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Stretching back into the corridors of time, Asian religions have spoken of a mystical force called the 'Kundalini'. Throughout history many names have been given to this power. Orgone, esprit, loosh, prana, elan vital, and bio-electricity are some of these names.

The rise of the kundalini is linked with a warm liquidly magnetic energy when it rises up the spine. Physical symptoms connected to the opening of the kundalini may include crackling noises at the base of the neck, and unexplained headaches - but be careful about attributing these symbols to rising kundalini energies. Often they have a medical cause that needs the attention of a physician.

Kundalini energies are sometimes triggered by a blow to the head or other physical trauma timed by your soul to awaken your psychic journey and innate abilities.

Releasing the Kundalini energy too quickly can have serious emotional effects on a person. One should not attempt to open this thrust of energy if one is not in a balanced psychologically. This is not for those with manic depression or bi-polar disorder.

The manifestation of the Kundalini energy - frequency of vibration - links with the Sanskrit term 'Chaitanya' - the integrated force of your physiological, mental, emotional and religious bodies.

Kundalini literally means 'coiling,' like a snake. Energy and consciousness - moves in spiraling motion - coils - loops - the snake. This is a metaphor for the spiraling energies of consciousness - which is our reality of thought and is explained by Sacred Geometry the loops are the loops of time - the slinky effect - time as an illusion played out in a physical game of polarities - duality emotions.

In the classical literature of Hatha Yoga, kundalini is described as a coiled serpent at the base of the spine.

The coiled and dormant 'feminine' energy, refers to the vast potential of psychic energy contained within us all. It is normally symbolized as a serpent coiled into three and a half circles, with its tail in its mouth, and spiraling around the central axis (sacrum or sacred bone) at the base of the spine. The awakening of this serpent and the manifestation of its powers is a primary aim of the practice of Kundalini Yoga.

The image of coiling, like a spring, conveys the sense of untapped potential energy that will spring into action soon. For now we remember in small doses.

Kundalini can be described as a great reservoir of creative energy at the base of the spine. It's not useful to sit with our consciousness fixed in our head and think of kundalini as a foreign force running up and down our spine.

The concept of kundalini can also be examined from a strictly psychological perspective. From this perspective kundalini can be thought of as a rich source of psychic or libidinous energy in our unconscious.

In the classical literature of Kashmir Shaivism kundalini is described in three different manifestations.

The first of these is as the universal energy or para-kundalini.

The second of these is as the energizing function of the body-mind complex or prana-kundalini.

The third of these is as consciousness or shakti-kundalini which simultaneously subsumes and intermediates between these two.

Ultimately these three forms are the same but understanding these three different forms will help to understand the different manifestations of kundalini.

This energy is also related to one's personal storehouse of sexual energy. Kundalini takes sexual energy in its raw form and converts it into fine spiritual energy of an extremely high frequency, which then allows the fruition and activation of paranormal activities such as good quality OBE's, telepathy, matter/energy conversion, and communication with entities that inhabit the vast areas of our multi-dimensional universe.


- Activating Your DNA!

- Opening your Clairvoyant and Clairaudient abilities.

- Feeling connected to the oneness of the universe

- Your mind feels expanded in its quest for higher awareness and knowledge

- Allowing your ego to step aside and connecting with higher frequency of thought and consciousness

- Feeling unconditional love, peace, and connection with spirit



Kundalini is most often awaken through Yoga meditation - which include Mantra Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Laya Yoga or Kriya Yoga. I have prepared a meditation to help you on your path should Yoga not be available to you.

To prepare for this meditation - you might want to tape record the words on this page to listen to as your move through the meditation. Please speak slowly and softly.

Allow lots of time for the meditation - as you will need to relax when you are finished.

You may want to listen to music or be in a quiet place - or be in nature.



Find a quiet place free of distractions.

Adjust the lighting and room temperature.

Adjust clothing . . . footwear . . . eyeglasses.

Sit down or lie down
Find a position that is comfortable for you.

Quiet your mind . . . Still your thoughts.

Relax your body

Your face . . . your jaw . . . relaxing

Your shoulders . . . your neck . . . relaxed

Your arms . . . your hands . . . feel at peace.

Your torso . . . your hips . . . letting go

Your legs . . . your feet . . . totally relaxed


Focus on your breathing.

Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose.

Retain the breath as long as is comfortable.

Exhale through the mouth slowly and completely.

Repeat for two more breaths . . . or as is comfortable.


Now focus your attention on your chakras.


Starting from the top of your head visualize your crown chakra opening.

Watch as pure white light enters your crown chakra
and slowly spirals down through your spine.

The white light opens your third eye chakra.

You may experiences vibrant colors especially in blue, and violet . . .

The white light moves down to your throat chakra releasing your blockages.
You may feel like chanting or singing.

Allow the tones to resonant from your throat.

Do this as long as is comfortable . . .


The white light now enters your heart chakra.

You experience a feeling of unconditional love and compassion.

The white light enters your solar plexus.

Gently your fears - anger - tensions are released.


See the white light enter your spleen chakra

releasing pain and guilt linked to that chakra.


The white light now enters your Root Chakra the seat of your kundalini energy.

As it does, it begins to activate the energy of the base (root) chakra.


Feel the energy suddenly emerge from your Root Chakra,
Spiraling up through the base of your spine as if it were a coiled snake.

The coiled snake represents the spiraling DNA -
opening, activating, bringing you to higher levels of consciousness.

Allow the energy to flow through your chakras.

See the energy wheels rotating.



When your are ready . . . come back into your physical body.

Relax and balance your energies.

You might want to drink some water.


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