Sunday, October 14, 2012

Website that turns your webcam into a surveillance camera

Your webcam is obviously handy as a communications device, but with help from software, you can turn it into a security camera pretty easily.

Ugolog doesn't require any software

Working strictly over the internet, Ugolog harnesses your webcam as a security camera without any software installation (you need to use a webcam with motion detection capabilities).
Video is recorded directly to Ugolog's servers and you can tune in any time you like to watch a live stream of what your webcam is seeing.
Price: various monthly plans, the most expensive is $29.95 per month

Yawcam is completely free

Windows users will want to check out Yawcam, a free piece software that turns your webcam into a motion-sensitive security camera.
You can also view live video over the internet, shoot time-lapse movies, and set it to upload images to an FTP server however you like.
Price: free (donations encouraged)

MyWebcam Broadcaster

If you'd like to make your webcam viewable to the public EyeSpyFX's MyWebcam Broadcaster is set up to make your video feed as public (or as private) as you like.
You can view your feed from anywhere you like on your mobile device -- just use the MyWebcam app, currently available for Android, Blackberry, Java Mobile, iPhone, and iPad.
Price: free

EvoCam is packed with features

The killer feature for EvoCam is "Actions," a way to make the software perform certain tasks when certain environmental things happen -- "create timelapse movies, record movies when motion or sound is detected, publish a webcam image on a web server via FTP, or integrate EvoCam with your security system or home automation software."
Price: free for 15 days, $30 after that

iSpy can collaborate with your home automation system

iSpy was originally created to hunt UFOs, but it has plenty of security applications as well. Monitor your home or office and supervise your nanny remotely. It can also pair with existing home automation systems.
For example, if it detects an intruder, it can "instantly turn the lights on, play a sound of a dog barking and send yourself a framegrab directly to your mobile phone."
Price: free

UStream is free and functional

UStream doesn't offer any motion detection capabilities, but as a free service it's still completely functional.
You can set your stream to be public or password-protected, and there's no time limit for recording. Let it run as long as you like and UStream will archive your video on their servers.

This is one powerful webcam

The Panasonic BL-C131A wireless network camera lets you control it remotely from another computer. You can pan and tilt around a room to see what's going on.
It also has plenty of useful sensors that let you configure it to be sensitive to motion, sound, or heat.
Price: around $200

Why not get a robot?

Why not get a robot?
The WoWee Rovio is a WiFi-controlled remote webcam that lets drive around your house and broadcast live video over the internet. If you'd like to be able to move around your place in real time, this is for you.
It has LED headlights and a waypoint system, meaning you won't have to manually steer it long distances.

Web Camera Security System
Web Camera Security System WCSS is an affordable and effective remote monitoring solution for detecting motion and recording video automatically.
Turn your WebCam into a Security Camera. No extra equipment needed. Just set the timer and leave the room. The camera will detect the first thing that moves and start recording video in AVI format. Set to record in intervals to assure the culprit is caught on tape. Automatically E-mail JPEG images when Motion is Detected. Can be used to detect motion even in dimly lit areas with the Night Detection feature. Stealth Mode and Super Stealth Mode allow you to cloak the window out of site away from prying eyes. Highly customizable motion detection settings. This application was specifically designed to give everyone else a Security Camera with Motion Detecting capabilities with out the hefty price.
Web Camera Security System takes your web cam and turns it into a fully automated security video surveillance camera that will capture video while you are away.

Software Information System Requirements
Version: 1.0
  • Windows 98/2000/XP/NT/ME/Vista
  • Pentium II CPU
  • 256 MB of RAM
License: Free to try, $19.95 to buy
File Size: 1.31 MB
Screenshot: View Screenshot
Rating :

Key Features of Web Camera Security System:
  • Set Motion Detection Tolerance
  • Auto-Records AVI Video when Motion Detected
  • Record in Intervals or Long Term to Ensure Capturing
  • Stealth Mode to Quickly Hide Program from Prying Eyes
  • Night Detection for Dimly Lit Capturing
  • Delay Timer Provides Time to Leave the Room
  • Records Time and Date of Video Capture
  • Customize Video Format and Video Compression
  • Record Still Shots on Timed Interval or on Motion Detect
  • E-mail Snapshots on Motion Detection
There are many uses for Web Camera Security System:
  • See who is snooping around your home or office
  • Monitor your child's actions from the other room
  • See what your kids are up to when they come home from school
  • Make sure the babysitter is not abusing your children
  • Watch maintenance workers to make sure they don't rip you off
  • Use Video to Conduct studies of the behavior of your subjects
  • Find out who is using your computer
  • See how your pets react when you are away

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