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Nuclear War on Mars:

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March 28, 2015   Coast Insider Audio
Nuclear War on Mars:

Filling in for George on Friday night, Richard Syrett welcomed Richard C. Hoagland for a discussion about evidence for nuclear war on Mars, disclosure, and how our solar system appears to have been 'remodeled' for life (additional Hoagland links: ). According to Hoagland, his early analysis of Viking's Mars data revealed not only some kind of ancient civilization there, but also anomalous isotopes in the atmosphere resembling those seen in hydrogen bomb tests on Earth. "Some of the craters in the Cydonia region, around the face and the pyramids, did not look like natural meteoritic impact craters... they looked like the nuclear explosion tests in Nevada," he added. Hoagland concurred with plasma physicist Dr John Brandenburg that a global nuclear war wiped out Martian civilization (related article).

Hoagland believes the real data shows we live in a formerly inhabited solar system. He estimated the odds of life on Mars (and on the moon) as better than a person perishing in an airplane crash. "The human race on this planet is not alone and is surrounded in orbit by myriad, millions of artifacts, of every conceivable size and description on all of the world's we have visited," he suggested. Hoagland referenced The Report from Iron Mountain, which proposes space exploration as a means to save the human race, as well as the Brookings Report and its infamous short section titled, "The implications of a discovery of extraterrestrial life." Interestingly, the 1960 report notes mankind would likely find ruins on the moon, Mars, and Venus within 20 years.

Hoagland commented on what he called NASA's "creeping disclosure," as the space agency continues to release highly detailed images which he believes clearly show artifacts on Mars and elsewhere. He credited the push of private industry into space with forcing their hand on the issue, since they will eventually find out on their own. Hoagland also spoke about the Chinese lunar mission finding ruins on the moon , as well as how mainstream science has reached consensus that our solar system is apparently one of kind and bizarrely unique. Our solar system was 'remodeled' hundreds of millions of years ago by a Type II civilization, he explained, noting how the precision of the moon's placement provided a stabilizing influence which allowed life to arise on Earth. And ours many not have been the only solar system they tinkered with, Hoagland speculated.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sochi Semi-Finals: Cramling Opens The Score

On the first day of the Women's World Championship's semi-finals GM Pia Cramling defeated WGM Natalija Pogonina, who needs a win tomorrow to stay in the tournament. IM Mariya Muzychuk and GM Harika Dronavalli drew their game.
“I like to walk a lot. And I like to read. I find time for these two things,” said GM Pia Cramling in an interview with Nastja Karlovich, published yesterday on the tournament website.
After a long career as a top female chess player, which includes a third place in a world championship, she is suddenly a draw away from playing a final.
Today Cramling scored a very classical win, converting a slightly better rook ending from one of the oldest openings, the Lasker Variation of the Queen's Gambit Declined. White's edge was minimal; it basically consisted of controlling the only open file. 
Pogonina decided to wait, and played Kd7-d8-d7 for fifteen (!) moves in a row. Meanwhile Cramling traded a few pawns so that she could activate her king. It looks like Pogonina chose a wrong trade after which the ending was winning for White.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

3D printed rifles can fire 7.62mm NATO rounds

In 2013, Defense Distributed created the world's first 3D printed handgun, the .38-caliber Liberator. The following year, they unveiled an AR-15 receiver capable of firing hundreds of 5.56mm rounds without fail. This year, the team has been outdone by a group of fabricators at Printed Firearm who have once again raised the bar. They've successfully crafted and test fired the receiver for a Colt CM109 modular battle rifle -- the AR-15's badass big brother. The CM109 is larger and heavier than the AR-15 as it is built to accommodate a larger caliber round: the 7.62 x 51mm NATO. 7.62mm rounds fly farther and strike with much more force than the 5.56mm, making them far more deadly. It also means that the lower receiver (the bit that holds all the firearm's moving parts) has to be both heavier and sturdier to in order to handle the increased mechanical stresses and harder recoil associated with using a bigger bullet.
Sturdiness, however, isn't typically the first thing that comes to mind when talking about 3D printed items. The first few iterations of both the AR-15 receiver and the Liberator failed after squeezing off just a few rounds. Getting them to stand up to the rigors of repeated use has required a lot of trial and error. From the image above, the group has obviously cleared that hurdle with the CM109 components (at least for the first few seconds of rapid firing). "It has been fired with little to no issues," the group said in a statement. Reportedly, the CM109 team crafted the component using a commercially-available $500 DaVinci 3D printer.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"2014 Newest Real Silicone sex doll for man, Sex Doll with big soft breasts".The biggest Hoax on aliexpress

