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Sixto Paz Wells and the ufo experience

Sixto Paz is one of the most famous contactees in the world and a required guest in the world’s most important international congresses on the UFO question. Similarly, he’s been interviewed in the world’s most prestigious radio and TV programs, but how was he able to establish contact with the UFOs and their crew?

Sixto Paz Wells is a 58 year old Peruvian citizen, born in Lima, Perú on December the 12th, 1955. He studied primary and secondary school with the Marian Brothers (Maristas in Spanish) and also studied history at the Pontificia Universidad Católica.
I’ve been married with Marina Torres Puglianini and have two daughters that are university students and whose names are Yearim and Tanis.

How did you become involved with the UFO subject?
My father researched this subject as a hobby in the 50’s motivated by the American Project Blue book. This caused him to create together with some friends from the Peruvian Air Force an institute for UFO research in 1955 (Translator’s note: This institute is called IPRI or Instituto Peruano de Relaciones Interplanetarias). Sixto was born and grew up in that family environment. My father taught me, together with my siblings, not just to believe but to think in the possibility that in our vast universe it would be strange not to have life other than on Earth, rather than the opposite.
A series of synchronistic happenings created the circumstances to attempt an extraterrestrial contact experience. On January, 1974 a news item was propagated by “El Comercio”, the most serious and conservative daily in Lima. It said that through manned flights and radiotelescopes it had been discovered that ­ contrary to what was believed - space wasn’t immersed in a dead silence, but that it was filled with much noise. Furthermore, it was commented that those sounds or radio waves could be messages sent from other planets by advanced civilizations with an interest for contacting those alike. The article mentioned Project Ozma, an old version of SETI. All of this motivated my father, don Carlos Paz García, to organize a conference in order to comment on the article. This conference was entrusted to Dr. Victor Yañez Aguirre, a physician at Lima’s Hospital de Policía and an esotericist with a passion for parapsychology who during his dissertation delved on the possibility of telepathic communication on the part of alleged interplanetary visitors.
The conference inspired my desire to experiment with telepathy. I had already been practicing Yoga for one year, including meditation techniques so that taking advantage of this previous preparation and almost in a playful manner, together with my mother and sister, we attempted to receive a message.
It was on the night of January 22, 1974 when during meditation we received a psychographic message, which is a form of telepathic channeling through automatic- but conscious- writing. It didn’t involve a trance.

What did the message say?
“This home’s living room is adequate for communication. My name is Oxalc and I’m from Morlen, which you call Ganymede, one of the moons of Jupiter. We can have contact with you. You will see us soon.”

How were you able to corroborate if the message was real?
Just after receiving the message we cross examined it with my mother and sister’s and both of them had received the same message although they had not written it. Nevertheless, facing the possibility for this to be a joke played to us by our imagination, the following day a new reception was attempted together with a group of about 20 friends and, to everyone’s surprise, it took place again. Also, during this reception, corroboration was requested and all of us were asked to go on February 7 to the desert of Chilca, some 60 km south of Lima.

What happened on that occasion?
The people were gathered in that place, all of them were skeptical and, at the exact time, a strange and intense glow appeared behind the hills. For a few seconds the night became bright as day and, suddenly, from behind the hills, a light showed up and began traveling above the ridges, becoming stationary on the right side of the horizon. From there it began swinging, approaching and descending, producing great fear in the group. The light gradually transformed itself into a metallic disc-shaped object that rotated upon itself and had half a dozen small windows and lateral colored lights. Once it was on top of the group, it projected a light as if it was noon time and this light was sustained for several minutes that never seemed to end.
Then we all felt something akin to a mental message that told us that they “didn’t come down in that moment because the group didn’t know how to control its emotions.” The message said that further on “there will be a time and a place.” After this, the object began to move and left at a great rate of speed. The group was visibly shaken.

Was Sixto Paz the only one that received the psychographic messages?
No. After a month there were at least 8 persons, among young men and women, who were thus channeling and receiving the messages and not only from Oxalc but from beings such as Kulba, Xanxa, Sampiac, Anitac, Meth, Lertrad, etc. These beings weren’t all male. There were also female extraterrestrials.

