Friday, December 14, 2012

What should happend is You exceeded your 250GB data usage from your Internet Provider

How Comcast reads your data usage

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Based on our recent announcement we will be revising this page soon.

Our data usage meter measures across multiple devices.

What data is measured

Comcast’s data usage meter measures all data flowing through your cable modem. If you’re using multiple computers and other devices behind your modem, the meter will report usage for all those computers and devices combined. (This also includes general DOCSIS-related IP traffic between the cable modem and the Cable Modem Termination System, which is not possible for you to measure on your own.)

Exceeding more than 250 GB

A 250 GB monthly data usage threshold will not impact the vast majority--more than 99%--of our customers. If you exceed more than 250 GB, you may receive a call from the Customer Security Assurance team to notify you of excessive use. At that time, we’ll tell you exactly how much data you used, help identify the source of excessive use, and ask you to moderate your usage. The vast majority of our customers do so voluntarily. 
If you exceed 250 GB again within six months of the first contact, your service will be subject to termination and you will not be eligible for either residential or commercial Internet service for twelve months. We know from experience that most customers curb their usage after our first call. If your account is terminated, after the twelve month period expires, you may resume service by subscribing to a service plan appropriate to your needs. 
Concerned about accuracy? We’ve conducted extensive testing and have also hired independent engineering firm NetForecast to confirm the accuracy of out data usage meter. Download their report

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