Thursday, November 14, 2019

InstantChess will close on 31 December 2019.

Dear Chess Player,

We regret to inform you that InstantChess will close on 31 December 2019.

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Our small team has worked on this website since 2001 making this place very welcoming for people who simply want to enjoy a wonderful game of chess. We made every effort to keep you away from the controversial professional chess world with all its cheating (including in the toilet) and arrogance to normal chess players. We made this place free of cheaters and any kind of abusers by removing the show-off element from the game of chess altogether, so you can simply log in and give your brain a good and deserving exercise. We are proud of having been able to serve this mission consistently for 18 years. The effort of ourselves and our families often saw only a very moderate income in our pockets.

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We are very grateful to you for bringing your individuality to the game making this place truly international and free from anything but pure logic and excitement.

We know from feedback that our members appreciate our site. Some have been members since the beginning, which says a lot about how they like the site. It has been a pleasure to welcome chess players from all parts of the world, who have played as one family irrespective of national boundaries.

Yours sincerely,

Andrey, Dmitry and Vlad

InstantChess Team

PS: Until 15 November 2019, you can still purchase/extend your monthly subscription (please kindly do so).

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email, we will respond to you within 5 days at the latest.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED

Banned TEDTalk about Psychic Abilities | Russell Targ |

Resonant Frequency Therapy "Rife" Machine

Resonant frequency therapy device


A generator of a complex energy wave, having audio, radio and light components, including an audio frequency oscillator, a radio frequency transmitter, a radio frequency amplifier, an antenna tuner, an antenna, tuned coaxial cables and an optional reverberation unit.

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 A61N1/40 Applying electric fields by inductive or capacitive coupling ; Applying radio-frequency signals
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Using sound waves to destroy cancer | Christine Gibbons | TEDxDetroit

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Why does my game beta not open at all or close immediately after it lunch it?

Age of Empires Beta Installation FAQ

I received a beta invite for the Steam platform; how do I install it?
Step 1 of 2: Activate the Beta
  1. Select and copy ( CTRL + C ) the Steam key from the invite email.
  2. Launch Steam. (If you do not have Steam, you can download it here.) Login with your Steam account.
  3. Click the Games menu at the top of the application window.
  4. Select “Activate a Product on Steam…” from the dropdown menu.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to reach the below screen:
  6. Paste ( CTRL + V ) the Steam key into the activation window and click Next.
  7. Select the game and click Finish.
  8. You should now see the beta product added to your Games Library.
Be sure to take the time to download the game and all of the required files. It may take some time to download everything you need to jump in and play.
Step 2 of 2: Unlock the Beta
  1. Select and copy ( CTRL + C ) the beta password from the invite email.
  2. Locate the beta product in your Games Library.
  3. Right-click the game title and select Properties at the bottom of the menu.
  4. In the window that appears, select the BETAS tab on the top right.
  5. In the next field, paste ( CTRL + V ) the beta password (not the Steam key!) and click Check Code.
  6. You will receive a confirmation message stating “Access code correct…” below the text field.
  7. Select closed beta – Closed Beta from the dropdown menu. You must select this option in order for the beta to be unlocked. You should notice the game begin to update in the background.
  8. Select Close in the bottom right of the Properties window.
  9. You are now able to Play the beta product!
    1.  NOTE: If you get a “missing executables” error, please redo Step 2, and make sure to do point #7.

I received a beta DLC invite for the Steam platform; how do I install it?
  1. Select and copy ( CTRL + C ) the DLC token from this invite email.
  2. Launch Steam and login to the account that has the main product in its Games Library.
  3. Select “Activate a Product on Steam…” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and paste ( CTRL + V ) the DLC token when prompted for a Product Code.
    Note: Steam may begin installing the DLC once you finish the redemption process. If this happens, you can skip to Step 7!
  5. Open your Games Library and single-click on main product.
  6. Under the DLC section of the game details page, select the checkbox for the beta DLC if it is not already checked.
  7. Wait for the DLC to install.
  8. Launch the main product.
    Note: If the DLC added a new feature or option to the game, you may need to enable it from an in-game Options menu.

