Monday, November 12, 2018

Campeonato del Mundo de Ajedrez 2018 | Caruana vs Carlsen | partida 3

¿Quiso darle Jaque Mate Pastor a Magnus Carlsen?

Caruana-Carlsen, Game 3 - 2018 FIDE World Chess Championship

Broward 's elections supervisor declared guilty

Sunday, November 11, 2018

¡Destrozan a Liren Ding y acaban su RÉCORD HISTÓRICO en la 101 partida!|...

What is a .CBV file?

What is a CBV file?

File created by ChessBase, a program used for reviewing played chess games, often historical matches between players such as Garry Kasparov, Anatoly Karpov, and Bobby Fischer; stores chess moves played and can save many different games in the same file.
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When you create a ChessBase database, the program saves a .CBH file with several other supporting files by default. However, you can combine all these files into a single archive in a CBV file. This is useful when copying and sharing chess databases.

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ChessBase Reader 2017

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You can download free chess book outdated in copyright

Chemical Found In Colgate Toothpaste Linked To Cancer

Colgate is a standout amongst the most prevalent brands of toothpaste on the planet and a standout amongst the most broadly utilized ones also. On the off chance that you check your medication bureau you likely have one in there too.

In any case, as per an ongoing report things being what they are, Colgate contains a risky substance called Triclosa, which can be generally speaking wellbeing negative and could significantly trigger malignancy advancement.

The Chemical Research in Toxicology diary as of late distributed an examination in which it was uncovered that Triclosan can support the multiplication of malignancy cells whenever utilized in high amounts. Besides, this isn't the main examination on the issue; past investigations likewise arrived at comparative resolutions – that this synthetic can make some genuine harm your life form.

Triclosan can enter through the skin and meddle with the capacity of the hormones and upset the endocrine. As indicated by an examination from 2008 distributed in the diary of Environmental Health Perspective triclosan was recognized in the pee of 75% of the 2517 tried individuals matured 6 and over.

This substance is so broadly utilized in the compound business and it very well may be found in various clothing cleansers, hand sanitizers, antiperspirants and disinfectants. The substance is exceptionally risky on the grounds that it that can infiltrate through the skin and get into the blood, disturbing your hormonal equalization.

Regardless of the way that various investigations demonstrated the risks from utilizing triclosan, Colgate keeps on including it in their toothpastes, saying it represents no threat to human wellbeing. Triclosan has just been restricted for use in Canada.

The American government hasn't done anything so far to direct the utilization of this risky substance yet this is unavoidable to occur, most likely after some genuine medical problems emerge similarly as it was with asbestos, DT and PCB. We seek that they won't hold up after so long and will boycott the utilization of this substance before it has dangerous outcomes.

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