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Armenia, Russia Take Chess Olympiad Gold

Armenia, Russia Take Chess Olympiad GoldBy Edward Scimia, GuideSeptember 9, 2012

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Armenia defeated Hungary in the final round and got a little help from Ukraine in order to take the gold medals at the 2012 Chess Olympiad. Armenia and Russia both finished on 19 points (9 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss, or 9-1-1), but Armenia had the superior tiebreaks, forcing Russia to settle for the silver. Ukraine slipped into 3rd place (9-0-2) by defeating China in the final round, denying China a medal. Instead, the Chinese team finished 4th (8-1-2), having the superior tiebreaks over the United States, which also finished with 17 points (7-3-1).

While they were far out of contention, I was also disappointed to see that India lost in the final round, as they were having one of the more unusual Olympiad tournaments in recent memory. Heading into the last round, India was actually undefeated - but had only actually managed to win three matches, along with seven draws. That gave them only 13 points heading into the final round, well out of medal contention. They still could have finished as the tournament's only undefeated team, but Azerbaijan scored a 2.5-1.5 victory over the Indian team in the final round.

The women's competition was much different, as the top three teams all finished without a loss. Russia and China both had 19 points (8-3-0), but Russia was far ahead on tiebreakers after defeating Kazakhstan 4-0 in the final round. That gave Russia the gold, while China settled for silver. Ukraine was alone in 3rd (7-4-0, 18 points), meaning the country won bronze in both the Open and Women's competitions. India was 4th with 17 points (8-1-2), while Romania and Armenia shared 5th place.

Overall, the Olympiad went off rather smoothly, though one of the more unusual incidents - Hikaru Nakamura being drug tested after the American victory over the Russians - did get some attention outside of the chess world. For those who want more Olympic chess, your next stop is Tromsø, Norway in 2014. See you then!

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