2014 Newest Real Silicone sex doll for man, Sex Doll with big soft breasts.

DO NO FALL ON THIS HOAX; this is a item that the seller Chris Zhang is kicking on Aliexpress site and seem that corporate dont do nothing to stop this seller from pretending to sell a good item and just sell a bad joke,

check on the picture of the real deal that this Chris is sending to the poor customer over sea
Product Description
About us:
We are a professional suppliers of sex toys in China, with years of
experience at excellent quality and service.

Concerning the parcel name on the waybill,mostly ,we will write as
"gift or plastic sample" to protect your personal privacy, none will
know what it is containing.
For avoiding the import tax and save money for you ,the Declated Value on
the waybill will be marked within USD30/pcs
After service:
Upon receipt of our products, if you are not 100% satisfied with the
quality or concerned, you can return within 3 days after receiving our products
, but only if products need to keep intact and original; any returns arising
from the cost of freight and customs , the seller will no longer be borne,Buyer
should be responsible to assume, otherwise, we have rights to refuse to refund.
Anyhow, we believe our quality and service, do not wish to see similar
things happen, if the occurrence ,Our best hope is that if your have any
dissatisfaction on our products and services , please contact us in advance, we
will make every effort to resolve and make you satisfied.
May each PC has different resolution, so , sometimes , may the real
objects looks different a bit with the photos,if so, we sincerely request your





More Infomation about the doll:
Doll's body are: Bust: 86CM Waist: 55CM breech: 94CM Weight: 6 pounds Height: 160CM or so, a very good collection, deflated, folded about the size of a small pillow, tucked into bags, luggage, wardrobe can to facilitate the very highest in the world, high-end brands
Unique highlights: pussy 100% Liveskin virtual skin material, original with pubic hair, genitals one free installation design. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-toxic and all substances through the EU ROHS certification, in compliance with U.S. FDA requirements. Using it is very soft and realistic, approach women vagina, toughness is outstanding.
Highlights of the two original: facial makeup techniques using high imitation, eye stereoscopic 3D-eyes eye technology, beautiful Asian face, more oriental aesthetics, absolutely live version.
Highlights of the three original: the use of non-toxic polymer inflatable materials, non-toxic and odorless, durable, can withstand 300 pounds of pressure even more, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of freewheeling.
Packaging Details
Unit Type:
Package Weight:
2.0kg (4.409lb.)
Package Size:
20cm x 30cm x 30cm (7.87in x 11.81in x 11.81in)

2014 la más nueva de silicona real muñeca del sexo para el hombre, muñeca del sexo con grandes pechos suaves.

HACER NO CAÍDA EN ESTE ENGAÑO; esto es un artículo que el vendedor Chris Zhang está pateando en el sitio Aliexpress y parece que no haga corporativa no hacen nada para detener al vendedor de pretender vender un buen producto y sólo vender una broma de mal gusto,

comprobar en el cuadro de la oferta real que esta Chris está enviando a los pobres al cliente sobre el mar
Características del artículo

Tipo de artículo:
Muñecas Sexuales
Número de modelo:
vaya vaya 121
Tienda: GO GO N º 1 tienda Desconectado Email:
Chris Zhang
Descripción Del Producto
Sobre nosotros:
Somos los surtidores profesionales de los juguetes del sexo en China, con años de
experiencia en excelente calidad y servicio.

