Monday, November 4, 2013

Comcast:Cable Gateway Thomson 905

Advanced Cable Gateway 905
Access and Change Gateway Advanced Settings
The Gateway offers local management capability through a built in HTTP server and a number of diagnostic and configuration
web pages. You can configure the settings by way of the webpage and apply them to the device.
Once your host PC is properly configured; please proceed as follows:
1. Start your web browser and type
2. After connecting to the site, you will be asked to
enter username and password.
By default,
the Login Name is: ______ (leave the field blank)
Password is: admin

If you log in successfully, the main webpage will appear.
You can also access these pages by inserting the CD that
came with your Gateway.

eMTA Settings – Basic Web Page Group
This group of pages gives information on the hardware and the state of your cable connection. The access to this
group of pages is protected by a static password: no username, password:Thomson

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