How did the contact experience proceed?
A few days afterwards and seeking to understand with certainty what we had experienced, we invited my father and his research friends to a field excursion, so that they could verify by themselves the reality of what had transpired. They were very impressed by what they saw. On that occasion a cylindrical object appeared and it was estimated to be about 150 meters (500 feet) in diameter and positioned at about 1000 meters (0.62 miles) in altitude.
During the next months the sightings continued and always in the area of Chilca. These observations could be made during the day or the night. Sometimes one object appeared or even three objects appeared in formation. At times, one of them divided itself into many or let go small, round objects called “Caneplas” which are like electronic eyes or remotely controlled television cameras that then tumbled through the air all around us.
But in June, 1974, much stronger experiences arrived.

What happened in June, 1974?
We were invited to have a more direct kind of contact as a preparation for what would later be physical contact. This particular experience would be called the “Xendra.”
The group had increased in size considerably. We were about 50 or 60 persons that participated in the field work and these beings that we began calling “the extraterrestrial guides” told us to go in groups not larger than seven persons, groups that were well tuned together with affinity.
Once the seven selected seven individuals were walking in the desert, I moved ahead of them in a strange fashion and, all of a sudden, found myself behind a hill confronting a glowing half dome that measured about 10 meters (33 feet) in diameter. From this dome’s interior stepped out a human silhouette that invited me (to approach) up to three times. Then, I became a victim of fear of the unknown and resisted to take the necessary step until I saw this being going inside the light, thus forcing me to follow. Once inside, I felt different sensations, as if my body was burning, dizziness and nausea until I could distinguish a human looking person before me. He was about six feet tall, with a wide, oriental looking face, scant hair and dressed with a shiny, loose garment that resembled sport attire. He gestured with the hands and the communication was telepathic. Then, I perceived that this being called this phenomenon a “Xendra”, and that it was a dimensional door or threshold in Space-Time. As he said, they have been capable to concentrate energy in such a way as to be able to dematerialize an individual, canceling both his molecular cohesion and his atomic weight to project him to another place. According to this being, I would travel to Morlen, one of the moons of Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System, some 600 million kilometers (373 million miles) from Earth. He also said that the time that would pass over there would not correspond to the time on Earth.

How long did it pass and what did you see over there?
I estimate to have been about five days over there, but upon returning, only fifteen minutes of Earth time had transpired, sufficient time for the group to arrive a see me exit from the interior of the light.
What I remember is having seen a city called Crystal City, filled with domes, spherical buildings with no sharp angles and everything circular shaped. This was because, according to these beings, sharp angles cut the flow of energies and tend to trap negativity more easily, thus being not so healthy for inhabited houses.
In the streets, I could see men, women and some children. According to these beings, there’s no natural life in Ganymede. It is thus artificial in such a way that they have created a micro climate and a micro atmosphere above their cities that for the most part extend in the satellite’s subsurface. These beings (for the most part) would originate in what we know as the Orion Nebulae. They maintain sexual division, sexual contact and the basis of their society is the couple. Their telepathy and clairvoyance is very developed, for which reason there’s no divorce or infidelity. They also don’t hold democratic elections, but they all see and feel who are the ones called to steer them both politically and spiritually.

Recently, there have been space probes that have taken pictures, specially, of the moons of Jupiter and they haven’t found there neither cities nor extraterrestrial bases. How can this be explained?
The Galileo probe, a recent generation probe photographed the moons of Jupiter in 1996, among them was the satellite called Europa and it detected great amounts of water under its surface ice. Regarding Ganymede, this probe and the Hubble Space Telescope detected a magnetosphere, something more appropriate for a living planet. Blotches were also detected on its surface, blotches of what seemed to be formed by vegetation and frozen water. Even the unusual presence of ozone in Ganymede’s atmosphere ­ a factor in favor of life- was reported. Moreover, some Russian scientists of the University of Moscow analyzed Galileo’s photographs and concluded that on the satellite’s surface there seem to be domes, roads, high bridges, tunnels and excavations typical of mining activities.

What was the purpose of that journey through the Xendra experience?
Out of a greenish, bright screen, suspended in the midst of the air and inside a building with the shape of a truncated cone, Oxalc showed me a series of images of what the future of the Earth could be like. What I could see is that the world’s tension was such that it was attracting the perilous possibility that an asteroid or comet would pass so close that it could be affected gravitationally. The purpose of this journey was to alert others through young people willing to commit themselves with the message about the need to change, beginning from within each individual in order to generate a chain reaction that would revert the planetary future.

Can the future be modified?
According to the extraterrestrials, since the future is due to cause and affect, the prophecies have not been given so that they come to happen but so that they do not. They exist to alert in order to correct. The future is not unmovable since, otherwise, where would our free will be? On the other hand, regarding positive prophecies, we must cooperate so that they come to pass.