Respecto al nombre del paquete en la hoja de ruta, sobre todo, escribiremos como
"Regalo o muestra plástico" para proteger su aislamiento personal, ninguna voluntad
sabe lo que está conteniendo.
Para evitar el impuesto de importación y excepto el dinero para usted, el valor de Declated en
la hoja de ruta será marcado dentro de USD30 / pcs
Después de servicio:
Tras la recepción de nuestros productos, si usted no está 100% satisfecho con la
calidad o referido, usted puede volver en el plazo de 3 días después de recibir nuestros productos
, Pero solamente si los productos necesitan mantener intacto y original; cualquier devoluciones que se
del coste de carga y las aduanas, el vendedor ya no correrá a cargo, el Comprador
debe ser responsable asumir, si no, tenemos derechas a la basura que consolidar.
De todos modos, creemos nuestra calidad y servicio, no deseamos ver similares
que las cosas sucedan, si la ocurrencia, nuestra mejor esperanza es que si su tenga cualquier
descontento en nuestros productos y servicios, póngase en contacto con nosotros por adelantado,
hará todo lo posible para resolver y para hacerle satisfecho.
Mayo cada PC tiene diversa resolución, así, a veces, puede verdadero
objetos mirada diferente pedacito con las fotos, si es así pedimos sinceramente su





Más información La de la muñeca:
El cuerpo de la muñeca son: Busto: los 86CM Cintura: los 55CM de nalgas: los 94CM Peso: 6 libras Altura: 160cm o menos, una muy buena colección, desinflado, doblado aproximadamente del tamaño de una pequeña almohada, metidos en bolsas, equipaje, armario puede facilitar la más altos en el mundo, las marcas de gama alta
Destacados únicas: coño 100% Liveskin material de piel virtuales, originales con el pelo púbico, los genitales de un diseño libre de la instalación. Respetuoso del medio ambiente, no tóxico, no es tóxico y todas las sustancias a través de la certificación RoHS de la UE, en cumplimiento de los requisitos de la FDA. Su uso es muy suave y realista, las mujeres enfoque vagina, la tenacidad es excepcional.
Lo más destacado de los dos originales: las técnicas de maquillaje facial utilizando alta imitación, tecnología estereoscópica 3D-eyes ojo ojo, cara asiática hermosa, la estética más orientales, versión absolutamente vivo.
Lo más destacado de los tres originales: el uso de materiales no tóxicos inflables polímero, no tóxico e inodoro, durable, puede soportar 300 libras de presión aún más, lo que le permite disfrutar de la emoción de la rueda libre.
Detalles de empaquetado

Tipo de Unidad:
Peso del paquete:
2,0 kg (4,409 libras).
Tamaño del paquete:
20cm x 30cm x 30cm (7.87in x 11.81in x 11.81in)


DO NO落在此騙局;這是一個項目,賣方克里斯​​·張是踢在全球速賣通的網站,似乎是企業不這樣做沒有什麼能夠阻止這個賣家的冒充賣個好項目,只是賣一個糟糕的玩笑,



商店:GO GO 1號店離線電子郵件

運單將USD30 / PCS內標







20厘米X 30厘米×30厘米(7.87in X 11.81in X 11.81in)
2014 Nián zuìxīn de shíshí xìng xìjiāo wáwá de nánrén, xìng wán'ǒu dà rǔfáng róuruǎn.

DO NO luò zài cǐ piànjú; zhè shì yīgè xiàngmù, màifāng kè lǐsī​​·zhāng shì tī zài quánqiú sù mài tōng de wǎngzhàn, sìhū shì qǐyè bù zhèyàng zuò méiyǒu shé me nénggòu zǔzhǐ zhège màijiā de màochōng mài gè hǎo xiàngmù, zhǐshì mài yīgè zāogāo de wánxiào,

jiǎnchá shídǎshí de zhè zhǒng kè lǐsī fāsòng gěi qióng rén kèhù zài hǎimiàn de huàmiàn
xiàngmù xìjié

xiàngmù lèixíng:
Xìng'ài wáwá
Zǒu ba zǒu ba 121

shāngdiàn:GO GO 1 hào diàn líxiàn diànzǐ yóujiàn:Cherry119.Zhu@126.Com
kè lǐsī·zhāng
chǎnpǐn shuōmíng
guānyú wǒmen:
Wǒmen dì xìng wánjù zài zhōngguó de zhuānyè gōngyìng shāng, jùyǒu duōnián
zài yōuliáng de pǐnzhí hé fúwù tǐyàn.

