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How do I add an external Hard Drive Disk HDD to my PS4?

In the event that your PS4™ framework stockpiling needs more space to introduce a game, you can utilize an outside capacity gadget to include progressively game stockpiling. You can download games and additional items from PlayStation®Store legitimately to your outer stockpiling gadget or move games from your PS4™ to the capacity gadget. Putting away game substance on an outside drive gives you a chance to take your games with you.
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Necessities for an External Storage Device

A PS4™ framework with framework programming 4.50 or more up to date.

An outside capacity gadget with:

USB 3.0 or later

Least of 250 GB and a limit of 8 TB limit.

Just a single outside gadget can be utilized at once. You will get a mistake message if a similar application is introduced on the framework stockpiling and the outside capacity gadget.

The outer stockpiling gadget must be associated legitimately into the PS4™.

Become familiar with the new Seagate Game Drive for PS4™, an authorized PlayStation outside game drive.

You Can Store Game Content on the External Device

Applications and additional items, regardless of whether the related application is introduced in framework stockpiling.

Updates to games, whenever put away on the outside gadget.

You Can't Store

Application spared game information, subjects, or screen capture/video clasps to broadened capacity.

Step by step instructions to Setup an External Storage Device to Store PS4™ Games

An application must be put away in one area, either on your PS4™ framework stockpiling or on the outside capacity.

You can spare extra substance to the all-inclusive stockpiling facilitating the application.

1. Configuration Your External Storage Device

Know that arranging your stockpiling gadget will erase every one of the information. In the event that you need to keep the information, you ought to back it up on an alternate gadget.

From your PS4™, go to [Settings] > [Devices] > [USB Storage Devices].

Select the [USB stockpiling device] and snap [Format as Extended Storage].

2. Change the Application Install Location

You can't change the application introduce area during a download, so ensure you have [Extended Storage] chosen before you start.

From your PS4™, go to [Settings] > [Storage], and afterward press the OPTIONS button.

Select [Application Install Location] > [Extended Storage].

Applications will presently be set to introduce in expanded stockpiling. (See picture underneath)

The most effective method to Move Applications Between External Storage and Your PS4™

You can move spared applications between PS4™ framework stockpiling and expanded stockpiling, by changing settings on your PS4™.

Pursue the means underneath to move your applications appropriately:

From your PS4™, go to [Settings] > [Storage].

Select the capacity (framework or expanded) that has the application(s) you need to move.

Select [Applications], at that point the application you need to move.

Press the OPTIONS fasten and select [Move to Extended Storage] or [Move to System Storage].

Registration the applications to move and afterward select [Move].

Select [Ok] or [Cancel].

Applications introduced or put away on an outside drive show up in the substance region, similarly as the framework put away substance may be.

Step by step instructions to Properly Disconnect an External Storage Device

Disengaging the outside capacity gadget inappropriately may cause debasement or loss of information. Ensure you don't disengage during the shutdown procedure or placing the PS4™ framework into rest mode. Adhere to the directions beneath to appropriately disengage your outer gadget.

From the [Quick Menu], select [Sound/Devices] > [Stop Using Extended Storage].

Select [Ok].

It is sheltered to disengage the outside capacity gadget. You get a blunder message if the gadget is detached inappropriately.

Common Errors When Using an External Storage Device


Suggestion: Use an external storage device that has at least 250 GB minimum and a maximum capacity of  8 TB.


Suggestion: Use an external storage device a USB 3.0 or newer.


Suggestion: Connect the external storage device directly to the PS4™.


Suggestion: Reformat the external storage device.

CE-30022-7, CE-30006-9

Suggestion: Reformat the external storage device again. If the error still persists, restart PS4™ and then reformat again.
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