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Angelina Jolie's double

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La doble española de Angelina Jolie
Every one has a double in the oher side of the world or mayve around our house,see this example
Angelina Jolie"s double,She is from Spain

Top 10 Angelina Jolie Movies

Angelina Jolie MoviesAngelina Jolie movies are always the best of the lot as she is one of the most glorious names in the Hollywood industry on the basis of acting skills, outstanding face expressions and captivating voice and charisma. Angelina Jolie has done many movies and people love to watch every movie in which she has performed as the leading lady or even a minor role. Angelina Jolie is the heartbeat of millions of fans all over the globe and is she is also known as the queen of the red carpet. Along with being a beautiful actor, Angelina Jolie is also a director and has directed many movies like the recent In the land of Blood and Honey. Angelina Jolie was born on June 4, 1975, at that time her parents and no one has any idea that this young small girl will become the queen of Hollywood industry one day and will become one of those ladies which have the most beautiful eyes of the world. That’s right; Angelina Jolie is counted in the list of those ladies which have the most beautiful eyes of the world. This is not the least but she is also counted in many lists as being the best actress, most beautiful actress and the smartest lady on the planet. At the age of 16 Angelina Jolie started acting as a committed profession but it was a very tough track for her because as it’s a very common example that the start of anything is quite tough and same was the case with Angelina Jolie. She has gone through many auditions and trials which were like the biggest hurdles and obstacles for her in her career at that time because Angelina Jolie was a little shy at that time and people also use to call her that she is not made be an actress. But the dedication of Angelina Jolie towards her acting and career made these mile stones cover up slowly and she became one of the most popular and most beautiful lady in Hollywood with the passage of time. In her acting career Angelina Jolie has been nominated 16 times for various awards and she won 7 awards among these nominations. Gia movie of Angelina Jolie was one of the biggest hit of her career which made her climb the ladder of success and achieve these awards. Out of 7 total awards which Angelina Jolie has won, 5 were totally based on movie Gia movie.
Although all the movies of Angelina Jolie are worth watching but the list is about the best Angelina Jolie movies of her career. The following list of Angelina Jolie movies are created on the basis of real time stats, user reviews, overall rating by real users, reviews, gross profit and lot more. Enjoy the list of Best Angelina Jolie movies and don’t forget to share it with your friends for fun.

Angelina Jolie

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10. Salt

Salt is one of those Angelina Jolie Movies which is counted in the list of best Action Movies of 2010. Basically Angelina Jolie is working as a hidden Russian Spy in United States and the best part is that she is working in the CIA and fulfilling her job responsibilities with complete dedication to work that’s why have a very good repute as well but all of a sudden her entire effort of being undercover or hidden is gone when the secret was revealed that she is the Russian Spy. She got married to the love of her life which she cannot afford to lose because according to her spy job she cannot get married and should not be involved in personnel or deep relationships with anyone and should concentrate on her mission but the question is, what was the actual mission of Angelina Jolie which she was heading to. The movie is completely filled with action, thrill, and mystery and worth watching especially the bold acting skills and face expressions given by Angelina Jolie which makes this movie one of the best and remarkable movies of her career.
Angelina Jolie Salt

9. Wanted

Wanted movie of Angelina Jolie is full of action, thrill and assassination skills on high level. Wanted was directed by Timur Bekmambetov in which a young common office worker finds out that his father was a professional assassin who was murdered in a assassin fight. The son of this legendary assassin was appointed as a office worker in the organization in which his father use to work as a assassin. Later on the son realizes that he shares his father’s superhuman killing abilities and moved on the track on which his father used to work. The role of Angelina Jolie in this movie is quite attractive and entertaining in which she is also shown as a very highly skilled assassin with various outstanding abilities which are not common in any fighter like, extra ordinary eye point while firing the guns, extreme fast and rash driving with unbelievable control and grip on car and a super firing ability of swinging the shots which were never seen before in any movie. For the sake of entertainment and the beauty of Angelina Jolie this movie deserves a watch.
Film Title: Wanted