How can that future be modified?
One has to believe it in order to create it. The human mind is powerful and if many of us agree with the same intention and with faith, we can make it. But what is important is to change our attitude before life. We must be more optimistic, positive and constructive.

What happened when you stepped out of the light?
My companions were witnesses to this.

Did other persons go through the same experience?
Yes, two weeks later, six other companions went with me inside a new Xendra and had similar experiences. Afterwards, many others repeated them in an individual or collective manner. Moreover, on April 25, 1977, a Chilean corporal, Don Armando Valdéz from the Rancagua regiment, a man who was patrolling together with other soldiers the northern area of Putre, Arica, observed a light above a hill and asked the soldiers to protect him as he went to see what it was about. He went (into the light) by himself and after fifteen minutes came out with a five day old beard and a watch five days ahead in time. He had undergone an identical experience although he couldn’t remember what had happened inside the light.

How can we explain the concept of Xendras as interdimensional crossings?
In the last years scientists working on quantum physics have developed a theory based on the discoveries taking place in the large particle acceleration laboratories. According to it, excited electrons rotating around the atomic nucleus don’t produce a complete orbit but disappear and reappear on the opposite side. It is as if they find a shortcut. These shortcuts that exist in the Microcosm would also exist in the Macrocosm and have been called “wormholes” or inter dimensional folds. This would answer the question as to how would alleged extraterrestrials be able to move around in the universe over vast distances and this would also be applicable to the Xendras.

Have the contacts continued?
Definitely. Sightings and physical contacts have been multiplying with time and we have even been able to observe them stepping out of their craft in the open desert. These contacts and all of the experience were described to the world by the Spanish reporter Juan José Benitez, author of well known books such as the ones in the series “Caballo de Troya” “Los Astronautas de Yahvé” “La Rebelión de Lucifer” “El Enviado” “Documentos Oficiales,” etc.
When Juan José Benitez was just another press correspondent for the Spanish news agency Agencia EFE, was sent to Perú to cover the strange news that a group of young Peruvian adolescents who firmly claimed to be experiencing contacts (with extraterrestrials). The life of this reporter changed dramatically when he became a direct impartial and objective witness of those contacts. This took place when he went to t the desert of Chilca with the group on September 7, 1974 and saw the apparition of two UFOs, just as it had been told to him that they would.
His impression was so great in terms of what he had witnessed and in terms of the contact experience itself that, upon his return to Spain, he didn’t just made his testimony widely known on the Spanish press and TV, but he also published his first book narrating all of this. The book was titled OVNIS S.O.S. a la Humanidad and was published by Editorial Plaza & Janés. The following year, Benitez returned to Perú along with Manuel Mujica, another reporter from Agencia EFE and both went with the group to a programmed sighting experience which on this occasion took place on a beach north of Lima. Once more, a sighting that had been announced to the press took place and out of it another book (by Benitez) titled Cien Mil Kilómetros Tras los Extraterrestres was published.

And what happened afterwards?
As I said, the contacts have continued, with a myriad of sightings and experiences. Some of these experiences have been as extraordinary as that of many people going through new inter dimensional Xendra passageways in more than forty countries. The unusual reception of some strange crystals termed “Cesium Crystals” has also taken place. These crystals are incorporated within the bodies of the witnesses after receiving their pyramid shape. Also, on at least three occasions impressive physical encounters have taken place in which the interior of their spacecrafts has been boarded. Through these experiences a submarine base was visited and also on two occasions other cities in Morlen (Ganymede).
Throughout all of this contact process the international media has been summoned up to seven times to witness the authenticity and reality of the experiences but, above all, the contemporary importance of the experience as it relates to a received and transmitted message that favors the planting of a seed of hope regarding a positive future for the planet, a future that clearly also rests upon our personal and collective transformation. On the fifth occasion in which media representatives were summoned -thanks to the credibility achieved through the years- 40 reporters from 8 countries came to the desert. Among them were: José Gray from Channel 23 Univisión (Miami), Leticia Callava from Telemundo, Beatriz Parga from the Miami Herald, Gilda Muñóz from Radio Guado in New York, Rolando Veras from Channel 2 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lizet Zelman from Televisión de República Dominicana, and others who witnessed the striking ongoing reality of the contact.

