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Coolest Chess Sets

28 Coolest Chess Sets To Blow Your Mind

Chess is one of those board games which is popular around the world, and evolved in Europe after it reached that continent during the Middle Ages. It is a highly complex game that involves a lot of thinking, which makes many people avoid it. For instance, a lot of people justifiably wonder why one has to think so hard while playing, for playing has to be “fun”.
However, it seems like a lot of people love to do just that, when we consider the popularity of the chess game. Chess is played by two players on a chessboard and the board consists of 64 squares. Each player has to control 16 pieces and the game simulates a war between two states. The chessboard and the chess pieces are together called chess sets, and the chess sets are available in various forms.
They could be as boring and mundane as a wooden board with wooden pieces, and could be as exotic as golden board and platinum pieces. Here is a mind blowing collection of the 28 coolest Chess Sets we found Online which some are weird, others Geeky and fun and a few are even highly luxurious.

LED Chess Sets

This DIY LED Chess Set can be built by you, and would be a great way to play chess in the dark, if you stayed at a strict hostel.
Glowing Onyx Chess Tables are great for nightclubs, and even homes which are dim lit and beautiful.
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Geeky Chess Kits

If you are a geek, you may certainly like playing chess for it is one of the geekiest games ever. Here are some chess sets that are quite geeky.
The Star Wars Chess Set has all the major Star Wars characters and you could find Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Han Solo, C-3PO, R2-D2 and others in gold and silver touches.
If you are a fan of Mario, you could check out the Super Mario Bros Chess Board.
There cannot be a geeky list complete without mentioning Lego. This Lego Knights’ Kingdom Chess Set would make for a great geeky gift.
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Mac Vs. PC Chess Set

This is an age old war that has been fought in the corporate world. Now it comes to the Mac Vs. PC Chess Set.

Jack Daniels Chess Set

If you are into whiskey and scotch, you would certainly be a great fan of Jack Daniels. Try theJack Daniels chess set, and play a game when you are drunk!

Steampunk Chess Set

Steampunk and chess do not really have anything in common, until someone decided to design this Steampunk Chess Set.

Wooden Chess Set

Chess sets have traditionally been designed in wood. Thus, these Wooden Chess sets revive that tradition.
This wooden set is very luxurious and comes with wobbly pieces.
The Steve Vigar Chess Set is made of wood, and is amazingly opulent.
You could also check out this cute Bauhaus Chess Set.
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Entertainment Chess Set

These entertainment chess sets have been inspired by several characters in our popular cultures.
The Sesame Street Chess set is colorful, and true to its depiction.
The Muppets Chessboard Set could be a great fan for those who love the Muppets.
The Transformers Chess Set brings back those characters from the science fiction tale to9 your chess board.
If you liked cats, you would know that Hello Kitty was created for geeky cat lovers. The Hello Kitty Chess Game is for such people who love that popular character.

Edible Chess Set

If you detested chess like many others do, you could settle for the Edible Chess Set, which could be just eaten instead of playing and thinking hard.

Funky Chess Sets

There are people who believe chess can be interesting and not so boring. Such people go to great lengths to prove that it can be a fun and funky game, at least when it comes to the game hardware.
The Kingdom Hearts Chess Set comes in many different shapes and sizes, and could be a great gift.
The Glowing Chess Board is not really amazing, but could still make for an interesting gift.
If you are a great fan of cars and their parts, you should check out this Car Parts Chess Set.
If you are into Tesla coils, you should check out the Vacuum Tube Chess Set, which would make Serbian scientist Tesla proud.
The Motherboard Chess Set is another that is rather weird, and it is wonderful to see old computer parts being put to good use. This particular chess game is created out of the innards of a Motherboard, which along with the black microprocessors, shows another way to look at the fun classic game.
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Intuitive Chess Set

There is nothing better than intuition when it comes to making your chess moves. This Intuitive Chess Set may just help you in doing so!
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Luxurious Chess Sets

Chess sets are not all about pieces and boards, and they can be so much more than that. If you took a look at these luxurious chess sets, you would know what we are talking about!
Tonino Lamborghini Chess Set has that fine Italian craftsmanship in every curve. They are made of silver and come with a classic Matte finish. You could make any prince jealous if you own something like this.
This chess set was designed by Dominik Scheurer and has been inspired by Formula 1. Each chess piece is made of carbon fiber and has a base of sterling silver or 24k gold. It costs 8000 Euros, which is quite a lot.
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Limited Edition Chess Sets

Since Chess is such a popular game, you could be quite sure that you would find a number of exclusive chess sets as well, which are targeted at the well heeled. Here are some limited edition chess sets that are quite expensive.
The Refraction Crystal Chess Set is made of crystals and costs $6,200. They were featured in the movie Lucky Number Slevin.
New York designer, Alexander Gelman has designed limited edition chess sets which come with fine Japanese craftsmanship. They cost anywhere between $80,000 to $123,000. You could choose between wood, gold, platinum and ceramic lacquering.
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Opulent Chess Sets

There is always a difference between words such as opulence, luxury and fashionable. Moreover, they are not mutually inclusive. These chess sets here are truly opulent, and you can see why!
The Carolingi XIV Chess Pieces which are also known as Medioevale Stile (Medieval Style) themed pieces look so opulent that barons and baronesses would be wooed. They have been designed by sculptor Piero Benzoni and cost $113,580.
The Royal Diamond Chess is an opulent chess set which is hand made in 14 carat gold. It also comes with 9900 black and white diamonds to add to the bling. It costs “224,000.
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Chess seems to be really popular even after all these centuries. If we wait for another decade, I am sure we shall come across several more cool chess sets to write about!

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