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Mobile Chess Software

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ChessMaster Mobile - Awesome mobile chess for true lovers game lovers!
With ChessMaster Mobile you could play chess on cell phone against famous grandmasters, tweak different strenght levels, board design, hints, chess games import/export etc.

This is the best bet for Windows Mobile chess users and maybe for another OS mobiles as well. Also we'd like to note that ChessMaster Mobile plays chess quite well and do not get upset if your Samsung or Sony Ericsson chess phone beats you!
ChessMaster Mobile works properly on all modern cell phones: Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, LG. 

  • The mobile version of the famous PC Chessmaster® game - over 5 million copies sold!
  • A high-performance game engine with an intuitive interface and a wide range of chess sets
  • Varying levels of difficulty and help features will ensure that your skill improves quickly.
  • Hours of quality fun for the most advanced players and extra modes, like Quiz and Classic Games, that are truly challenging!

ChessMania Mobile - another one great free java mobile chess game.
There is pretty nice graphic interface, an option to play versus chess cell phone or another human, different time levels, useful "Save" option and other neat features. All of these things makes ChessMania Mobile a perfect choice for any chess lover. If you're looking chess for cellphone you're on the right way! 

ChessMania Mobile works properly on all modern cell phones: Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, LG.

Cellufun’s mobile Chess caters to both amateur and expert game players alike. Amateurs will find numerous human opponents, matched to their skill level by Cellufun’s human opponent matching algorithm; a challenging local server called AI, which beat both Chessmaster and Karpov Mobile Chess in a review; and a hint engine and a tutorial mode that can help improve play. Experts will also appreciate Cellufun’s opponent matching algorithm, full timed-play implementation, ELO ratings and AI, the powerful server side that will challenge even the highest-rated players.

The world’s greatest chess player invites you to the preeminent challenge on your mobile phone with Kasparov Chess! Players of all experience levels will be tested by the sharp mobile chess engine. Unique multiplayer system seamlessly transitions your real-time games into long-term games.   With live and correspondence chess, this title has something for everyone from apprentice to expert. Enjoy the Royal Game with the King of Chess, Garry Kasparov!

Mobile ChessPartner

Mobile ChessPartner lets you play chess against the phone.

  • Efficient Chess engine designed to run in low speed Java enabled devices such as phones.
  • 3 Levels of play.
  • Opening book of 1000 moves. 
  • Full color pieces.
  • Easy to use.
  • No network connection needed.
Beta version 0.2 available for download
MobChess.jad - Manifest
MobChess.jar  - Program file
Download both files and use the tools for your mobile phone to install the package. For Nokia this can be the Mobile Phone Suite 5.0.
Its also possible to install it over the air from our WAP site. On your phone browse to: and click the download link.
This program has mainly be tested on the Noka 6100. We are interested in feedback.

more info by clicking the link provided here

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