Zài yùndān guānyú bāoguǒ de míngzì, zhǔyào shi, wǒmen huì xiě wèi
“lǐwù huò sùliào yàngběn”, yǐ bǎohù nín de gèrén yǐnsī, méiyǒu rén huì
zhīdào tā shì shénme hán.
Wèile bìmiǎn jìnkǒu shuì, wèi nín shěng qián, zài Declated zhí
yùndān jiāng USD30/ PCS nèi biāo
shòu hòu fúwù:
Zài shōu dào wǒmen de chǎnpǐn, rúguǒ nǐ bùshì 100%mǎnyì
zhìliàng huò yǒuguān, nín kěyǐ shōu dào wǒmen de chǎnpǐn hòu 3 tiān nèi fǎnhuí
, dàn zhǐyǒu dāng chǎnpǐn xūyào bǎochí wánhǎo hé yuánjiàn; ér chǎnshēng de rènhé shōuyì
cóng yùnfèi hé guānshuì chéngběn, màifāng jiāng bù zài chéngdān, mǎi jiā
yīng fùzé chéngdān, fǒuzé, wǒmen yǒu quán jùjué tuìhuán.
Zǒngzhī, wǒmen xiāngxìn wǒmen de pǐnzhí hé fúwù, bù xīwàng kàn dào lèisì
shìqíng fāshēng, rúguǒ fāshēng, wǒmen zuì xīwàng de shì, rúguǒ nǐ yǒu rènhé
bùmǎn duì wǒmen de chǎnpǐn hé fúwù, qǐng tíqián yǔ wǒmen liánxì, wǒmen
jiāng jǐn yīqiè nǔlì lái jiějué, ràng nín mǎnyì.
Kěnéng měi gè PC dōu yǒu bùtóng de fēnbiàn lǜ, suǒyǐ, yǒu shíhòu, kěnéng zhēnzhèng de
duìxiàng kàn qǐlái bu yīyàngle yīxià zhàopiàn, rúguǒ shì zhèyàng, wǒmen zhēnchéng de yāoqǐng nín





chákàn xiángxì xìnxī yǒuguān de wáwá:
Wáwá de shēntǐ shì: Xiōngwéi:86CM yāowéi:55CM tún wèi:94CM zhòngliàng:6 Bàng shēngāo:160CM zuǒyòu, yǒu hěn hǎo de shōucáng, fàng qì, zhé yuē de yīgè xiǎo zhěntou de dàxiǎo, sāi jìn shūbāo, xiāngbāo, yīguì kěyǐ fāngbiàn fēicháng wèi jū shìjiè dì yī, gāoduān pǐnpái
dútè liàngdiǎn: Māo 100%Liveskin xūnǐ pí liào, yuánlái de yīnmáo, shēngzhíqì yīcì miǎnfèi ānzhuāng shèjì. Huánbǎo, wúdú, wúdú, tōngguò ōuméng ROHS rènzhèng de suǒyǒu wùzhí, fúhé měiguó FDA yāoqiú. Shǐyòng tā shì fēicháng róuruǎn, bīzhēn, jiējìn nǚxìng yīndào, rènxìng chūzhòng.
Cǎiyòng gāo fǎng, yǎn lìtǐ 3D yǎn hù yǎn jìshù, piàoliang de yàzhōu miànkǒng, gèng fúhé dōngfāng rén de shěnměi guān, juéduì shì zhēnrén bǎn de miànbù huàzhuāng jìqiǎo: Duì yuánlái de liǎng gè liàngdiǎn.
Sān gè yuánshǐ de liàngdiǎn: Cǎiyòng wúdú gāo fēnzǐ cáiliào chōngqì, wúdú, wúwèi, nàiyòng, kěyǐ chéngshòu 300 bàng de yālì gēng dà, ràng nín xiǎngshòu suíxīnsuǒyù de kuàigǎn.
Bāozhuāng xiángxì xìnxī

dānwèi lèixíng:
bāozhuāng zhòngliàng:
2.0 Qiānkè (4.409 Bàng.)
Bāozhuāng chǐcùn:
20 Límǐ X 30 límǐ ×30 límǐ (7.87In X 11.81In X 11.81In)





ストア:GO GO 1番店オフライン電子メール

運送状はUSD30 /個以内にマークされます





ユニークなハイライト:陰毛と元の仮想表皮材Liveskin猫100%が、1無料のインストール設計を性器。環境にやさしいEU RoHS指令の認証を経て、非毒性、非毒性およびすべての物質、米国FDAの要求に準拠した。膣の女性にアプローチそれは、非常に柔らかく、現実的で使用すると、靭性が抜群です。

20センチメートルX 30センチメートルX 30センチメートル(7.87in Xが11.81in X 11.81in)

