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George Adamski and the UFO experience

In the last years of the 1940's, George Adamski was one of the very first people to publicly reveal his encounters and experiences relating to the UFO phenomena. 

Through his devotion and courage to speak, he personally became responsible for pioneering the movement towards establishing greater public awareness and education regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life.

George Adamski supported his experiences with exceptional UFO photographs and color motion picture footage of these crafts in action throughout the world. His documented, witnessed encounters with Humans from other planets made him one of the most fascinating people of the twentieth century and lead to a lifetime of dedication to this subject.

He was invited to lecture before royalty, ecclesiastical leaders, political bodies, military groups and the scientific communities. His keen interest in outer space and the development of mankind took him to all corners of the globe. Guided by common sense and his love for life, he bravely presented his experience and proof before all who would listen. Through honesty, he shed light, logic and reason on the realty of intelligent extraterrestrial life and their reoccurring visitations to our planet. 

Pilot Report   RE: Nov 20th, 1952

Dear Sir:
In response to your letter of July 18th, 1956, we are enclosing a summary of project Blue Book Special Report # 14, which was released in October of 1955. The full report statically covers all reports up to the date, including a report by an Air Force Pilot on November 20th, 1952, from the general vicinity of Desert Center, California.
Special report #14 is available for you to examine at Los Angeles, California.

W.W. Elwood
1st. Lt. U.S.A.F.
Assistant Adjutant

From Project Blue Book

Teletype message concerning Salton Sea, California Case - November 20, 1952.
Unidentified object seen pilot Lockheed aircraft B50 5626. On a round robin from Davis Monthan. Object seen at 20005 Mountain Time 10 miles east of Salton Sea, altitude 16,000 feet. Aircraft was on a heading of 275 degrees and sighted object at 1100 o'clock to his position. Object was stationary and was changing color from white to red to green. Started in motion in N.W. heading and disappeared like turning out a light. There were no (word not legible) or propulsion or locomotion and the pilot was unable to describe the size and shape.

(G.A.F: Plane 32 miles South of Desert Center - seen to the S.W.... El Centro 63 miles South of Desert Center)
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Just the Facts Please ….
The Adamski photographs, including his exceptional 16mm motion picture film footage, were taken between the years of 1949 through 1965; long before any sophisticated film technology and processes existed, including any computers or manipulative and altering software programs. Today, absolutely anything can be manipulated, created and altered, and often is. However, the combined strength behind the original Adamski negatives, their known age and history, subsequent examinations, and successive decades of thousands of these similar crafts sighted and photographed worldwide, has, and continues, to PROVE the authenticity of Adamski’s materials.
Comparison with the 1952 Photos – Timothy Good 1983 (edited)
A number of researchers have denounced Adamski’s famous ‘Scoutcraft’ as a crude fake, with descriptions of ‘model’ used to cover a wide range of utensils: ‘lampshade’, operating theatre lamp’, ‘saucepan lid with ping pong balls’, tobacco humidor’, chicken feeder’, chick brooder (Prof. Menzel), ‘top of canister-type vacuum cleaner, and ‘bottle cooler’. In the later example, (GAF: as is so often the case after ridiculous accusation are made and intentional damage is circulated) the actual designer, Mr. Frank Nicholson, heard the false misrepresentation and came forward explaining that he had modeled the bottle cooler years AFTER the Adamski photos were published. TO THIS DAY, NO ONE has produced any utensil or model which, when photographed, resembles ‘proportionately’ the real craft photographed. Adamski offered $2000 in 1950s Dollars, which was a substantial sum then, to anyone who could prove his photos as fakes …. (GAF: While over the years, there have been many who have shot off wild accusation, without any verifiable substance), there otherwise has been no takers with any credibility scientific evidence proving the Adamski photos to be otherwise then what they really are – photographs of 3 dimensional aerial space crafts.
In the Publication, Flying Saucer Review, Desmond Leslie noted, “anyone with experience of telephotography who has obtained an original print made from the original Adamski negatives will at once notice a factor that has to be taken into account by all film directors using models to represent the full-size objects – a factor known sometimes as ‘atmospheric softening’. This phenomenon is due to moisture and dust in the atmosphere so that is impossible to match up a foreground model with a distant background (however sharp your depth of focus) unless certain partial gauzing and screenings are used. The effect through a telephoto lens is to produce a certain graying and flattening which is practically “impossible” to reproduce artificially. Tele-photography also slightly alters the perspective, hence the flattening and graying effects clearly noticeable in Adamski pictures ….”
Photographic Processing Lab Affidavit

• MGM Studios Special Effects Laboratory study of the Adamski pictures showed that although models could be built and posed, and lighting effects could be simulated; there was one thing that they could not duplicate accurately – distance effect. They could not screen a model to obtain a sufficiently realistic distance graying effect. (Bell Shaped UFOs )