Has Sixto been listened to in an international forum?
Clearly my experience is not unique since from the very beginning it has involved many other people who, in time, have also undergone similar experiences. Nevertheless, the courage we’ve exhibited and our commitment to the message received (as demonstrated by) inviting the Media on several opportunities to programmed sightings, by dedicating our lives to share the information with our example of balance and even temperedness, and by recognizing our mistakes and learning from everything and everyone have allowed us to be invited to speak in some of the most important forums such as The United Nations, the Sociedad de las Américas, the University of Columbia in New York, John F. Kennedy University in San Francisco, the Universidad Autónoma de Mexico, and others. And I say that we have been invited because I represent a collective, an international group that is neither the only one nor the best contact group, although, in my opinion, it has already earned a place in the history of contactism.

If the UFO phenomenon is a definite reality, why is it known so little? If the subject is being hidden, who does this and why?
It is convenient for the governments of the great powers to hide the reality of the UFO phenomenon and the existence of extraterrestrial life because for the armed forces it’s equally valid whether UFOs are from extraterrestrials or from foreign countries. From the moment that an unidentified flying object challenges the air space of a country, without anyone being able to do something about it, it is a national security problem. Before taxpayers they would be facing ridicule. On the other hand, the most profitable business today, even one that challenges drug dealing, is arm sales. The most developed countries are manufacturers and sellers of armament and if there weren’t wars, they would have to invent them for the business to go on. Therefore, if the fact that we are not alone and never have been so is demonstrated together with the fact that (most of) these beings don’t come with bad intentions or they would have already liquidated us a long time ago, this would force us to unite as one great nation. It would be better if the space beings met us united rather than in conflict with each other, but if borders were to disappear arm sales would finish since there wouldn’t be any demand for it. Without borders there wouldn’t be foreign debt which is a mechanism to oppress people. Also, smuggling would end and political elites would diminish.
If the reality of the extraterrestrial presence is made known it would also bring an economic crisis as well as a crisis of faith because religions would have to explain the reason they have been silent on this subject since they affirm that they are provided with revelations from above.
As we see, in order to understand the UFO subject we also need to understand the kind of world we live in.

Then, governments do know about all this but hide the information?
Certainly and there hasn’t been an American or Russian space mission that hasn’t had extraterrestrial contact. Astronauts have been acting as diplomats for the great nations, receiving the extraterrestrial message and retransmitting it to their governments. The message is one of warning in that if relations within humanity are not eased, our negativity will attract a catastrophe of gigantic proportions.
Let’s remember the case of the (first) War in the Persian Gulf. It was the most advertised war in history but no one found out what really took place there. All of the information was sifted through an important new chain at the service of the American government.
If they could hide (the truth about) a war and isolate a vast area of the planet, what couldn’t they be doing regarding some concepts that are uncomfortable to their interests?

But, why would scientists assist in this lie or cover up?
Scientists are at the service of the capital that finances them. Let’s recall the not so distant news item that was made know to the world by CNN and in which it was said that two years before NASA had found what seemed to be water on Mars but had kept it hidden for military reasons.
Is Sixto Paz a special person, a chosen one or a modern prophet?
No, but I have lived a special experience that calls upon my commitment and motivates me to share the message we have received from the older brothers. These beings select the people with which they wish to establish the contact experience. Sixto Paz is a messenger like many others.

Is anyone capable of having extraterrestrial contact? What would the requisites be?
Anyone can have the contact because it is them (the extraterrestrials) who select who, how and why it will be. It is true that it’s very useful to count with a previous preparation in order to become hyper sensitive, but it depends more on them than on us. As we said before, the key lies in knowing that all of this is possible, to believe that it is possible and to want to do it.

Do you believe that things will change and soon?
If I didn’t believe it I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing. Our world cannot resist any longer. This change must take place now, but it all begins in us and with us. Then, it continues with each one’s family and so on in the manner of a chain reaction of Domino blocks falling down one after the other.