Dansei no tame no 2014-nen shin kanyū riarushirikōndatchiwaifu, ōkina yawarakai mune to sekkusu ningyō. Kono HOAX ni wa FALL mo shimasen. Kore wa, hanbai-sha Kurisu Chō wa Aliexpress no saito ni keri ya kigyō ikenai, yoi aitemu o hanbai shi, chōdo warui jōdan o hanbai suru furi kara kono hanbai o teishi suru nani mo shinai yō ni omowa rete iru koto kōmokudesu kono Kurisu wa umi no ue ni mazushī kokyaku ni sōshin shite iru honmono no e o chekku -------------- toriyoseru shiyō aitemu no shurui: Sekkusu ningyō moderu bangō: 121 Gōgō zaishitsu: Shirikōn sutoa: GO GO 1-ban-ten ofurain denshi mēru: Cherry 119. Zhu@ 126. Komu kurisuchan http: / / Www. Aliexpress. Komu/ store/ product/ furī - shippingu - Just - enjioy - her - 2014 - Newest - rearu - shirikon - sekkusu - doll - fō - man - Sex - dōru - u~izu/ 703620 _ 2043548321. Html seihin setsumei watashitachi ni kanshite wa: Tōsha wa, naganen'node, Chūgoku de no otonanōmocha no senmon sapuraiyādesu sugureta hinshitsu to sābisu de keiken. Unsō-jō ni kodzutsumi-mei ni tsuite wa, omo ni, watashitachi no yō ni kijutsu shimasu anata no kojin no puraibashī o hogo suru tame ni `gifuto ya purasuchikku sanpuru', dore mo ishi sore ga fukumu sa rete iru ka shitte iru. Yunyū zei o kaihi suru tame ni, anata no tame ni okane o setsuyaku, Declated kachi ni unsō-jō wa USD 30/-ko inai ni māku sa remasu sābisu no ato: Tōsha no seihin o jushin suru to, anata wa 100-pāsento manzoku shite inai baai wa, hinshitsu ya shinpai, anata ga watashitachi no seihin o uketotta nochi 3-nichi inai ni kaesu koto ga dekimasu shikashi, seihin wa sonomama, moto tamotsu tame ni hitsuyō ga aru baai nomi. Shōjita ikanaru ritān kamotsu ya shūkan no kosuto kara, hanbai-sha wa, mohaya futan to sa remasen, baiyā-sōdenakereba, wareware wa haraimodoshi o kyohi suru kenri o motte iru, to kangaeru no sekinin o oubekidearu. Tonikaku, watashitachiha watashitachi no hinshitsu to sābisu wa, onajiyōna hyōji shitakunai to kangaete i koto ga okoru, hassei shita baai, watashitachi no saizen no kibō wa aru, anata ga izureka o motte iru baai tōsha no seihin ya sābisu ni kansuru fuman, watashitachiha, jizen ni o toiawase kudasai kaiketsu shi, anata ga manzoku suru tame ni arayuru doryoku o shimasu. Chūi: Kaku PC ni wa, kotonaru kaizōdo o motte irunode,-ji 々, Honmono no baai ga arimasu moshi sōdeareba obujekuto wa, shashin to kotonaru bitto ni mieru, watashitachi wa kokorokara anata o yōkyū rikai. QQ 20140919152007. Jpg QQ 20140919152229. Jpg QQ 20140919152028. Jpg QQ 20140919152048. Jpg QQ 20140919152114. Jpg ningyō ni tsuite no shōsai jōhō sapōto: Ningyō no karadadesu: Basuto: 86 Senchimētoruuesuto: 55-Senchi no sakago: 94 CM jūryō: 6-Pondo shinchō: 160 Senchimētoru hodo no, hijō ni yoi fukuro ni kakurete chīsana makura no saizu, mawari ni oritatama o shūshuku korekushon,,, nimotsu, wādorōbu, dekiru yōi ni suru tame ni hijō ni sekai de mottomo takai, haiendoburando yunīkuna hairaito: Inmō to gen no kasō hyōhi-zai Liveskin neko 100-pāsento ga, 1 muryō no insutōru sekkei o seiki. Kankyō ni yasashī EU RoHS shirei no ninshō o hete, hi dokusei, hi dokusei oyobi subete no busshitsu, Beikoku FDA no yōkyū ni junkyo shita. Chitsu no josei ni apurōchi soreha, hijō ni yawarakaku, genjitsu-tekide shiyō suru to, utsubo-sei ga batsugundesu. Gen no 2tsu no hairaito: Takai mohō, ai rittai 3 D - me no ai· tekunorojī, utsukushī Ajia no kao, ōku no tōyō no bigaku, zettai ni raibubājon o shiyō shite kao no meikuapputekunikku. Orijinaru no 3 no hairaito: Taikyū-sei no aru hi dokusei, mushū, hi dokusei porimāinfurētaburu zairyō, no shiyō wa, anata ga furīhoīru no suriru o tanoshimu koto ga dekiru yō ni, sarani ōku no atsuryoku no 300-pondo ni taeru koto ga dekimasu. Pakkēji no shōsai yunitto taipu: Sakuhin pakkēji no jūryō: 2. 0-Kiro (4 . 409-Pondo. ) Pakkējisaizu: 20 Senchimētoru X 30 senchimētoru X 30 senchimētoru (7 . 87 In X ga 11. 81 In X 11. 81 In) http: / / Channel. Alibaba. Komu/ complaint/ home. Htm