8. A Mighty Heart

A Mighty Heart is one of those Angelina Jolie Movies which can be counted in many genres like Biography, Drama, Hostory and Thriller. Angelina Jolie is playing a role of Mariane Pearl a wife of a journalist named Daniel Pearl. Daniel Pearl was the south asian beau roe chief for the wall street journal and Angelina Jolie was working for French Public Radio. The day after 9/11 Mariane Pearl and her husband flew to Pakistan and by the end of January they were ready to go to Mumbai but there was a final interview which Daniel Pearl want to take regarding the Islamic fundamentalist cleric. He left for the interview but didn’t return home which caused her wife worry and she called for help. Several investigations were made including government and non government authorities involved to solve the issue and find Daniel. Angelina Jolie has performed a bold and solid role in this movie fighting for the right with determination and confirm believe that his husband is innocent.
Angelina Jolie A Mighty Heart

7. The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd 
The Good Shepherd is one of those Angelina Jolie Movies which have created a remarkable impact on Hollywood film industry. The Good Shepherd movie explains the start of a secret organization which is very powerful and has connections in every industry all over the globe but one thing which gives a clear message is that no doubt how much powerful any organization would be, there are some flaws in it. Basically it’s a life story of a CIA agent from 1939 to 1961. The entire procedure and routine of secret societies have been explained deeply in this movie that how the world in interconnected with these underground powerful societies which are achieving their goals and will not hesitate to go for anything if something comes in between their mission or goal. Angelina Jolie is performing a role of a Margaret Russell who is the wife of Edward Wilson and is not aware of the actual work routine of her husband but she loves her so much that Angelina Jolie cannot even think to lose him in any circumstances. Most of the viewers who watched this movie say that the viewers who have a love for US History, The Cold War, CIA, Espionage, or Spy films would be pleased to watch this movie.
Angelina Jolie The Good Shepherd

6. Playing by Heart

Playing by Heart is one of those Angelina Jolie Movies which is considered to be one of the best Romantic Movies of 1998. Basically it’s a comedy, romance and drama based movie revolving around 4 couples in Los Angelous which have nothing in common but they all have to realize that they have lot to learn about Romance. The beauty of this movie is that they all come together in a unexpected way. The cast is quite huge as there are 4 couples involved in the story of the movie but all the stars are very famous like, Gillian Anderson, Ellen Burstyn, Sean Connery, Anthony Edwards, Jay Mohr, Ryan Phillippe, Dennis Quaid, Madeleine Stowe and some more.  Angelina Jolie is playing a role of Joan in this movie who is a beautiful lady trying to find true love in her partner which is not according to her expectations but Angelina Jolie is trying her level best to handle the situation. Playing by Heart is also one of those Angelina Jolie Movies which gives a clear message that what love is all about including care for each other, emotions, feelings, reliability, trust and lot more which you would come to know after watching this beautiful movie.
Angelina Jolie Playing by Heart

5. Girl, Interrupted

Girl, Interrupted is one of those Angelina Jolie Movies which won Oscar award and along with 5 more awards and was nominated 8 times in award ceremonies because of the outstanding story and flow of the movie. Basically it’s a Drama and documentary based movie in which Winona Ryder who’s playing a role of Susanna Kaysen moved to her psychiatrist to discuss about the delusions which she is having and after the discussion the doctor come to analysis that she needs to spend some time in medical care under professionals who can take care of her and that’s why she was moved to a mental hospital in Claymore. After reaching the hospital Susanna finds it very difficult to get adjusted in whole bunch of crazy and mentally sick people. The story becomes more interesting when she meets Angelina jolie who is playing a role of Lisa Rowe and has a very bad repute in front of hospital staff and various people because of her history of escapes. As all Angelina Jolie movies worth watching, so do Girl, Interrupted movie is because Angelina Jolie is looking stunning and attractive in this movie.
Angelina Jolie Girl Interrupted

