Monday, January 14, 2013

What is the best way to wire up AT&T U-verse

Take a look of this two great pictures,but don't get so frustrate understanding this ,I will break it down a litle bit

Proposed Setup:

First at all .the most common installation is four tvs

After you have installed the vdsl splitter ,you must home run a cat5 to the RG (Modem), the best place for this modem will be a main tv or a tv that can be a jumping point in the house to setup the access point for two wireless receiver (stb)

So here we have the rg placed on a main tv connected to the dvr on Ethernet cord,also this is the preferred place to place the access point connected with a black Ethernet cord ,then

you must setup the two wireless stb close to this location,the back feed icon on the wireless stb will tell you how good the signal is been received on that location

last but no least,will have to make the extra step for this last stb.I always use cat5 for this,and the nid is the place to connect point A (Modem) to point B (receiver #4) How,

to refresh ......cat5 has 4 color :Blue,orange,green,brown
you will use the green pair to bring sync to rg,then will use orange and brown to punch down and using a Ethernet cord and connected from rg will send Ethernet signal to the nid,where will be bini to the last receiver using same color,using a house block and punching down and patapun,installation completed

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