2014 Date poupée de sexe de silicone réel pour l'homme, Sex Poupée avec gros seins mous.

NE PAS tombera sur cette canular; ce est un élément que le vendeur Chris Zhang est un coup de pied sur place et Aliexpress semblerait que Dont entreprises ne font rien pour arrêter ce vendeur de prétendre vendre un bon article et juste de vendre une mauvaise blague,

vérifier l'image de la vraie affaire que ce est Chris envoie aux pauvres client sur la mer
Caractéristiques de l'objet

Poupées sexe
Numéro de modèle:
go go 121
Magasin: GO GO No.1 magasin Offline Email:
Chris Zhang
Description du produit
À propos de nous:
Nous sommes un des fournisseurs professionnels de sex toys en Chine, avec des années de
expérience à une excellente qualité et de service.

Concernant le nom de la parcelle sur le connaissement, la plupart du temps, nous allons écrire car
"Cadeau ou échantillon de plastique" pour protéger votre vie privée, ne seront
savent ce que ce est contenant.
Pour éviter la taxe d'importation et d'économiser de l'argent pour vous, la valeur sur Declated
la feuille de route sera signalée dans USD30 / pcs
Après le service:
Dès réception de nos produits, si vous n'êtes pas 100% satisfait de la
qualité ou concerné, vous pouvez retourner dans les 3 jours après réception de nos produits
, Mais seulement si les produits doivent maintenir intact et original; en renvoie surgir
du coût de fret et des coutumes, le vendeur ne sera plus soutenues, acheteur
devrait être responsable d'assumer, sinon, nous avons des droits de refuser à rembourser.
Quoi qu'il en soit, nous croyons que notre qualité et le service, ne souhaitent pas voir similaires
les choses, si l'occurrence, notre meilleur espoir est que si votre ayez ne importe quelle
mécontentement sur nos produits et services, se il vous plaît nous contacter à l'avance, nous
fera tous les efforts pour résoudre et vous faire satisfait.
Mai de chaque PC a une résolution différente, donc, parfois, peut le vrai
objets différents regards un peu avec les photos, le cas échéant, nous demandons sincèrement de votre





Plus d'information concernant la poupée:
Le corps de poupée sont: Tour de poitrine: 86cm Tour de taille: 55CM culasse: 94cm Poids: £ 6 Taille: 160cm ou plus, une très bonne collection, dégonflé, replié sur la taille d'un petit oreiller, niché dans des sacs, bagages, armoire possible pour faciliter la mêmes les plus élevés dans le monde, les marques haut de gamme
Faits saillants uniques: chatte 100% Liveskin matériel virtuel de la peau, d'origine avec des poils pubiens, les organes génitaux une conception de l'installation gratuite. Respectueux de l'environnement, non-toxique, non-toxique et toutes les substances à travers la certification RoHS de l'UE, en conformité avec les exigences de la FDA. Son utilisation est très doux et réaliste, approche les femmes vagin, la ténacité est remarquable.
Faits saillants des deux d'origine: les techniques de maquillage du visage à l'aide de l'imitation de haut, la technologie 3D stéréoscopique yeux oeil oeil, beau visage asiatique, l'esthétique plus orientales, la version absolument direct.
Faits saillants des trois originale: l'utilisation de matériaux non-toxiques gonflables polymère, non-toxique et inodore, durable, peuvent résister à 300 livres de pression encore plus, vous permettant de profiter le frisson de la roue libre.
Détails de l'emballage

