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Subliminal Messages Busted

In this banner taken from SUBWAY restaurants official website you can see that the steam ascending from the sandwich spells SEX. The word SEX is also etched several times on the sandwich and on Phelps' body.

This video highlights the letters in the steam.
"We are convinced that there is no subliminal advertising in America today" said Charles F. Adams speaking for the AmericanAssociation of Advertising Agencies in 1981. Isn't that so? Well, see for yourself. The following excerpts are taken from a leaked top secret training manual belonging to one of the largest advertising agencies on the planet:

Further the manual explains various embedding techniques including swear words, horror faces, sexual symbolism, etc.

Watch The Leaked Ad Training Document video. Below is an example taken from the manual:

In my opinion, this blond woman has evident masculine traits (look at the nose for example). I wouldn't be surprised if this was a man in drag, which by the way is a very frequent technique. Playboy use men in drag all the time. Music videos featuremen in drag. California Gurls, Beat it, Shut up and sleep with me, are just a few names.  

Gilbey's orgy

This Gilbey's London Dry Gin advertisement appeared in the July 5, 1971, edition of Time magazine, on the inside back cover. This ad is a classic design of subliminal art. Over one thousand adult male and female test subjects were asked to look at the advertisement while relaxed. The subjects were not familiar with subliminal techniques. They were requested not to analyze content, but to just let feelings come to the surface and put them into words—no matter how far out or absurd these words might appear to be. The ad was neither explained nor discussed any further after these instructions. All possible precautions were taken to avoid pre-programming the test subjects. Sixty-two percent described feelings of "satisfaction," "sensuousness," "sexuality." "romance," "stimulation," "arousal," and "excitement" and several young women reported "horny." None of the test subjects discovered any of the subliminal details in the advertisement.

The advertisement was painted over a photograph and was published during the summer, promising the reader cool, re­freshing pleasure in return for his purchase of Gilbey's. The bottle cap is removed, making the contents easily accessible to the reader. This, at least, is the obvious, consciously trans­mitted message coming from the frosty bottle, ice cubes, and water drops beneath the bottle and glass. There is, however, far more to the gin ad than meets the conscious eye.
Let your eyes concentrate momentarily upon the third ice cube from the top. Without stretching your imagination beyond reasonable limits, can you see an E formed in the cube? Now go to the second ice cube from the top. This is slightly more difficult to perceive than the E, but you should be able to outline the letter S. Now look at the forth or bottom ice cube. Most readers will immediate­ly discern the third letter —X.

You cannot pick up a newspaper, magazine, or pamphlet, hear radio, or view tele­vision anywhere in North America without being assaulted subliminally by embeds such as those in the ice cubes. In­credulous though you might be at this point, these subliminal SEXes are today an integral part of modern American life— even though they have never been seen by many people at the conscious level. You might consider, as well, that you instantly saw the ice cube SEX—at the unconscious level. This invisible dimen­sion of meaning in the Gilbey's ad was not hidden on the Time cover. The SEX was available for anyone to see—all 24.2 million weekly Time readers—men, women, and chil­dren. Readers make such illusions invisible to the con­scious mind through a psychological device psychologists have labeled repression, one of the perceptual defenses.

But, there is much more to the Gilbey's ad. Note the disproportional reflection of the bottle and bottle cap on the table surface— it could be interpreted as a man's legs and partially erect genitals (1). The melting ice on the bottle cap could symbolize seminal fluid—the origin of all human life. The green color suggests peace and tranquility after tensions have been released. Therefore, the scene is likely after orgasm, not before. This interpretation is reinforced by the less than fully extended penis. The melting ice on the frosty bottle, of course, could also suggest seminal fluid.
At this point, if you are curious and broad-minded, you might look between the reflection from the tonic glass and that of the bottle. The vertical opening between the reflec­tion has subtle shadows on each side which could be in­terpreted as lips—vaginal lips, of course (2). At the top of the opening is a drop of water which could represent the clitoris. If the scene were put into a story line, this still-open vagina is where the discharged penis has just been. The seminal frost all over the bottle might suggest to a primitive part of the human brain—the portion some theorists call the unconscious—that coitus interruptus had just occurred, or as the copy would suggest: "and keep your tonics dry!" There appears one additional female genital symbol hori­zontally drawn into the tonic glass reflection (3). The vagina is closed, suggesting the owner might be lying down awaiting her turn.

