Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Where are located my chess engines at Chessbase or Fritz chess program on my computer?

Engine Interface
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The program’s engine interface has been adapted to the latest Windows specifications, for example Windows 8/10.

This means that all current and future engines will don be stored in the folder

\Program Files\Chessbase\Engines but in \Program Files\Common Files\Chessbase\Engines.

This is the folder where the new engine and the latest version of Crafty will be installed.

Older chess engines installed by previous program versions will remain in the folder

\Program Files\Chessbase\Engines.

UCI Engines
UCI engines can still be installed in any folder in any partition anywhere on the computer.

The UCI configuration files with the extension *.uci must always be stored in the folders

\My Documents\ and \Settings\\Application Files\Chessbase\Engines.UCI.

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