Tuesday, January 15, 2013

FPL & Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) Premium

Florida Power Line is into the Internet services from so long and maybe You dont even know that

DIA PremiumBusinesses today require scalable and reliable connectivity for leveraging the Internet to accomplish business-critical functions, and DIA Premium provides you with the bandwidth you need. DIA is a cost-effective solution that can be customized specifically to meet your requirements and grow with your business.

DIA Premium service features include:

  • Reserved and symmetrical bandwidth
  • Highly reliable service with multiple types of physical transport hand-offs at the customer premises are available, including TDM capacity and Ethernet VPN (electrical or optical hand-offs)
  • High-performance MPLS-based redundant connectivity using route control technology which allows FPL FiberNet to optimally maintain traffic to multiple Tier I  Internet service providers
  • Geographically diverse, multi-homed service, for highly reliable high-capacity inter-metro, redundant connectivity between transit and peering points
  • Significant reduction or elimination of instances of data loss, latency and jitter, due to unpredictable upstream provider route congestion
  • Bundling of services for on-net facility-based capacity
  • Port upgrades, protection and bursting options available
  • High speeds scalable from 10Mbps to 10Gbps
  • Attractive Service Level Agreements

FPL FiberNet is able to leverage its extensive, fiber-rich, optical transport network to provide a high degree of transport redundancy and bandwidth, keeping latency to a minimum. We provide both our enterprise and government customers with high-quality, highly reliable Internet access service at reduced costs.
Download a copy of our white paper to learn more about the advantages of our Dedicated Internet Access Premium solution. 

Wireless Infrastructure

Fiber Optics Network
FPL FiberNet provides wireless collocation on a vast portfolio of FPL assets in the South Florida region. The portfolio includes communication towers, rooftops, service centers and transmission structures. Additionally, many of these sites feature fiber connectivity through which we provide high-speed backhaul.
To view a list of the towers available for collocation, download your choice of the files below.
Note: You must have installed Google Earth to view this file. Once downloaded, execute to plot the tower locations in Google Earth.
Excel Table Download, which includes GPS coordinates, height and type of tower.

Cell Site Backhaul over Fiber (Fiber to the Tower FTTT)

FPL FiberNet also provides backhaul over fiber to non-FPL sites like towers and rooftops throughout our network footprint. Our cell site backhaul service provides reliable and ILEC diverse high-speed transport in capacities from a single T1 to a full GigE. Service can be provisioned in a matter of days for on-net sites, and we provide cost-effective granular bandwidth increments that allow you to pay as you grow. Contact us to learn more about how we can deliver fiber to your cell site.


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