Type d'unité:
Poids du colis:
2,0 kg (£ 4,409).
Taille du paquet:
20cm x 30cm x 30cm (x 7.87in 11.81in x 11.81in)

2014 Последним Недвижимость Силиконовые куклы секса для человека, Секс кукла с большими мягкими грудями.

делают не упадет на этот HOAX; это элемент, который продавец Крис Чжан ногами на сайте Aliexpress, и, кажется, что корпоративная Dont не делать ничего, чтобы остановить этого продавца от притворяясь продать хороший товар и просто продать плохую шутку,

проверить на картины реальной сделки, что это Крис отправки на бедных клиентов над морем
Пункт специфика

Тип элемента:
Секс Куклы
Номер модели:
Go Go 121
Магазин: GO GO № 1 магазин в сети E-Mail:
Крис Чжан
Описание Продукта
О нас:
Мы профессиональные поставщики игрушек секса в Кита, с годами
опыт с отличным качеством и сервисом.

Относительно имени парцеллы на накладной, в основном, мы будем писать, как
"Подарок или пластмасса образец" для защиты вашей личной жизни, ни воли
знаю, что он содержит.
Для во избежание налог на импорт и сохранить деньги для вас, Declated значение на
накладная будет маркировано в пределах USD30 / шт
После обслуживания:
После получения наших продуктов, если вы не на 100% удовлетворены
качеством или обеспокоены, вы можете вернуть в течение 3 дней после получения нашей продукции
, Но только если продуктам нужно держать неповрежденным и оригиналом; любое возвращает возникать
от стоимости перевозки и таможни, продавец больше не будет иметь, покупатель
должны нести ответственность предположить, в противном случае, мы имеем право отказать в возмещении.
Во всяком случае, мы считаем, что наши качества и сервиса, не хотели бы видеть подобные
вещи, если возникновение, наша лучшая надежда, что если ваш имейте любой
неудовлетворенность на наших продуктах и ​​услугах, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами заранее, мы
будет прилагать все усилия, чтобы разрешить и чтобы Вы остались довольны.
Май каждый ПК имеет различное разрешение, так, иногда, может реальные
объекты выглядит по-другому немного с фотографиями, если это так, мы искренне просим вашего





Детали о кукле:
Тело куклы являются: Бюст: 86CM Талия: 55cm затвор: 94CM Вес: 6 кг Рост: 160 см или около того, очень хорошая коллекция, спущенном, сложил о размером с небольшой подушкой, заправленные в мешки, багаж, шкаф для одежды возможное, чтобы облегчить очень высокие в мире, высокого класса марки
Уникальные особенности: киска 100% Liveskin виртуальной материала кожи, оригинальные с лобковых волос, половые органы один бесплатный дизайн установки. Экологически чистый, не токсичен, не токсичен, а все вещества через сертификацию ЕС ROHS, в соответствии с требованиями FDA США. С его помощью очень мягкий и реалистичными, подход женщин влагалище, жесткость является выдающимся.
Основные двумя оригинала: лица методов макияж, используя высокую имитацию, глаз стереоскопического 3D-технологии-глаза в глаза, красивая азиатская лицо, более восточные эстетику, абсолютно живой версии.
Основные трех Оригинал: использование нетоксичных полимер надувных материалов, нетоксичный и без запаха, прочный, выдерживает 300 фунтов давления даже больше, что позволяет наслаждаться трепетом накатом.
Упаковка Подробности

Тип блока:
Вес упаковки:
2.0кг (4.409lb.)
Размер упаковки:
20см х 30см х 30см (7.87in х 11.81in х 11.81in)
2014 Poslednim Nedvizhimost' Silikonovyye kukly seksa dlya cheloveka, Seks kukla s bol'shimi myagkimi grudyami.

delayut ne upadet na etot HOAX; eto element, kotoryy prodavets Kris Chzhan nogami na sayte Aliexpress, i, kazhetsya, chto korporativnaya Dont ne delat' nichego, chtoby ostanovit' etogo prodavtsa ot pritvoryayas' prodat' khoroshiy tovar i prosto prodat' plokhuyu shutku,

proverit' na kartiny real'noy sdelki, chto eto Kris otpravki na bednykh kliyentov nad morem
Punkt spetsifika

Tip elementa:
Seks Kukly
Nomer modeli:
Go Go 121
Magazin: GO GO № 1 magazin v seti E-Mail:
Kris Chzhan
Opisaniye Produkta
O nas:
My professional'nyye postavshchiki igrushek seksa v Kita, s godami
opyt s otlichnym kachestvom i servisom.

