Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How to speed up your Internet Explorer

While I am working as a Technitian on the field,I have seen many add-ons on the IE bar,no only that I ahve seen that IE is complete full of diferent engines and diferent bar for searching when IE provided this at its maximun speed

just to remember this,Everything we add to IE this add a litle sum of time to the engine to be load and ready for us to be using it

Best recomendention no only for you guys ,for technitian onthe field,reset the IE to deafult setting taking this step you will do that

Follow the following step

1-click Tools
2-Internet Options

4-click reset
5-confirm clicking reset again
6-close IE now
7-re open IE and check if still those annoing add ons on your IE,check how fast this wonderfull engine load it up


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