Monday, November 27, 2017

How to peak (aim) your satellite dish in 10 min or less

The installation has two main parts to be considered very important the placement of the J-Mount Mast and the peaking.

 I will omit the first part since I believe that on the hard or easy way you will figure out to get to the proper level adjustment 

Second Part:
Once accomplished the first is time to our next goal to get the check mark passing in not time consumed.
 The following photo steps are for the professional installer. that does have a JDSU to aim (peak) the signal from an outside location, next to the dish.
Follow the screen photo steps to get to the satellite 99b transporter 6 which lead you to the winning passing check mark. 

On this last step, you will pay attention to the SNR that must be on 95 or close to 95 (the maximum obtained is 95 on this transport. once completed this step goes back to the test to run and check all your checkmark passing now

I almost forgot .the SNR 95db  will no popup for magic. get your tools and playback and forward with the fine tune of the dish

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