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IP Camera Training: How an IP camera system works

Uploaded on May 24, 2011
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"How An IP Camera System Works" Tutorial timeline:
00:00 Analog vs. Digital system comparison
00:57 Why IP cameras are more popular than Analog systems
01:33 Comparing IP camera vs. Analog system topology
01:55 Comparing Centralized vs. Decentralized IP camera systems

If you would like know more about "what a decentralized system is" please check out this tutorial

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How an IP camera system works. In this IP camera tutorial we explain the difference between low and high resolution video surveillance systems. We also explain the differences between centralized vs. decentralized IP camera systems. This is a useful guide for both business and home owners who are currently in the market for a security camera system.

We look at the key differences between analogue and digital security camera systems. As a bonus, we also delve into the important differences between centralized and decentralized surveillance systems.

It's important to note that while 'decentralized' IP cameras can be more expensive to buy upfront than 'centralized' IP cameras, however the overall system and installation costs, including cabling, storage, software etc, is usually very competitive.

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