Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Video Tutorial : How to Crimp a BNC Connector on RG59 Siamese Cable

RG59 Coax Cable + 2 Core Power (Shotgun) 100m
Professional RG59 coax siamese cable with 2 core power cable 2 run 12V or 24V power to camera making for easy installation.
Features :
  • 500' Spool Bulk CCTV Cable
    500' Bulk Spool allows you to make your CCTV Cables to custom lengths!
  • Excellent Noise Suppression
    The shielding on this RG-59U Digital Coaxial cable does an excellent job of supressing electrical noise which serves to keep your camera's picture at its best regardless of distance.
  • UL Listed Digital Coaxial
    For Professional quality installation, you need professional quality goods. Our UL Listed RG-59U Siamesed Power/Video CCTV Cable is the highest quality rating of any RG-59U cables.
  • Carrys Power and Video
    No need to run 2 seperate cables for power and video, this Siamesed cable will carry both the power and the video out to the camera!

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