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How to dominate the Boom Beach game

The only way to win and dominate the island is to known the strategy of this game,no cheat will take you there because they dont work at the end; Boom Beach as any other strategy game is controlled by rules and knowing the key will unlock the master door that will crown as the ruler of all island around you

here I have collected some of the best hints that I have seen online for You,

Boom Beach Defense guide: Mines

There are two types of Mines in Boom Beach, I'm going to be focusing on the earliest type you get: the bog standard Mine.

But just because they're vanilla, it doesn't mean they don't pack a wallop.

Mines are most often used in one of two ways: lining the beach area of your Home Base to make an immediate dent in attacking forces, or surrounding your Head Quarters as a final stand-off.

Both strategies have their positive and negative points.

Lining the beach area will chip away at the strength of an enemy force's initial attack, making it easier for your other Defense structures to kill those troops. The potential downside is that the other player has the option of countering their effectiveness by sending in disposable troops.

Placing Mines near the Head Quarters will minimise the effectiveness of any strategy your opponent has, as they'll be able to less well control their forces by this point. However, you don't get the bonus damage upfront, and the Mines effectively end up representing your very final line of defence.

Boom Beach Defense guide: Machine Guns
Machine Guns are an extremely powerful weapon early on in Boom Beach, though their effectiveness diminishes if you don't keep upgrading them in-line with your overall level.

They continually fire round after round into enemy forces, mowing down most squads of soldiers at an alarming rate.

Because of this, it's best to have Machine Guns spread throughout your Home Base so that they can pick away at units and thin the numbers before they come anywhere near your Head Quarters.

If you do need to deal with Machine Gun defences, you'll be wanting to lead the charge with a Heavy, as this unit soaks up bullet damage like nobody's business.

Keep the more fragile unit types to the rear of your attack, and use Zookas to destroy the Machine Gun encampment quickly.
Boom Beach Economy guide: Vault
While what is essentially a glorified safe may not sound thrilling, the Vault is one of the best additions you can make to your Home Base, and the buildings I'll prioritise the upgrade of over all others when given the choice.

When you slap one of these on your island, a percentage of your total resources will be protected from raids by other players.

This is invaluable since it means you can react to raids more quickly by building defences quickly to patch holes, you can build units to retaliate, and you don't have to start from zero every time you lose in a battle.

Gold and Wood can be stored initially, but after a few upgrades the Vault will also hold Stone and Iron, which are much more valuable.

On top of all this, the Vault acts as additional storage too.

Seriously, the Vault is awesome.

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