You can read the rest of analysis in Wilson Bryan Key’s SUBLIMINAL SEDUCTION book, I’ll just add that there are 5 different individuals symbolized subliminally in various parts of the advertisement—three women and two men, the subliminal promise to anyone buying Gilbey's gin is simply a good old-fashioned sexual orgy which developed after "breaking out the frosty bottle."
You can click the image to see some highlights

subliminal sex coca cola
In this Australian ad from the 80-s the ice cubes conceal multiply words SEX and an image of a female profile with a wide open mouth leaning towards an erected male member. This one is pretty hard to deny, so the company's excuse was " bad joke by the designer". Click the image for close-ups. 

Coca Cola has been using subliminal techniques for a very long time. Sex embeds can be perceived even in this antique poster :
coca cola sex

Van Gogh vodka box. Start from the pomegranate bottle. You can see a zigzag forming the letter 'S'. Its upper half appears in solid yellow color and continues in a semi-transparent path. In the next bottle the 'e' is formed by flamingo's neck merging with the horizon line. The letter 'X' in the next bottle is formed by the mill wings.

Remember, that advertiser don't like to get caught, so they will always have an excuse for that, like : Oh, it's just a coincidence; It's only your morbid imagination; It's your filthy mind that made you see it this way...Yeah right.

In fact, subliminal messaging and its subsequent programming effects are so very real, that the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) enacted laws against this. You can find it found under "Prohibited practices" in the Code of Federal Regulations: "Deceptive advertising techniques. Subliminal or similar techniques are prohibited. Subliminal or similar techniques, as used in this part, refers to any device or technique that is used to convey, or attempts to convey, a message to a person by means of images or sounds of a very brief nature that cannot be perceived at a normal level of awareness."

Ironically the background image on ATF website contains subliminal sex embeds.
Visit and see for yourself.

MILF is an acronym describing a sexually attractive middle-aged woman and it stands for "Mother I'd Like to F*ck". Spirit Airlines of course claimed that their M.I.L.F. campaign is just a coincidence, and that  Spirit’s senior vice president of pricing is a British citizen who is unfamiliar with the MILF terminology, and that the company is not trying to offend customers, and blah blah blah. You're going to see right away that they are pathetic liars. First of all look at the the model: she is relatively not that young and fits perfectly the definition of a MILF.

Now take a look at this screenshot of a flash banner  from their website.
Just as the flash starts running for fraction of a second the islands look like a seductive silhouette of reclining woman:
And then it quickly turns into this:

Here's a proof that Spirit Airlines fabricate their dull slogans with one and only purpose of creating sexual innuendo:
If you reed only the bold letters you get "Muff Diving". Muff is a slang word for a vagina and "muff diving" is a term for cunnilingus. Just an innocent coincidence, eh? How about this one spelling GET LAID:

Spirit Airlines continue to hit you with sexual associations. Barely Legal 18 is a category in porn.

Apparently obscene language is effective in triggering viewers attention and emotions. So, in this Krispy Kreme commercial aired on NBC you can see the slogan "So good, you'll suck dick"... Their excuse was that the on-air graphics operator got this image from Google Images and used it without thorough examination. This is of course not true. They knew exactly what they were doing.

Watch the clip here.
The "F" word example:
subliminal fuck

And another one:

The logo of Apple's iCount application. Note that the letters are upright and the ciphers are tilted. The letter 'O' is intentionally tilted so it loses its relation with the upright letters and perceived as belonging to the tilted ciphers. iCUNT.

