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Online Banking Alerts to your Email, Cell phone* or Pager

To use this service, your device (Cell phone or pager) must be capable of receiving text messages.

Cell Phone
Service Provider Device Address Example
ATT \ Cingular your cell phone
Nextel your cell phone
Sprint PCS your cell phone
T-Mobile your cell phone
Verizon your cell phone
Metro PCS your cell
Service Provider Device Address Example
SkyTel your pager

Standard text message rates may apply.

send text from your email

Desde Email. (att) (Tmobil) (Verizon) (Spring)

How to crack a Program

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to reverse engineer a program so that the serial key you enter is always right. This video was made for educational purposes only, The program I choose to hack is called SUPER AntiSpyware Professional and the program I choose to hack it with is Olly Debug, please let me know if you would like me to make more videos on how to crack diffrent programs.
Links ( Download Olly Debugger)
SuperAntiSpyware Program- ... r.exe.html
And for the lazy people out there who just want the program cracked download the patch I made ...

Faster download manager

You know the story: although your ISP claims that your connection is lightning fast, those huge video files you just grabbed off Google Video and YouTube are taking forever to download. Most people figure that slow download speeds are normal. If you use the built-in download manager in your browser, it is normal. Fortunately, you can change that by simply getting a new download manager.

Here are a few to get you started; some are ugly, some are decidedly 1.0, and some even cost money (gasp!), but they all do the job.

Also see our related post: Download Everything: 30+ Firefox Add-ons for Downloading.

Windows Download Managers

AltarSoft Download Manager – Wonderful basic download manager with up to 10 simultaneous downloads. $14.95.

AmazingDown Studio – Claims speeds up to 500% faster than built-in download managers. Includes proxy support, bandwidth limiting, Internet Explorer integration, and many more powerful features. $21.95.

BlackWidow – Great app that scans the site and lists all the links. It will then download them for you. $39.95.

Chrysanth Download Manager – Powerful batch downloader that integrates with Internet Explorer. $29.95.

ConnectFusion – Fast (some sources claim speeds 50% faster than built-in download managers) and easy to use download manager. Free software.

DC-Sakura Boyish-Downloader – Simple manager with a scheduler, file sorter, an option to shutdown after downloading, and Internet Explorer integration. $19.98.

DLExpert – Powerful multithreaded download manager with scheduling, auto shutdown, clipboard integration, Internet Explorer integration, and much more. Freeware.

Download Accelerator Manager – Includes proxy support, a scheduler, an ability to follow redirects, a free space management gauge, an auto shutdown feature, and integration with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, Avant, and Maxthon. Freeware.

Download Accelerator Plus – Powerful app with advanced tools you won’t find anywhere else, like a file shredder and a cookie/history/temp cleaner. Also integrates with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, and Mozilla. Freeware (ad-supported).

Download Boost – Basic manager with acceleration up to 400% faster than built-in download managers and some nice features like scheduling and integration with Internet Explorer and Netscape. $19.00.

Download Commander – Nice multithreaded manager with Internet Explorer integration. Freeware.

Download Express – For people with limited computer resources, a small (~680 KB) app that integrates nicely into Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, SeaMonkey, and Flock. Free for non-commercial use.

DownloadStudio – Download entire websites, streaming audio/video clips, search engine results, and more with this power tool. Integrates into Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, Maxthon, NetCaptor, and Avant. $39.95.

File Downloader – Small command-line app that can be automated with scripts and batch files. $12.00.

File Rain – Basic download manager that claims speeds up to 800% faster than built-in managers. $19.95.

FlashGet – Powerful manager with support for sequences of files, multiple locations, and site spidering. Also supports the MMS and RTSP media protocols and the BitTorrent and eDonkey P2P protocols. Integrates into Firefox, Opera, Mozilla, SeaMonkey, Netscape, Avant, and Maxthon. Freeware.

Free Download Accelerator – Basic program with speeds up to 800% faster than built-in download managers. Freeware (ad-supported).

Fresh Download – A scheduler, clipboard monitor, antivirus scanning, proxy support, ZIP extractor, and integration into Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Avant, Maxthon, and Slim Browser are just a few of the features packed into this manager. Freeware.

GetGo – Claims speeds of up to 300% faster than built-in download managers, and includes virus detection and a scheduler. Integrates into Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, and Flock. $30.00.

