Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Diagnosing and Fixing Internet Problems

Here are some general trouble-shooting tips for diagnosing and fixing internet-related problems such as web pages not displaying properly, web page features unavailable or non-responsive etc.
1. Make sure your browser, anti-virus program, java and OS are 100% up-to-date. Uninstall ALL older versions of java.
2. Clear your browser's cache.
3. Turn off ALL browser add-ons, extensions and plug-ins. If this fixes the problem you can determine which add-on, extension or plug-in was causing your problem(s) by turning them back on one at a time. Mozilla's Firefox browser has a "safe mode" option that opens the browser with all this crap, er, add-ons, plugins, etc turned OFF. Do whatever you were trying to do previously each time you turn one extension or plug-in back on until you recreate the problem, thereby discovering what was causing it to occur.
4. Try using a different browser.
5. Reboot your modem and router (turn them and your PC off for 3 minutes)
If you are using a Wi-FI connection try using a hardwired connection instead, if you can. If you're already using a hard-wired connection and a router, try plugging your PC cable into a different port this sometimes works NS! You can also try replacing the various router/modem cables with better quality cables or at least brand-new ones.
5a. Always use RJ45 cables (pictured above) instead of USB cables (if possible) to connect routers, modems and PCs to each other.
6. Use a search engine to try looking up a fix or solution http://www.cln.org/searching_faqs.html
6. Check the speed and quality of your ISP connection http://speedtest.net/ http://pingtest.net/
7. If possible try using another PC, I've put this "solution" down the list since it's probably not a common option for most of us. If your problem doesn't occur using another PC, the problem is with your PC not the website or ISP connection
7A. Launch "Task Manager" and check out what applications and processes are running. This is another low-priority possible fix because if you aren't familar with what programs and processes are routinely running and you can't spot new ones this suggestion won't work for you!
8. For problems at chess.com ask the staff for assistance if you can't find an answer in the FAQ and help files here. You can also post a new topic in the Help + Support forum here describing the problem.
9. When requesting assistance, be sure to fully explain what the problem is, when it began occuring, what OS and what browser you are using (and what version of each you are using ie Chrome 16, IE 8 or whatever) and what type of ISP connection you have (ie dial-up, cable, DSL).
10. http://support.chess.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/167/0/my-internet-connection-is-fine---why-am-i-getting-disconnects