Brain is highly sensitive to dissonant elements of a picture, like scenes that make no sense or violate cultural taboos. Unconscious perceptual sensitivity appears most acute when the stimuli involve a cultural taboo related to reproductive behavior (sex) and death. That's why Peter Heering put a skull in their ice cubes. (Click for close-up)

peter heering subliminal skull

Same story with Windsor Canadian:

Windsor subliminal skull

Campari is not an exception:


It is difficult to rationalize death symbols' ability to sell booze. Perhaps it's got something to do with Freudian concept of death wish or death instinct. Or maybe defying death, even subliminally, may enhance a drinker's self-image of masculinity and virility. No one knows why for certain, but death sells extremely well. Here' s another ad using death symbolism:

subliminal death johny walker
The label is partially hidden. But reading up along the edge of the label on the left, the word DED appears. Is it conceivable some photographer could have accidentally permitted such a critical and frightening word to appear in the million dollars ad? Hardly! The ice cubes painted in the bottle are also curious: bearded man with glasses, dog's head, right hand's thumb, laughing woman and another images appear in them. If you turn the ad on its left side, a very distinct face wearing a turban appears cleverly hidden away in the ice cube. Just below the head, in the area where the neck should be, there is a large ax with its blade buried deeply within the neck of the turbaned head. The ad's subliminally perceived trigger mechanism is, simply, a beheading.

Subliminal death symbolism is not limited to booze. You can find it in advertisements of Revlon products:

 Album arts:


Religious art:
 And more...

The following picture is also full of anamorphic images hidden in the ice cubes and of course the word SEX. Note the erupting volcano at the bottom of the glass. Symbolically it represent ejaculation.
subliminal sex in ice cubes

Absolut inspired by these ads made their "subliminal" poster with ABSOLUT VODKA written in ice cubes :
absolut subliminal
This is of course not a real subliminal message. They won't tell you when they do a real one, like in the next image:Absolut subliminal ass

Beer ad that used wood chips for the idea that the beer has a "smoked" flavor:Click the image to see another idea they're trying to associate with their beer.

Another sexual message from Heineken:
subliminal heineken
Click the image if you don't see it.
Ursus subliminal

Pepsi Cola. According to Michael Tsarion, ancient Egyptians used the word pepsi for Satan. Let's see what Pepsi is selling to us :
subliminal sex pepsi____________ subliminal sex pepsi

SEX on Skittles pack:
 skittles subliminal sex

Sisley fashion is notorious for its provocative ads on the verge of pornography that often feature perverted sexuality. Here is a couple of subliminal examples.

Besides the overt reference to fellatio there's a word hidden in the tattoo.

This is a screenshot from the Clash of The Titans. I'm not certain about what is written on the curtain but there's definitely something.
There are SEXes in the poster but this can be found literally in every Hollywood movie poster. Notice the suggestive position of the sword.
clash of the titans sex
Click here for a larger image

Underworld: Awakening 

Remember that THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS in such high costing productions. Every little detail is carefully preplanned and thought out several times. AT&T's "More Bars in More Places" commercials give us an excellent example of this. Unsuspecting person sees it as a sequence of random scenes while in fact every single scene has a reference to those bars showing the strength of cell service in a given location.
Watch the commercial here. Watch another one.

Hypnotized patients can read reversed, mirrored and upside-down texts at a normal speed rate. It means that subconscious mind decodes any text, no matter how it's written. 

Here's an example of a subliminal message employing this principle:
subliminal oral sex
This technique is called Backward Masking. It also applies to words spoken or sung backwards. The Beatles started using backmasking on their White Album with the song "Revolution Number Nine." The song repeatedly says: "number nine, number nine." Played backwards it becomes "turn me on, dead man." Rumors swept the world, "Paul is Dead!" Material on Paul's death was embedded in the Magical Mystery Tour album in the last few grooves of the song "Strawberry Fields." A low volume voice says :"I buried Paul." Many other famous Pop and Rock bands used backward masking in this song to express satanic, sexual, suicidal or any other messages.

Hyundai ix35 = SEX! Click the image.
Coincidence? I don't think so.

Besides the overt sexual message this image has the word SEX written subliminally on the fella's chest and a phallic form appears in the shadows of his abnormal abs.
subliminal penis sex

In this ice-cream commercial you can see that the spoon trail in the ice-cream has a shape of naked female torso:

subliminal ice cream
Click here to watch video.

Here's another example of female torso:
subliminal ad

The technique implemented in the next images is called "displacement".

subliminal tits

Click for highlights.