GetRight – Includes a scheduler, built-in MD5 and SHA-1 checksums, and BitTorrent, Metalink, and podcasting support. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Netscape integration is provided. $16.95/yr.

Gigaget – Auto data integrity validation and correction, MMS, RTSP, and Flash support, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Maxthon integration, and more are included in this great app. Freeware (ad-supported).

iFetcher – Easy to use download manager that works with Internet Explorer. Freeware.

Internet Download Accelerator – Proxy support, plugins, an FTP browser, archive previewing, integration with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, Maxthon, and NetCaptor, and much more are built into IDA. $29.95.

Internet Download Manager – Supports proxies, redirects, firewalls, and more. Includes both a command-line version and a GUI version. Works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, MSN Explorer, Avant, Maxthon, and AOL. $29.95.

LeechGet – LeechGet is one of the easiest to use programs in this list. Don’t let that fool you: it packs in a ton of features, such as automatic downloading, resume of broken downloads, a download timer, automatic hang-up and shutdown, and integration with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Opera. Free for personal use.

Mass Downloader – Great batch downloader with support for streaming media and integration with Firefox, Netscape, Mozilla, and Flock. $19.95.

NetLeech – Sports proxy support, file splitting, file filters, file sorting, and Internet Explorer integration. Freeware.

Net Transport – Not only does it support the standard HTTP(S) and (S)FTP protocols, it supports the MMS, RTSP, and PNM streaming media protocols and the eDonkey and BitTorrent P2P protocols. Plus, it integrates with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. Freeware.

Orbit Downloader – Social site downloading is the main appeal of this program. It supports HTTP(S), FTP, Metalink, RTSP, PNM, MMS, NSS, RTMP, embedded video from sites like YouTube, music from sites like Pandora, and files from sites like Rapidshare. It works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, and Maxthon. Freeware.

ReGet – Has basic, advanced, and expert versions, so there’s something in it for everyone. Integrates into Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, NetCaptor, NeoPlanet, and MSN Explorer. $9.95-$29.95.

SimpleDownload – A simple manager with support for features such as file sorting. Freeware.

SoftAtlas Download Accelerator – Provides size counting, tags, filters, categories, file splitting, support for RSS, ATOM, and podcasts, a scheduler, a virus scanner, and a file search tool. Internet Explorer integration available. $16.95.

Star Downloader – Includes categorization, automatic installation of installation programs, automatic extracting of archives, proxy support, and virus scanning. Integrates into Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. $19.95 (includes a basic free version as well).

TrueDownloader – HTTP/FTP support, proxy support, and ZIP previewing are available with this great app. Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Mozilla integration provided. Free software.

VisualWget – A Wget (see below) front-end with support for skins and Internet Explorer integration. Free software.

WackGet – A minimalistic app that does a great job. Integrates with Internet Explorer. Free software.

Web Excavator – Powerful tool to download entire websites or files from websites. $14.95.

wGetGUI – Simple Wget (see below) front-end. Free software.

WinGet – Claims speeds up to 300% faster than built-in download managers. Integrates with Firefox and Opera. $19.00.

WinWGet – Another Wget (see below) front-end, with features such as clipboard monitoring, threaded downloading, job exporting, predefined user agents, ASP/PHP redirection, multiple FTP file and folder downloading, and bit rate limit. Free software.

YADA (Yet Another Download Accelerator) – Fast manager with drag ‘n’ drop, multithreading, batch downloading, and much more. Freeware.

Macintosh Download Managers

CocoaWget – Simple Cocoa front-end to Wget (see below). Free software.

cURL GUI – Basic AppleScript front-end for cURL (see below). Free software.

Interarchy – Powerful manager that supports (S)FTP, HTTP(S), WebDAV(S), iDisk, and Amazon S3 and includes Growl support, file encoding, Dashboard, Safari integration, and much more. $59.95 ($29.95 upgrade).

Simple cURL – AppleScript GUI for cURL (see below). Free software.

Speed Download – Smart folders, iDisk support, auto add to iTunes, Safari integration, filters, file sharing, and much more are packed inside this power user tool. $25

Linux Download Managers

Downloader for X – Simple Linux download manager. Free software.

Gwget – A Wget (see below) front-end for Gnome with integration with Firefox and Epiphany. Free software.

