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How company bombard us with sexual subliminal ads

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I admit that some examples here could be accidental, but could all of them be?

Sometime ago my Google account was hacked, this blog was deleted and my YouTube channel suspended. I managed to get them back, but apparently someone is not happy with the information I'm sharing here, so if you can make an offline copy of the site's content you're surely advised to do so.


Please understand that what you are going to see is not a design fail, or a coincidence, or a product of your dirty mind, but a clear intentional tendency based on psychoanalytic theories. It has been meticulously thought over by professionals and is totally intentional.  
Man lives in an environment of symbols. Superficially we think that words are the only form of communication, yet in actuality there's  a far greater amount of nonverbal communication going on all the time through the use of other means than words.Primordial archetypes, phallic and yonic symbols, social taboos, sexual associations, hints and ambivalent suggestive verbalisms are very prevalent in advertising.  
Most of the following images can't be regarded as subliminal since their sexual message is very blatant and often perceived even before their ostensibly innocent face value. But as it's said in the image above, they always ensure it's subtle enough to shake themselves free of responsibility.

What you just saw was a pair of heels. 

A boutique ad that looks like screenshots from lesbian porn:

Here the vertical lines of the dollar sign were diminished and EX was separated a bit from the rest of the word so it's perceived as S EX CHANGE rather then $ EXCHANGE
subliminal sex

What is being exchanged here?


Mega clitz? Oh yeah, cutz!
Our prices are so f...king low!

Bad layout illustration:

Still SFX?

Practice healthy habits:

Nice balls, mister!



 Notice that the ketchup was tongue-shaped with Photoshop.

What is it there in the bowl?

"Come on a joy ride"

3 Lynx Jet deodorant ads featuring a phallic symbol of some sort:

Smoking puts out your fire:

Reference to a dual action vibrator. 

Taken at a Walmart

beef dick

As you've read in the beginning, cultural taboos are very effective in triggering viewer's attention and emotions. The next 8 images use this idea.
As in the previous image the boy is holding father's privates symbolized by the cigarettes carton.
Dad's fish is "this" big.

2009 Chevy Traverse Commercial - Maggie and Howie.
Watch it here

The bottle is held like a penis during urination. 


Ever got those "Enlarge your manhood" spam emails? Well, according to this recruitment poster,  joining the navy should do it. Notice the rim on torpedo's front.

Superman returns and he's bigger than ever!

Click here to see the original poster. As you can see, it does not have this protruding detail as in the poster above.

An interesting way to write "locum"
After sending this Christmas card to customers a Swedish company Locum have received several hundred phone calls but only one caller claimed to be chocked and very offended. Most of the people who spotted the "i love cum" message simply found it funny. The company responded with the good old excuse that "this was not intentional and if you do have a dirty imagination you may read this a little wrong - but it is harmless." 

"Coming" soon

Jizz festival? 


If you're not familiar with a slang word "jizz" it means sperm and "jizz festival"
is used to describe a gathering of male homosexuals or a group masturbation. 

Ejaculation...Sorry, INSULATION van advertising:
Yep, that's a beaver.

Belgian ad for MMS service. Could you say this by SMS?

Sisley's "Farming" campaign


Look, mom, I'm still playing with myself.


"Oh boy, that's a thick finger you've got there."


Notice the position of the middle finger of her left hand resting in the crotch area.
(click for close up)

Another masturbation motif:

And another one (click the picture). Notice the phrase "Laid by the best".

subliminal masturbation


In this album art you can see phallic and yonic shapes and it also seems that the dots make up some letters. I couldn't work out anything that makes sense though.
(Click for highlights)

Another penetration motif: 

This poster was issued by an Argentinean condom company before a football match to show the Brazilians what they're gonna to do to them:

Well,  Argentina lost and the Brazilian Football organization issued this one: 

His middle (sex) finger launches a rocket (phallic symbol) between her legs. Note the bulge in his pants - the guy's got a boner. 

Here's another boner:


The axe effect

"How money is created"

 Popular German science fiction series Perry Rhodan:

Master of all things:


Tightening gel ad:


Fruit flavored lubricant:

 The G point mouse:

"Stop the virus, not the party"
2 glasses

Book or boobies?
Shoes ad?

Designed to thrill. Audi RS4 V8 420 HP quattro.

Different ads, different countries, same technique.
An ad for Dutch playboy

subliminal yonic

That's some armpit she's got!

This album art from 1971 was banned. Click the image to see why.
subliminal apple pie
"The only thing this band is remembered for is the cover of their debut album. At first glance, the cover looks innocent enough. It shows a kindly looking farmer's wife holding forth a freshly baked pie with one slice removed. Upon closer examination, however, you can see that the pie is very special! Right at the tip of the missing slice in the filling of the pie can be seen a very nice rendering of female genitalia. After word got out, retailers demanded that Capitol Records do something about it. They did. They filled the slice up with bricks, surrounded it with barbed wire, and raised the American Flag."

This cover art has both yonic and phallic symbols. Snake is one of the most classic phallic symbols. The word "schlong" used for penis literally means "snake". In all previous Whitesnake album arts the snake had a usual forked tongue in its mouth, but now something else has grown there instead. "Come an' get it".

subliminal yonic

Club 18-30 is a holiday company that offers holidays for young men and women. Club 18-30 are notorious for their obscene advertising and in 1995 they were the second most complained-about firm of that year. 
subliminal orgy

Currently at the company's home page you can see the following ad:

 Coca Cola...

At first sight the following package looks pretty innocent, but what happens if you turn it upside down?



Ad for Sargam's mouth freshener:

Here's a good example of reversed psychology.
Even if you didn't have any sexual associations at first
you will have them after reading the description.

Remember the symbolism of the middle finger.  Bite it...

Some candy... 

Disney's Concert Candy:

And these are supposed to be 2-headed crawlers 

And this is supposed to be a cherry  


At least there are still people who call a spade a spade:



Here are some examples of ambivalent suggestive wording:

HAND JOB - Better Than Nothin'


"The best mix of movies in town" campaign by Tic Tac - a movie rental store in South India. 

Even church people don't hesitate to use it:

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