4. George Wallace

George Wallace was a Biography and Drama based Television movie starring by one of the best actors Gary Sinise acting as George Wallace a former Governor of Alabama. The movie was directed by the legendary John Frankenheimer who later won the Emmy Award as well for this movie. According to viewer reviews that the movie reveals out some black outs and portrait of some dark corners of America and shouldn’t be missed. The role of Angelina Jolie in this movie is that she is acting as a Cornelia Wallace, the loving and caring wife of George Wallace.
Angelina Jolie George Wallace

3. Kung Fu Panda 2

Kung Fu Panda 2 was the 2nd part of Kung Fu Panda in white the Panda Po is living peacefully in a calm valley fulfilling the rights and responsibilities of a Dragon Warrior, protecting the people of their city and country from enemies. However Po and the other team warriors come to know that a terrorist lord named Lord Shen of Gongman City is threatening the country with a fearsome and indestructible weapon to gain control all over the China. If they let him go on the way which he is planning to, the Kung Fu will come to end and the entire country will suffer the worst lord ever. The aimed to stop him but when the Po came face to face with this furios Lord some flashbacked strikes his memory and he came to know that this ugly lord has a long way back link to his life in which he has tried to kill him and his parents. Along with the emotional feelings Po at first attempt was not able to defeat him but after a comeback with inner peace power which his master Shifu has taught him , Po was not only able to defeat this worst Lord but was also able to destroy the indestructible weapon created by him. Throughout the movie his team members joined him in his fight especially the tigress (again as it was a animated movie the voice of Angelina Jolie was used for Tigress}. The movie generated a gross total of 165 million $ which is a live proof of its massive success.
Angelina Jolie Kung Fu Panda 2

2. Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda is a DreamWorks Animation movie which was considered one of the biggest block buster movies ever produced by DreamWorks. The story of Kung Fu Panda is something like this that it’s a story about a lazy and useless panda who is not eligible enough to work on his family business of noodles named Po who is not eligible enough to work on his family business of noodles but he is one of the biggest Kung Fu fan all over China, as being a fan he is unfamiliar with any realistic Kung Fu skills or actions. The luck supported him in such a way that he was chosen accidently as a dragon warrior and got his lifetime desirable dream chance to train with legendary warriors. He was trained by Master Shifu to hold the honor of dragon warrior and to become eligible enough to defend his country against enemies. As he learns Kung Fu from master Shifu he comes to know that a white snow leopard named Tai Lung is approaching towards his city with full of rage and revenge to snatch the dragon warrior should from him. Po stood up against him to defend his city and country so that the dragon should not be gone in to wrong hands. The most interesting thing in Kung Fu Panda movie was that the greatest weakness of Po became his greatest strength, which was food which he cannot resist at any situation of condition. The main role of Angelina Jolie in this movie is in terms of her voice of Tigress(voice only as it’s a animation movie) who was one of the greatest warriors and was about to be selected as a dragon warrior when Po accidently jumped in-between them from the sky.
Angelina Jolie Kung Fu Panda

1. Changeling

Changeling is a Angelina Jolie movie based on a true story. Basically Angelina Jolie is playing a role of a single mother in Changeling and at one fine evening of Los Angeles in 1928 when she return from work she find her 9 year old son Gattlin Griffith is not at home. She calls the Los Angeles Police Department to inform them about the situation and to find out her son but even after a hard struggling search no one was able find Angelina Jolie son. Couple of month’s later one boy was found in Illinois which fits accurately according to the match which was submitted to LAPD. The police department somehow united the mother and son but Angelina Jolie maintained her statement that the boy founded by the LAPD is not her actual son. The LAPD dismissed the case in such aspect that either Angelina Jolie is a liar or a mental disorder personality. Meanwhile Angelina Jolie did not give up and made herself consistent on the statement that the found boy is not her actual son, meanwhile she was asked many times to close the case and sometimes threatened as well by the government authorities to make her silent because in their eyes the case was solved. It was one of the biggest block buster movies of Angelina Jolie and deserves a watch.
Angelina Jolie Changeling

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