• John Ford, the famous Hollywood Director was given some of the Adamski enlargements and stated, in his opinion, the saucers were large objects, shot through a telephoto lens of about six inches focal length.
• These finding were confirmed by Joseph Mansour, Chief of Jetex Model Aircraft, who’s job it was to make photographs from models aircraft attempting to make them real. He stated that in his opinion, Adamski’s photos were not models, but large objects about 30 feet or so in diameter. (Adamski described these crafts to be 33 feet in diameter, and later optical analysis of the Adamski photos against others by Leonard Cramp proved their accurate dimension and size).

• Cecil B. De Mille’s top trick photographer, Pev Marley, declared that IF Adamski’s pictures were fakes; they were the best he had ever seen.
• In England, fourteen experts from the J. Arthur Rank Company concluded that the objects photographed by Adamski were either real, or a ‘Full Scale Model’. (GAF: Later, examination of the Adamski property was made and no possible means of producing or suspending a full-scale model could be ascertained. And of course, as already proven, the graying effect from Telescopic photography cannot be faked either.)
• In 1955, the famous TV astronomer Patrick Moore (whom Adamski successfully debated several years later) told Leslie that he too had seen a set of photos of a ‘scout ship’ superior to those of Adamski and Darbinshire, and orthographically identical to those taken in England by Allingham in Scotland in 1954. Another famous American Astronomer, who wished anonymity, had allegedly took these photos through a telescope.
• Jim Diletoso, computer photographic analyst, “ Regarding the Adamski photos, there is no ‘proof’ of a hoax, in fact there is NO photogrametric or computer analysis of the Adamski case indicating a small object or a hoax. People say what they say, quoting a rumor as truth, or convert their opinion to scientific data. Issues in image analysis are very precise. Small objects have very different properties from large objects. In particular, the edges and the light distribution on the surface. I have examined over 1000 photographs (unknowns) in 25 plus years, including over 50 controlled objects (models). I use advanced tools, extract data from the unknown and compare it to data of known. If no match, - its an ‘unknown’.The properties of the Adamski craft do not match those of a small model, or optical overlay, or a hoax. Technically speaking, there is no indication of a hoax.
• Leonard Cramp, M.S.I.A, Scientist & Engineer: Space, Gravity and the Flying Saucer, 1955 “In the light of these facts, there seems to be no room for further doubt. We are forced to admit that the Coniston sightings (Darbishire 1954), and others (Potter 1953), there is adequate proof that Adamski is telling the truth when he says that he has photographed a space ship from another world.”
• Leonard Cramp, M.S.I.A, Piece to a Jigsaw, 1966 
“Out of the confusion and shadow surrounding this most enigmatic of Flying Saucer contact stories, emerges four very important facts.
1. Adamski type saucers are not uncommon among UFO reports.
2. On purely engineering grounds, the configuration of the ‘scout ship’ offers the best all around compromise, which would embody the functions required by gravitational propulsion theory.
3. Adamski description of inside the saucer is not inconsistent with the theory, on the contrary, seems to support it.
4. Thus on these grounds alone, I for one feel inclined to accept the first part of his experiences as fact, and in my opinion, any inconsistencies which may appear in his subsequent claims are insufficient to invalidate the previous conclusions.”

INSERT …. William T. Sherwood, optical engineer, Eastman Kodak 1965.
T.T. Brown, Agnew Bahnson, James King Connection.
In 1957, T.T. Brown and Agnew Bahnson met with George Adamski in hopes of reproducing the electromagnetic propulsion system exhibited in the Extraterrestrial spacecrafts he had been aboard. In his lectures, Adamski had explained, very much like Nicola Tesla had decades earlier, that all planets are giant generators of electricity, akin to a planetary scale Van De Graff Generator. Like the elliptical waves generated when a pebble is dropped into placid water, this immense energy field produced within our planet also radiates out into space, and carries a unique frequency signature. Harnessing this ‘free energy’ provides not only a means to successfully travel the distances of space, but also provides a means to power all energy consumption for any world’s population as well. (GAF: several reproductions of such devices to harness this energy has been successful over the decades since, all remain confined from the publics knowledge and reach for obvious reasons. See Basil Van De Berg)
Thomas Townsend Brown, who had experimented with magnetism with Bradford Shank in 1952, now teamed up with Agnew Bahnson at Bahnson’s research Laboratory in Winston – Salem, North Carolina. Unfortunately, Mr. Bahnson died in a plane crash in 1961, but his son, and a great deal of information, survives.
(Bahnson Thrust I – U.S. patent 3 263 102, Bahnson Thrust II – U.S patent 2 958 790)
Bahnson Family website:

Some have made the accusation that Adamski acquired the idea and shape for his UFO photographs from T.T. Brown / Bradford Shank and associates in 1952. However none could ever supply ‘any documentation or evidence’ that would link the two. Of course, one need only to recognize that Adamski photos dated as early as 1950 a full two years prior to the Brown/Shank experiments and did not meet with T.T. Brown and company until 1957.