KGet – Minimalistic manager, but works well with KDE and the Konqueror browser. Free software.

Cross-Platform Download Managers

cURL – A command-line app that supports (S)(T)FTP(S), HTTP(S), SCP, Telnet, DICT, FILE, and LDAP and includes tons of features. Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Free software.

curl::gui – A simple GUI for cURL. Windows and Linux. Free software.

DownThemAll – Fast and powerful Firefox extension that includes a nice spidering tool. Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Free software.

FlashGot – Not actually a download manager, the FlashGot Firefox extension will use an existing download manager to grab every type of link you tell it to. Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Freeware.

Getleft – Batch downloads files using cURL. Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Free software.

iGetter – Powerful tool with a site explorer, queues, scheduling, and much more. Integrates into Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, and Camino. Windows and Macintosh. $25.

Retriever – Java tool with a scheduler, BitTorrent support, proxy support, mirroring, and an option to execute programs on download. Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Freeware.

Super Downloader – Fast Java downloader. Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Freeware.

Urlgfe – Front-end to cURL and Wget. Windows and Linux. Free software.

Wget – Another powerful command-line tool with support for HTTP(S) and FTP, site downloading, proxy support, site spidering, bandwidth limiting, and a whole lot more. Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Free software.

wget:gui – A nice interface to Wget. Windows and Linux. Free software.

wxDownload Fast – Download splitting, scheduling, organizing, HTTP, FTP, Metalink, and file:///, and MD5 and SHA-1 checksums are all available in this great cross-platform tool. Windows, Macintosh (partial support), and Linux. Free software.

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Chess directory and its best 30 links that you must have it

Chess Programing -A new website that bring You all tools for the chess programing

Autochess  - A new chess directory for tutoring in chess program and chess torunaments – Simple AJAX chess with a great looking interface. – Play with anyone – from a beginner to champion Anatoly Karpov for $30/year (or just play for free on Fridays).

Chess Any Time – Gaming zone with hundreds of players, powered by Java. – Rated games with time limits.

Chesspark – Beautiful online client with a monthly fee. True Ventures agrees, since they just funded them with $1,000,000.

Free Internet Chess Server – With over 300,000 users and a powerful Java interface, it’s no wonder FICS is one of the most popular sites in the world.

Instant Chess – Play against players from anywhere in the world. No registration required.

Internet Chess Club – Play in tournaments, take chess lessons, and much more from one of the most popular chess clubs on the ‘Net.

Morfik Chess – Single or multiplayer AJAX style chess.

MSN Chess – If you don’t mind using IE 6 or higher, you can play real-time chess with anyone with a Windows Live ID.

Yahoo Chess – You’ll have to bypass an annoying ad and open a ton of windows, but Yahoo Chess is one of the biggest chess servers on the web for beginners, intermediates, or masters.


Ajaxplay – Email notification, ratings, and more are built into this powerful AJAX app. – Huge site with a social network, email, coaches, videos, forums, and much more(see coverage here). – Forums, tournaments, championships, teams, and much more are available with this powerful game server.

Chess on the Web – Powerful correspondence server. – Extremely popular chess site with many customizable features.

Free Internet Correspondence Games Server – Win tournaments, rated games, and even play games for money with FICGS.

GE Chess – Ever played chess in Google Earth? Me neither, until I found GE Chess. You can even play online without Google Earth, if you choose to do so.

Instant Chess – Play chess, Fischer chess, or checkers via email.

International Correspondence Chess Federation – Play hundreds of rated international users on the ICCF. – With tournaments, PGN format support, and much more, is a must-have for any chess user.

Queen Alice – Community of international players with ratings, tournaments, and much more.

Red Hot Pawn – With over 100,000 users, clans, notebooks, messaging, and more, Red Hot Pawn is a winner in any chess book. – Popular correspondence site with multiple varieties of chess.


Morfik Chess – Single or multiplayer AJAX style chess.

Thinking Machine – Java engine that graphically displays what it’s thinking about.

TkChess – Java or text engine from Yale.

WebChess – GNU Chess engine online.


Chessbase – Daily news, opinion, chess history, and much more.

Chess Life Magazine – The official magazine of the US Chess Federation.

This Week In Chess – Leo Laporte would probably want these guys to change their name. It’s still a great chess news site for chess afficionados.

