú tā de guówùqīng hé liánhéguó dàshǐ duì ā sà dé de tiānránqì xíjí yǐjí tè lǎng pǔ de bàgōng tiǎozhàn èluósī de lìchǎng jìnxíngle jiānnán de dǎjí, zhèngfǔ sìhū cǎiqǔle yīzhǒng tóunǎo lěngjìng de tàidù, ér méiyǒu shǒuxiān zhùdìng huì shībài.

Jíshǐ àobāmǎ zuìzhōng duì èluósī biàn dé gèngjiā qiángyìng - zài wūkèlán rùqīn zhīhòu shíshī zhìcái bìng jiāng měiguó jūnduì pàiqiǎn dào èluósī fùjìn de guójiā - tā cóng wèi wánquán fàngqì duì zhùsù de fǎnyìng.

Wúlùn lǐlùn jiāmen kěnéng huì shuō shénme yīnmóu, duì àobāmǎ yǔ èluósī de guānxì méiyǒu shé me kě shuō de. Dàn jǐn gēnjù jìlù, nǐ kěnéng huì yǒu huáiyí.
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Monday, June 3, 2019

The stock market has added $6.9 trillion in market cap since Donald Trump was elected president.

  • The stock market has added $6.9 trillion in market cap since Donald Trump was 
  • elected president.
  • That is already nearly half of what the market grew by in all eight years of the Obama administration.
  • Trump’s performance, as measured by the S&P 500, is up 23 percent in the year since his inauguration, much better than the 13 percent average of first-year performances since 1928.
Trump  fist PREMIUM EA
Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images
The U.S. stock market has added nearly $6.9 trillion in market cap since President Donald Trump was elected, already close to half of what was added in all eight years of President Barack Obama’s tenure.
The market cap, based on the Russell 3000, surpassed $30 trillion for the first time last week and was at $30.6 trillion Thursday, according to Bespoke.
“I think the performance in the first year has exceeded almost everybody’s expectations,” said Paul Hickey, co-founder of Bespoke. Hickey uses the Russell 3000 to measure overall market cap, since it represents about 98 percent of all U.S. stocks.
When Trump was elected, stocks rose out of the gate after an initial late-night collapse in futures prices. After that, the market rewarded stocks and sectors that would benefit from the “Trump trade” and Trump’s pro-growth policies.
The Trump trade occasionally stalled out when it looked as though tax reform was unlikely, but since the legislation began seriously moving forward and finally became law at the end of last year, the market has been on a tear. The S&P 500 has added 4.6 percent just since the start of this year, after last year’s near 20 percent move.
Source: Bespoke
The market’s value may have reached peak levels since Trump’s election, but in percentage gains since inauguration, Obama was ahead in the first year. From his first inauguration until one year later, the S&P gained 41 percent under Obama. Hickey said the first-year average gain for first-term presidents since 1928 has been 13 percent.
Trump’s track record is still strong, he said. “As far as performance is concerned, it was a very good first year, seeing a gain of 23 percent in the S&P 500 in Trump’s first year in office,” said Hickey. “There were bigger gains under FDR and Obama, but they had the benefit of coming in at a low level, at the late stages of a bear market.”
Trump has not been shy about taking credit for a strong stock market, which some see as a risky prospect because stocks don’t always go up, as George W. Bush saw during his administration. The market lost $3.3 trillion in value in the Bush years, as measured by the Russell 3000, while it gained $12.3 trillion during the Obama administration.
S&P 500 performance in the first year of first-term presidents"