• Mr. Charles Yost, N.C, Electric Spacecraft Journal, issue 8, 1992. “In 1952, I personally visited the T.T. Brown Foundation in Los Angeles. A friend and I talked for some time with Bradford Shank. He also showed us the ‘flying discs’ a pair about 2 feet in diameter mounted on a pole such that they would propel in a circle. We were shown some future expectations – but NO Adamski saucer designs or anything remotely similar. The lab notebooks of Agnew Bahnson Jr. (which I have) make a reference to the 1957 meetings and show explicit effort to perform experiments based upon the information. There was NO suggestion of an earlier design by T.T. Brown and associates. From this documentation, I would have to conclude that (prior to 1957) T.T. Brown ‘knew nothing’ for the Adamski design. I do know that T.T. Brown and Agnew Bahnson Jr. worked closely together for years, were friends, and did serious research, and had close cooperation with other scientists and government connections.”

• From the Memoirs of Mrs. Alice K. Wells, a long time friend and associate of Mr. & Mrs. Adamski, dating back to the 1930’s, “ Dr. Joseph Johnson, son of Mrs. Lolita Johnson who gave George his first 6 inch telescope in Laguna Beach in the 1930s, was an instructor at Cal Tech Pasadena. Dr. Johnson was involved in mapping the sky for the placement of the Hale 200 inch telescope for the Mount Palomar Observatory to be installed. Whenever possible, George Adamski spent many evenings with Dr. Johnson, discussing a great deal about space.”
• Interview with Ronal Florence, Palomar Historian and Author, “When the big mirror for the Palomar Telescope was brought up in 1947, it was set on a concrete platform, that still sits by the observatory today (On the west side). In a playful mood, Astronomer Olin Wilson placed a ‘carefully’ lettered sign on the platform that read, ‘This flying saucer, drawn here by the light gathering power of the 200 inch telescope, has brought visitors from other worlds who are currently guest of the government.’ ….. The sign was later removed when a visitor complained.
• In 1958, world-renowned archeologist, Professor Marcel Homet, in his book, The Sons of the Sun, published findings into ancient civilizations in Brazil and along the Eastern slopes of the Andes. Included were a series of petroglyphs, discovered in the area known as the Pedra Pintada and believed to exceed 10,000 years of age. One series of these petroglyphs, resemble by nearly 80% those engraved upon a photographic plate and given to Adamski in 1952 by his space contacts, a full six years earlier. Professor Homet said, “ Although I shall be destroying a great deal of the current theories about the world of antiquity, I have never found Adamski to be untruthful. I read Adamski’s book before the publication of my own book and was surprised to find the same symbols, but in another order. Only the Oval is completely identical to Adamski’s.” Prof. Homet went on to add that Flying Saucers were not his field of interest or expertise.
• UFO-logy, Jay-Mac press, 1973. NASA Scientist, Dr. James McCambell. “With the exception of a single instance … all encounters … were preceded by an incident in the California desert. On Novermber 20th, 1952, a witness met a strange man, ‘face to face’ in broad daylight that was described as ‘completely human’. In other words, the composite picture of normal sized UFO pilots seen on at least 83 occasions between 1952 and 1968 confirms the image of this class as described by the witness George Adamski. As the witness, George Adamski, thoroughly anticipated numerous unrelated events around the world. For two decades, he has either accurately described a personal observation, or he was one of the best prophets of modern times. Other portions of his writings deserve to be scrutinized for information about UFOs.”
Between 1954 & 1955 – George Adamski released information from both his own experiences and that extended from his space contacts.
• There are belts of radiation extended from our planet into space. They were later discovered 1958 and named after James Van Allen – Van Allen Radiation belts.

• Adamski described several observations made from space while in Earth Orbit. Charged Particles, he described as a “Fire-Fly Effect,” illuminated around the Flying Saucer and were observable through the portholes. This SAME effect was report in 1963, by Astronaut John Glenn.

• That year, he also passed along information that there were more than nine celestial bodies in our solar, and that there were actually 12. In 1977, Soviet scientist confirmed this, and then again in this decade of the year 2000, U.S. scientist also confirmed this.

One thing is for certain, of George Adamski's experiences, a mere fraction of the truth behind his extraterrestrial contacts and encounters are currently public knowledge.