Land o quakes butt

Jantzen ad: A one word guarantee


What you see when you look at an ad is called figure and it is always against some ground. Black letters on this page, for example, are figure. You don't attend to the white shapes around the letters that serve as ground, but you should in the next image :

Another example of figure-ground:
subliminal boobs
Click the image if you can't see it.

abc 12 13 14
While decoding incoming information the subconsciousness goes through all possible interpretations that could be associated with it. The final meaning that will be sent to the consciousness is given according to the context in which the information appears. So, for instance, the middle character in the image on the right will be interpreted as B if you read from the left and as 13 if you read from the top. Thus the ambiguous figure in the top image appearing in the context of dance classes was interpreted as a dancing couple, but your subconsciousness also saw the topless figure and was emotionally triggered by it. Most likely that if instead "Junior Jazz Dance Classes" it said "Hooters"— breasts would be the first thing you see.

How many women can you see in this image? In fact, there are 3. Pay attention to the space between the legs of the model on the left. Closer examination reveals a naked woman sitting with her back towards the viewer while her face is deep in the model's groin. If you're having a hard time seeing the subliminal embed, start from the bottom, there is a clear butt crack, following from there you should be able to work out the loin, torso, arm, hair and all the rest.

In the following image we see what looks like a sexual assault which is very predominant trend in modern subliminal advertising. What many people do not see is the third figure, kind of demonic one, in the space between the guy and the woman.

Also note that the hands you see belong to other people standing out of frame. I will expand on this right away.

subliminal jantzen
Another Jantzen ad. This image deserves a special attention. Let's analyze the details in the photograph which don't make sense.
First, the female model's trunks do not fit. Notice the wrinkles and sagging front. Considering the high cost of commercial art, the least the art director might have done was find a correctly sized suit for the female model. But look again : her trunks also have a zipper—a highly functional device in men's clothing, but not really necessary in women's. On the other hand, the male model's trunks fit quite snugly. And in addition, bis suit design matches the female's brassiere. In short, she is wearing his and he is wearing hers. The art director has utilized a subliminal sex-role reversal strategy. This dissonant idea of men wearing women's clothes will not be perceived consciously, but it will be instantly perceived at the unconscious level. Another somewhat disconcerting question involves the female hand, gently resting upon the female model's hip. With the wrist at that angle, there is no way it can belong to the female model, unless her arm is six feet long. The hand, resting on this erogenous zone, suggests subliminally the possibility of a menage a troisrelationship—two women and a man. There is a third model standing beside the two models.
If you hold the ad upside down a face in cunnilingus position appears in the surf. The face is reminiscent of the old Farmer's Almanac drawing of the weatherman, cheeks distended, his puckered mouth blowing the cold north winds down across the nation. The old weatherman in the surf is—perhaps we should look the other way—blowing on a delicate portion of the model's anatomy. The transparent word sex appears many times in the foam and on the models bodies (click the image for close-up).
This is a subliminal embed, or at least one form of embedding used to invade the reader's unconscious. There are many such techniques in use today and they do many things to people—things besides simply selling products.

Another example of out-of-frame person.
subliminal palmolive

Look closely, this hand is not hers, it's a guy's hand - something that immediately suggests a sexual situation. Examine the background, it's a mosaic of multiply words "sex". It's written also on her body. Click the image to see some highlights.

Same principle with another person's hands:


The legendary naked man with a hard-on in the artwork of Camel cigarette packs. He stands with his proudly protrudingschlong since 1913.
In 1988 Joe Camel was introduced changing the direction of rumors associated with this brand. Many have commented on the shape of Joe Camel's head, comparing it to a penis. Others see a penis and testicles or an act of copulation in that pate. Still others say Joe's nose bears a resemblance to a penis (some even noting it looks like "a smoking penis").

Well, I took the liberty to make some Photoshop work to the image below. See for yourself what it looks like

This ad appeared in the 90's in BAM magazine. As usual, an ice cube remains a good medium to hide messages.

In this ad for Kool cigarettes the word SEX is hidden in the tattoo on the guy's wrist. Notice that the slit on the back of his hand is not correct anatomically, it was photoshopped to create sexual association. "SEX is also hidden in the texture of the vamp's dress. Ghostly faces appear in the background as well. Pay attention to the overlapping "OO" in the word "KOOL".This is Vesicaa mystical yonic symbol referring to female genitals. It is being widely used in the logos of different corporations.
kool subliminal sex
click picture for close-up.