Sixto Paz has written several books about his experiences and about the extraterrestrial message. He has been the most important book fairs in the Spanish language and shown his works. Which are these and how can one get a hold of them?
The first book I wrote was Los Guías Extraterrestres, which has had great acceptance worldwide. It narrates the origins of this contact experience, its evolution and its message. (It contains much more information than this and is sold in the English language as The Invitation and has ISBN 1-8887472-29-0).
In the second book: Contacto Interdimensional, the evolution of the contact experience is made known in relation to how various groups have had similar experiences globally thus allowing us to exchange information. It also narrates a series of trips and adventures that were entrusted by the extraterrestrials and took the group to connect with intra terrestrials or beings that would represent remnants of lost civilizations and would be protectors of archives containing the true history of the planet, a history relating us like family with the older brothers.
In the third book: El Umbral Secreto, I narrate the contact adventure that took a group of people deep into the Amazon Jungle in order to connect with survivors of the Inca culture. This encounter allowed us to have access to information about who Jesus was, why he came and what his mission consisted of in light of the extraterrestrial contact.
In the fourth book: Los Guardianes y Vigilantes de Mundos, there’s a compendium of a great amount of information derived from the psychographic messages and the physical contacts. Here, a cosmic plan pertaining to Earth’s humanity is revealed and an individual as well as a collective mission is attributed to it. Also, the role of angels throughout our history is narrated here.
In the fifth book: Mensajeros del Cosmos: Una Puerta Hacia las Estrellas, the older brother’s points of view regarding specific topics such as God, Life, Death, Time and others is revealed through questions and answers.
In the sixth book: Una Insólita Invitación, there’s a return to the genre of narrating a contact adventure with a message. Here, there’s a description of the more recent invitations forwarded to the world press and a description of the most recent physical encounters with the space visitors, including their messages for the present stage humanity is going through. Here I also tell how some reporters had the opportunity of having some experiences that had been previously reserved just for contactees. Some of these experiences were the Xendras and the Cesium crystals.
In the seventh book: La Antiprofecía, I narrate the various trips and labors entrusted to our contact groups to contribute to the planetary change and to humanity’s collective awakening. It is a material and also a spiritual adventure that reminds us that the future can be modified and that, many times, it has to be modified.
All of these books can be found in the largest bookstore in the world: The World Wide Web.

Is there any other book in the making?
Yes, many about to be printed and all of them are in the stage of editing. I think that this prolific moment is due to today’s need to inform and awaken consciousnesses , sharing light on the scope of the UFO phenomenon that finds itself to be quite manipulated and contaminated.

What message can you give to young people?
Youth is a state of the soul. It is the capacity to renew oneself and also to renew other things. It is not to lose the capacity to run the risk of committing mistakes by wanting to do things in the best possible way.
To be young is to be capable of assuming risks and of displaying great efforts in order to realize noble ideals. Youth is all of that which leads us to identify ourselves with what is worth sacrificing ourselves for, things like life itself.
My message to young people is not to believe in these subjects, but rather to think, ponder, meditate and research without fearing what you may find. I also advise them to question everything they thought was certain because to be young is to renew ourselves.

Has Sixto Paz asked himself whether his work load will increase when information on extraterrestrials will be revealed and a definitive contact takes place?
I know that, when the moment arrives, those that today speak about the contact and have lived intense experiences will probably be summoned to become part of a new global diplomatic machinery and that, likely, our more recognized kind of work will increase, but this doesn’t worry me. What worries me is that humanity be able to react on time and a change takes place bringing with it a significant shift in world events.

Is Sixto Paz a happy man?
Yes, I’m a happy man and thankful to life because it has given me a wonderful wife who is my best friend as well. I’m also grateful because I’ve found in my two daughters Tanis and Yearim great teachers on what life is about.
Certainly God has blessed me and through these contact related travels I’ve also have had the privilege of getting to know many wonderful people whose life renders homage to the human condition.
I’m not interested in convincing people, only to make them think and motivate them to expand their minds. I know that what we have gone through is real and we have been able to demonstrate it more than once. For this reason I have the authority to disseminate something I consider valuable and useful, specially in times such as these.

To end, I would like to ask you if your wife supports you. What do your daughters think about what you do? Do they believe you? Wouldn’t they prefer instead to have a normal husband or father that doesn’t need to travel throughout more than 20 countries each year, risking attacks, defamation and mockery due to this controversial subject matter?
If they didn’t support me I wouldn’t be able to travel and to disseminate this information with the strength, energy and love that I feel when doing it. I always dedicate my work to them and they are the source of inspiration that allows me to see life in a cheerful and hopeful way. They have taught me a lot and their understanding and support gives me the strength to continue. Also, they feel proud of my career and accomplishments and tell me so every now and then.
Regarding whether they believe me or not, I think that since they know me, they have been able to be very good constructive critics of the work I’ve been performing, helping me to be more precise and truthful every day. I cannot lie to them just as I cannot kie to myself.

Sixto Paz, what is your secret?
My secret is to act in accordance with the message and that there are no secrets. Also that life allows us to harvest what we have preoccupied ourselves with planting. For this reason and now that harvest is approaching, time will tell whether planting was right.

End of the interview.

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