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Mexico - Spanish
UFO Adamski Mexico
Noteworthy Contributions
• Leonard Cramp, M.I.S.A: Space, Gravity and the Flying Saucer: International Aeronautical Congress, Innsbruck, August 1954. “To the ever growing list of eminent and respected Scientists, who have openly declared their belief in Flying Saucers, can be added the name of Professor Herman Oberth, German Mathematician and early pioneer of Rocket Research, who is not only convinced of the existence of Flying Saucers, but believes they are Extraterrestrial. Dr. Oberth said that the behavior of the Flying Saucer ruled out any means of propulsion known to us, and certainly rocket propulsion. A possible explanation was the use of a ‘anti gravity’ device. Dr. Oberth added he did not believe the Russians, Americans, or anyone else could have developed such a means of defeating gravity so quickly and in complete secrecy.”
• 1977, Dr. Sturrock, Astrophysicist at California Stanford University. “Eighty percent of U.S. Astronomers polled in a massive survey believe UFOs deserve further study. And 62 Astronomers said they had actually seen a UFO or recorded on their instruments events they thought might be related to the UFO phenomena.” A total of 1, 356 Astronomers answered Dr. Sturrock’s poll, all members of the prestigious American Astronomical Society (AAS). In a 202-page report outlining the survey results, Dr. Sturrock reported some to the strange UFO sightings and experiences of 62 Astronomers who said they had seen or recorded UFOs. Dr. Sturrock said he was very encouraged by the results of his survey, and the responses he got from the AAS members.
• Milwaukee Journal, October 2, 1970, UPI release: Restricted Air Force Academy Textbook Instructs about UFOs. “ The chapter notes that such objects have been reported for almost 50,000 years and says, ‘the entire phenomenon could be psychological, but that is quite doubtful, because of the reliable witnesses that have spotted them. This too is difficult to accept. It implies the existence of intelligent life on a majority of planets in our solar system or a surprisingly strong interest in earth by members of other solar systems. The textbook says, ‘The best thing to do is keep an open and skeptical mind and not take an extreme position.’ The suggestion comes from a 500 page notebook which is restricted to academy use only. The section on UFOs is a 14 page chapter written by Major Donald G. Carpenter.
Theological Aspect ….
• Father Renya, Senior Astronomer and Director of the Adhara Observatory, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1968. “From a theological point of view, the existence of intelligent visitors is just not possible, BUT it is PROBABLE and LIKELY. We would be naïve to believe that God’s grace has only been given to the inhabitants of Earth. I believe that God created rational beings on other planets in the Universe – beings who have developed advanced civilizations, explored space, found us and will eventually communicate with us.” (Note: Father Renya also took telescopic photos of such crafts moving across the lunar surface very similar to those taken by George Adamski nearly two decades earlier.
• Appleton Post Crescent, Thursday May 26, 1966 … Los Angeles API. Seismologist, Reverend & Dr. Joseph Lynch, Fordham University. “ Does intelligent life exist out there?” a Scientist and Reverend says ‘Yes’.Rev. Lynch told a symposium of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) in Anaheim, California that, “Gods desire to share his goodness would be better satisfied by having a myriads of galaxies inhabited by intelligent beings.” Four hundred Scientists and space engineers applauded Dr. Lynch at the closing session of a meeting devoted to technical aspects of the ‘search for extraterrestrial life.’ Dr. Harold Klein, assistant director for life sciences at NASA Ames Research Center, who had invited Dr. Lynch to speak said, “ I confess surprise at the positive position taken by him. It is obvious the church is prepared for the contingency we may find intelligent life on other worlds. It is coming to grips with this problem.” Dr. Ernan McMullin, Professor at Notre Dame, also on the symposium panel said, “ The possibility of a plurality of worlds has been discussed by Theologians since the 14th century.”
• Hebrew Book of Light, 12th – 13th century. “There were men from the sky on the earth in these days.”
Archeology & Ancient History
• In 1958, world-renowned archeologist, Professor Marcel Homet, in his book, The Sons of the Sun, published findings into ancient civilizations in Brazil and along the Eastern slopes of the Andes. Included were a series of petroglyphs, discovered in the area known as the Pedra Pintada and believed to exceed 10,000 years of age. One series of these petroglyphs, resemble by nearly 80% those engraved upon a photographic plate and given to Adamski in 1952 by his space contacts, a full six years earlier. Professor Homet said, “ Although I shall be destroying a great deal of the current theories about the world of antiquity, I have never found Adamski to be untruthful. I read Adamski’s book before the publication of my own book and was surprised to find the same symbols, but in another order. Only the Oval is completely identical to Adamski’s.” Prof. Homet went on to add that Flying Saucers were not his field of interest or expertise.

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