Make sure step 2 is completed

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Wesley So, campeón mundial en Fischer Random

El Fischer Random llega para quedarse

El Fischer Random llega para quedarse

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Wesley So, campeón mundial: masacra a Carlsen
OSLO, Noruega, 3 de noviembre._ Muy buenas noticias para los aficionados al ajedrez que temían su estancamiento por la proliferación de empates y los análisis caseros con ayuda de las computadoras.
El Ajedrez 960, propuesto en su época por el genial campeón mundial estadounidense Bobby Fischer, que en la práctica acaba con las variantes de laboratorio y propicia la creatividad y el espíritu de lucha, ha llegado para quedarse.

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sacado de la web

2 Times In 2 Days Republicans Vote Against President Donald Trump | The ...

New Military Inventions That Are On Another Level

New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete (Bosstown Dynamics)

LED light bulbs that work for 75 years on and could be repair if needed

Suscribete: La Parálisis Del Sueño Detalles.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Magnus Carlsen vs Vishy Anand | Armageddon, 2019 Altibox Norway Chess

Carlsen vs Anand | World Champion Battle | First Moves GRENKE Chess Clas...

GM So (USA) - GM Carlsen (Norway) Digest End PGN Fisher

Twitter censored this video from President Trump’s account. Be a shame if we made it viral again


Ashana- El Padrenuestro en Arameo

El canto del Padre Nuestro en Arameo que conmovió al Papa en Georgia

Padre Nuestro en Arameo traducido al español

El Padre Nuestro Original Traducido Del Arameo, Oración, Orar como Jesús...

Monday, October 21, 2019

Do you want Maxine Waters gone from Congress? this is the time for the start for a new face ,new leadership ,direction

A.G.William Barr explain the biggest Treason in USA

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La mejor entrevista que han hecho en Tele 5 en su puta vida y se la han hecho a una chica que pasaba por la calle

President Trump bashes Romney as a ‘Democrat secret asset

Ann Wilson
10/19/19, 07:09

President Donald Trump blasted Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) as a “Democrat secret asset” who tried “to infiltrate Trump’s administration as secretary of state” after the 2016 election in a video published Friday, Oct. 18, on Twitter.
The Democrats are lucky that they don’t have any Mitt Romney types. They may be lousy politicians, with really bad policies (Open Borders, Sanctuary Cities etc.), but they stick together!

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Monday, October 14, 2019

Stockfish Wins Computer Chess Championship 2019 As Neural Networks Play Catch-Up

Updated: Aug 7, 2019, 2:11 AM News
The reigning Computer Chess Champion Stockfish continues to assert itself as the greatest chess engine of all time, recently picking up a win in CCC 9: The Gauntlet.

Stockfish won CCC 9 over Leelenstein, a neural-network chess engine based on Lc0, the leading machine-learning chess project.

The champion engine triumphed in the blitz time control of CCC 9, beating 17 other engines in a "gauntlet" format.

CCC 9 Finals Crosstable. Click on the image for a larger version.

Stockfish Wins Computer Championship 2017


Superfinal Crosstable
1Stockfish 05111734003424½½½½10½½½1½½½½½½0½1½
2Houdini 6.0234073383½½½½01½½½0½½½½½½1½0½
The tournament featured $2,500 in prize money to further the development of computer chess.
1. Stockfish: $1,000
2. Houdini: $750
3. Komodo: $500
4. Fire: $250

Round Robin Crosstable
1Stockfish 0511173400352601½½½1½111111111½114.5/18
2Houdini 6.023407344410½½½½111113.0/18
3Komodo 1959.00b33983422½½½½½1½½½1½½111112.5/18
4Fire 6.233003389½0½½½0½½½1111111.5/18
5Andscacs 0.9232403258½0½½½½½½½½½½½½½½8.0/18
6Fizbo 1.93262323700½0½½½½½½11½½7.5/1855.00
7Deep Shredder 13329132340000½½½0½½½½11½½½½7.5/1854.75
8Chiron 4320331590000½½½½00½0115.5/1839.50
9Booot 6.232243157000000½½00½½½15.5/1837.00
10Gull 3 syz31913112½00000½½½½½½004.5/18