Note the specific insinuating way the cigarette box is being hold. And what is the pumper guy doing back there?
kool sex
The word "Sex" and sexual imagery in Kent cigarettes.

Classic sex in smoke.

In this ad you can see how they positioned the bread along with 2 oranges to create a subliminal phallus.

In this Benson & Hedges "hard pack" ad they put something hard into his left hand. Notice also the phallic look of the candles in the background. It can be perceived that the female model grabs one of the phalluses with 2 hands.

In this ad the message to your subconscious mind is : Our cigarettes beat cancer.

We've seen how sex is used to sell smokes. Ironically, sex is used also in anti-smoking campaigns. But could it be a trick? What you have to do in order to negate some concept? -You have to think of the concept. So if someone told you not to think of a blue elephant what would you do? - You'd think of a blue elephant. So when they tell you that "smoking is being a slave to tobacco" but in the same time hit you with a blow-job symbolism they actually promote smoking. What do you think would make a deeper impression on your subconscious, a corny slogan or a cigarette associated with fellatio performed by a pretty girl?

I admit that some examples here could be accidental, but could all of them be?

Continue to Sexual innuendo

What Is The Difference Between Subliminal Messages and Subliminal Advertising?

The real differences between these two lies in their use; the ways in which advertisers have always tried to use Subliminal Messages has always been "under the covers". The simple idea being that you can subject your target market to secret, Subliminal Messages and they would instantly respond by rushing out to buy your product. Personal use of Subliminal Messaging is quite different because the "target audience" has volunteered to receive a set of instructions. The differences are stark but the background is really quite interesting.

There is little doubt that using Subliminal Messages to effect a change in your subconscious does work - witness the fact that a number of countries banned the "exploitation" of the public by advertisers using subliminal techniques in their ads, sometime in the 1970's. Academics researching this intriguing area have shown quite clearly that the ONLY way for Subliminal Messages to have any effect at all on the subject, is when that person has established their requirements for their own "mission" extremely clearly.
In classic academic fashion, there is also contradictory research which demonstrates that Subliminal messages have absolutely no impact on anyone in any case. Naturally enough, such studies were based on a completely different set of principles - they set out to discover whether subliminal messages worked on a group of people who had not been primed at all.
The sum of all that research is quite obvious; Subliminal messages only have any chance of achieving anything, when:
  • the target audience must be AWARE that they are receiving subliminal instructions
  • the objectives must have been established prior to Subliminal techniques being employed
  • there has to be a level of "immersion" in the Subliminal instructions, during a reasonable time-frame

    It is at least quite clear from the research, that the use of Subliminal techniques in any form of advertising has no real effect unless the audience were primed to receive the messages and actually wanted to be encouraged to buy specific products in this way. It is an historical fast that many advertisers engage in these tactics not to persuade their target constituency to actually buy more product, but purely to get free publicity for their underhandedness! There is complete general acceptance that Subliminal Advertising has no effect whatsoever!
    Do not mess about when you buy one of these Subliminal albums - they will only work if you commit to the outcome and the process. The old adage that things only happen when you take action applies here too. Unless you plan for and actually take positive actions, they will be useless to you. The simplest way of understanding how subliminal messaging works, apart from the repeated exposure to a set of subtleinstructions or affirmations, is that if you are willing to accept them and prepare properly, you will be astounded at the successes you can achieve. With your complete connivance and co-operation, you will get the benefits because once you commit to the process entirely, you cannot stop the Subliminal messages making their way into your subconscious.
    The critical path to success in any undertaking always includes an absolute and clear understanding of the end result and a high level of conviction that you can get there. Your commitment to taking the actions to ensure your targets are achieved is the main issue.
    Many of us suffer from a straightforward lack of conviction that we can succeed. It may be that we have simply had bad experiences and we almost expect to fail. In that case, it is well worth looking at these types of Mind over Matter techniques. Clear and straight forward.
    Be quite certain of one thing. When you finally decide, quite definitely, what it is that you need or require to change about yourself, IF you take Subliminal Messaging seriously AND approach its use constructively and openly, they will work.

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