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Smart games for smart guys

The science is real! Whenever you concentrate, you generate brainwave activity.Mindflex Duel uses a variation of EEG technology to "read" the intensity of these brainwaves via sensors positioned on your forehead and ear. These sensors don't generate or interfere with brainwaves, they only read what is already there. 

The headset transmits a signal to a fan within the console. This fan controls ball levitation. Your brainwaves, in turn, control the power of the fan. The more effectively you concentrate, the stronger the fan blows and the higher the ball floats. Relaxing your mind relaxes the fan's airflow, which lowers the ball.

mind flex games

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AutoChess programas y los cheater

AutoChess programas y los cheater (tramposos)

Es la era de las computadoras, donde el hombre ya no busca la competencia de otro hombre, es la competencia de la maquina contra la maquina ,buscando quien es la mas fuerte,mas rapida,mas capaz en todo los aspecto, es el año 2008

Erroneamente calificamos de cheater a los programadores q usan sus pc para jugar en servidores, estan los dos bandos los honrados que te dejan saber,y en tus manos esta la ultima palabra de aceptar el reto y perder un juego ante su maquina,o retirarte ante una segura derrota.

En un segundo plano estan los que se esconden tras su mejor programa y no te dejan saber con quien juegas ,aunque con solo 10-15 jugadas te daras cuenta que ya estas frente a una potente maquina acesina q no bacila en dudar aplastarte en su fribolosa tactica de medio juego,para luego deleitarce en un jugoso ventajoso final de juego

Esos son los cheater (tramposo) los reconoceras por su manera de ser
-Altos elo rating (exageradamente)
-Codigos raros en la sala de juego,o en la mesa
-Sentido de ausencia de la precensia fisica de tu contrincante
-Mismo patron de juego
*Me refiero misma apertura,tanto con Negras como con Blancas,mismo estilo,mismo set de tiempo
-De poco hablar,algunos son demasiados habladores,jactandoce de ser los mejores del circuito de inocente,retroalimentandoce de sus tontos admiradores,q creen que es un GM,IM,FM,pero no son ni de 4ta categoria en un club social

How to Move Chess Games From FICS to Fritz

The majority of Fritz Chess program owners do not know that they can enter their games from FICS quickly and easily. Analyzing games with a strong program like Fritz is a great idea, but it is tedious work to enter each move, one at a time, especially when the game is longer than thirty moves. Instead of taking a half an hour to painstakingly enter each move, a couple of quick keystrokes can accomplish the same thing, and with greater accuracy!

Moderately Easy


    • 1

      Examine a game on FICS, and scroll through to the end of the game. At the last move, type "moves" in the main console and the entire moves list of the game will appear. Select the move list and hold "Ctrl" and "C" at the same time to copy the game.

    • 2

      Open Fritz (any version will work this way, including Chessbase programs) and select the "New Game" icon. This will reset the board to a start position and create a blank moves list window.

    • 3

      Click "Ctrl" and "V" at the same time to paste the game into the new moves window. Now you are free to analyze the game yourself with the engine on, or have Fritz auto-analyze the game for you.

Tips & Warnings

  • Your Fritz may look different than the one pictured, but these steps will work the same.

How to Choose Tablebases in a Fritz Chess Program

Depending on what package your Fritz program came with, there may be several endgame tablebases available. For instance, some use the Namilov-style bases, while Shredder and other engines come with their own bases, written specifically to work best with that package.

Moderately Easy


    • 1

      From the top menu on the screen, go to "Tools > Options ," then click the "Tablebases" tab inside the box that opens up.

    • 2

      Browse your computer files for the tablebases you wish to use and double-click them with the right button on the mouse. This will preload the base or bases you choose into the Fritz chess-playing program.

    • 3

      Choose a number in the "Cache" section of the tablebases box. This number is the amount of megabytes the engine is allowed to set aside specifically for the bases. The bigger the number, the more positions will be stored, but the slower the computer will run.

    • 4

      Click "OK" when all the bases you wish the program to use are highlighted in the boxes. The program will load them into memory, to be used the next time the engine plays a game.

Tips & Warnings

  • The endgame cache should be proportional to the hashtables of the engine, and use about 1/8 to 1/4 of that total number for optimum efficiency. For instance, 8 megabytes of tablebase cache works well with a 64-megabyte hashtable, and so on.