Otnositel'no imeni partselly na nakladnoy, v osnovnom, my budem pisat', kak
"Podarok ili plastmassa obrazets" dlya zashchity vashey lichnoy zhizni, ni voli
znayu, chto on soderzhit.
Dlya vo izbezhaniye nalog na import i sokhranit' den'gi dlya vas, Declated znacheniye na
nakladnaya budet markirovano v predelakh USD30 / sht
Posle obsluzhivaniya:
Posle polucheniya nashikh produktov, yesli vy ne na 100% udovletvoreny
kachestvom ili obespokoyeny, vy mozhete vernut' v techeniye 3 dney posle polucheniya nashey produktsii
, No tol'ko yesli produktam nuzhno derzhat' nepovrezhdennym i originalom; lyuboye vozvrashchayet voznikat'
ot stoimosti perevozki i tamozhni, prodavets bol'she ne budet imet', pokupatel'
dolzhny nesti otvetstvennost' predpolozhit', v protivnom sluchaye, my imeyem pravo otkazat' v vozmeshchenii.
Vo vsyakom sluchaye, my schitayem, chto nashi kachestva i servisa, ne khoteli by videt' podobnyye
veshchi, yesli vozniknoveniye, nasha luchshaya nadezhda, chto yesli vash imeyte lyuboy
neudovletvorennost' na nashikh produktakh i ​​uslugakh, pozhaluysta, svyazhites' s nami zaraneye, my
budet prilagat' vse usiliya, chtoby razreshit' i chtoby Vy ostalis' dovol'ny.
May kazhdyy PK imeyet razlichnoye razresheniye, tak, inogda, mozhet real'nyye
ob"yekty vyglyadit po-drugomu nemnogo s fotografiyami, yesli eto tak, my iskrenne prosim vashego





Detali o kukle:
Telo kukly yavlyayutsya: Byust: 86CM Taliya: 55cm zatvor: 94CM Ves: 6 kg Rost: 160 sm ili okolo togo, ochen' khoroshaya kollektsiya, spushchennom, slozhil o razmerom s nebol'shoy podushkoy, zapravlennyye v meshki, bagazh, shkaf dlya odezhdy vozmozhnoye, chtoby oblegchit' ochen' vysokiye v mire, vysokogo klassa marki
Unikal'nyye osobennosti: kiska 100% Liveskin virtual'noy materiala kozhi, original'nyye s lobkovykh volos, polovyye organy odin besplatnyy dizayn ustanovki. Ekologicheski chistyy, ne toksichen, ne toksichen, a vse veshchestva cherez sertifikatsiyu YES ROHS, v sootvetstvii s trebovaniyami FDA SSHA. S yego pomoshch'yu ochen' myagkiy i realistichnymi, podkhod zhenshchin vlagalishche, zhestkost' yavlyayetsya vydayushchimsya.
Osnovnyye dvumya originala: litsa metodov makiyazh, ispol'zuya vysokuyu imitatsiyu, glaz stereoskopicheskogo 3D-tekhnologii-glaza v glaza, krasivaya aziatskaya litso, boleye vostochnyye estetiku, absolyutno zhivoy versii.
Osnovnyye trekh Original: ispol'zovaniye netoksichnykh polimer naduvnykh materialov, netoksichnyy i bez zapakha, prochnyy, vyderzhivayet 300 funtov davleniya dazhe bol'she, chto pozvolyayet naslazhdat'sya trepetom nakatom.
Upakovka Podrobnosti

Tip bloka:
Ves upakovki:
2.0kg (4.409lb.)
Razmer upakovki:
20sm kh 30sm kh 30sm (7.87in kh 11.81in kh 11.81in)

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