Monday, October 1, 2012

Use Alt + Tab to Cycle Through Open Applications

In Microsoft Windows, if you have a lot of applications running simultaneously, the corresponding taskbar buttons for these applications are increasingly jammed into the available taskbar space and become harder to identify. Only a small portion of the button caption for each application is displayed.

Choosing the desired application from such a cluttered taskbar can waste valuable seconds and reduce your computing efficiency, especially if you repeatedly restore the wrong application by mistake. However, you can get around this issue, and keep your fingers on the keyboard, by using the key combination, "Alt + Tab". Pressing Alt + Tab together will evoke a window that clearly displays the icons and captions of all open applications and lets you cycle through them with ease.

To use this feature:

1. Press down the Alt key first and then press down the Tab key (The order is important). Keep the tab key depressed. The Alt + Tab window should appear.

2. Cycle through the available application by repeatedly pressing the Alt key. When the icon for the desired application is highlighted, simply release the Alt key, and the application will be restored.

To cycle through the list in the opposite direction, press Shift + Tab rather than just Tab by itself.

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