How to Optimize Book Learning Strength in Fritz Chess Program

Computer programs today are getting so advanced, they can actually learn from their mistakes and rewrite their opening books accordingly. Fritz is no exception, and it has many options for book modification, including setting the learning potential at a maximum. This option is especially useful if you regularly challenge other learning engines.

Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

  • Fritz chess playing program A mouse
    • 1

      Go to the menu at the top of the Fritz program, and choose Tools > Book options. This can also be done by simply hitting the F4 key, which will bring up the opening book options box without having to go to the Tools menu.

    • 2

      Click on the "Optimize" button for maximum learning potential and least variety of play, making it play the strongest moves it knows in a given situation. Click "Normal" for factory settings, which will allow some variety of play and decrease the learning potential, which is best for playing against it as a learning tool. Click the "Handicap" button to activate totally random opening moves, and zero learning potential, weakening the engine substantially.

    • 3

      Change the "Minimum games" and "Up to move" boxes to reflect how many games it takes before the engine permanently changes a move order and how many moves into a chess game the engine will still consider itself in the opening stages.

    • 4

      Click "OK" once all the settings are to your satisfaction, and Fritz will automatically load them every time it starts up, until they are once again changed.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also left click the sliders in the book options box to make totally custom book learning options.

How to Insert Annotation Notes in Fritz Chess Program

Fritz is a very powerful chess program, and it is extremely beneficial to you as a player to use the program to go over your own tournament or web games. While you are cycling through the moves, something may occur to you that you should jot down for future reference. This can be done (and saved) directly on the Fritz interface; the text will be inserted directly into the move-order window.

Moderately Easy


    • 1

      Open a game from a database or manually enter the moves yourself. The go back to the start of the game and cycle through each move, one by one.

    • 2

      Stop at the move on which you wish to make a note. Hit the "Control" button and the "a" key at the same time. This will open up a dialog box on the interface.

    • 3

      Type into the dialogue box the text that you wish to appear after this move. This can be a note about a better move you found, or about your state of mind at the time--whatever you want. If it is a GM game you are going over, you can simply save comments as you think of them throughout the game.

    • 4

      Click "OK"; the text will appear in the move-order window, directly after the move you were considering. The next time you open this particular game from the database (assuming it is saved), the text will be there.

Tips & Warnings

  • Making a note after every single move of a tournament game can give you a lot of information as you improve. Thought processes, reasoning and ideas can be saved after each move, for convenient study in the future.

How to Auto Analyze a Chess Game in Fritz

How to Auto Analyze a Chess Game in Fritzthumbnail
Auto Analyze a Chess Game in Fritz

If you have and use Fritz, you may already know that you can analyze any chess position at any time from any game you are viewing. Did you know, however, that you can have Fritz automatically analyze and make comments on the current viewed game? You can even set the time allowed to analyze per move, so it can be a quick analysis or take hours for a full and complete look at the game.

Moderately Easy


    • 1

      Go to the menu at the top of the screen and choose “Tools.” Then scroll down to the first option, which is “Analysis.” This will bring up a sub-menu with more choices for game analysis.

    • 2

      Choose “Full Analysis…” when the sub-menu appears. This whole process can also be done by typing "Ctrl" and "Y" at the same time, but I recommend using the mouse until you are very familiar with the program, because each menu shows you other options, as well.

    • 3

      Fill in the analysis boxes according to how you wish Fritz to go over the chess game. The top box (in the red circle for image) is the Calculation time you would like Fritz to take for each move, in minutes. The stock setting is five minutes per move, but you can make that longer or shorter. The next box is the Threshold setting (located in the orange circle for the image). This box literally tells Fritz what to consider a blunder, in hundreds. For instance, 300 would be 3 pawns worth of material lost, or a major blunder. Default is 30, which will detect very minor blunders and report on them. The third box (in the green circle) is the move you would like to analyze from. Fritz analyzes chess games backwards, so in most cases put the number of the LAST move of the game in the box, if Fritz doesn’t put it there automatically. In the right columns you can choose how Fritz outputs the analysis (default is Graphical and Verbose, with opening references) and which side to analyze, or both. Finally, click “OK” and Fritz will begin the chess game analysis.

Read more: How to Auto Analyze a Chess Game in Fritz |