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How to setup static IP address on my Gateway 3801,3800, nvg589,nvg510 from AT&T

There are three basic steps to configurate the 3801HGV fir use with PUblic IP address

1-Enable the Supplementary Network on the 3801HGV and configure it with the apporpiate Gateway (router) IP address and subnet mask.

2-Assign the Public Ip addresses to the desired LAN devices.

3-(Optional) Configure firewall rules to direct unsolicited traffic to the associated LAN device/s

WARNING: The Gateway will lose its configuration and the setup steps will have to be repeated if you perform a factory reset of the 3801HGV. The Gateway will retain its configuration if you only perform a simple power cycle or restart of the 3801HGV


Enable the Supplementary Network

-Determine the IP addressing information to configure in the 3801HGV.

The 3801HGV uses two sets of broadband IP addresses. One for use between the 3801HGV and the boradband network, and the second independent set of Public IP addresses solely for use with end devices. The Public IP addresses, and subnet mask, should have been provided to you.

For example, you may have benn provided with information like the following: (the info here is sample information only.)

Account addresses: to
Router address:
LAN adresses: to
Subnet mask:


Check the service order for the IP address and networking information that has been assigned. The information will look similar to the following example.


In this example is the network base address and is not usable as a host address. is usable as a host address is usable as a host address is usable as a host address is usable as a host address is usable as a host address is the last usable address. (Assign this address to the Gateway.) is the Broadcast address and is not usable as a host adress.


Determining the Subnet Mask:

If You do not have the subnet mask, you can determine it using the table below based on the numberof IP adresses assigned to your account.

fig 1

Access the Broadband Link Configuration

Access the 3801HGV by browsing to (

Then select the Setting tab on the top  menu bar and under that, the Broadband tab from menu bar, and click on the" Link Configuration"

fig 2


Configuring the Supplementary Network on the 3801HVG enables the 3801 to recognize the Public IP addresses on both the broadband and LAN side of the 3801

Fill in the Router Address and Subnet Mask

In the "Supplementary Network" section of this page

  • Click on the "Enable" check box
  • Fill in the Router Address and Subnet Mask.
  • Click on the SAVE button to save these settings

After they have been saved, the "Public Networks" section of the LAN Status and Broadband Status page will reflect this change. see fig 3 below for an example.

Do not select the "Auto Firewall Open" option at this time. This can be configured later if needed.See the section on configuring firewall rules below for more details 

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