Thursday, September 8, 2016

Stop GMO's in New Zealand Dairy !

Stop GMO's in New Zealand Dairy !
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Why this is important

New Zealand dairy cows are being fed Genetically Modified soy, cotton-seed and maize as supplementary feed that is being imported into the country.

Dairy company Fonterra says that it needs the GM-feed to boost milk production because the nutrition in New Zealand grass is not enough to meet their demands!

It makes me despair that Fonterra is undermining New Zealand's clean-green reputation for safe food. Fonterra should NOT be allowing farmers to import cheap and dirty feed made from GM crops, or to feed cows palm kernel expeller left over from the palm oil industry that has raised alarm because of deforestation.

There is growing evidence linking GM crops to infertility and tumours in animals in feeding studies, and to environmental harm caused by increased use of toxic sprays. My family, just like many around the globe, want to be able to trust New Zealand milk and cheese to be safe, natural, and GMO-Free.

Please tell Fonterra to STOP using GMO feed for production of New Zealand milk and cheese, and to keep it natural !

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