Thursday, March 14, 2013

The 30 Hottest Female Athletes We Can Follow on Instagram

As many are well aware of, social media outlets are taking over the world. It feels like every month there is a new social network that’s the craze (i.e. Snapchat). I am only involved in the two major social networks (Facebook & Twitter), but I might have to rethink that decision and join Instagram as well.

Most of Instagram is pretty worthless, unless you like pictures of stir fry and cats. It’s also more of a girl thing to do than a guy thing. Which is a pretty good reason for a guy to join, I find. What makes Instagram even better is some of these girls are very... umm… creative? Yeah, I’ll go with creative.

Take this list as an Instagram starter’s guide. Here are 30 of the hottest female athletes that we all can follow on Instagram. Some users are a lot more active than others, and some have a lot more “creative” pictures than others, too. However, all thirty of these lovely ladies are definitely easy on the eyes.

My main goal for making this list was to stick completely with athletes, which is why I’m giving Paulina Gretzky her respect on the title slide. After all, she helped make Instagram famous more than any other woman out there. I also made sure all these girls were 18, unlike other Instagram listees on the intrawebz *cough* McKayla Maroney *cough*.

Alas, these are 30 of the hottest Instagram follows from the sporting world. Feel free to include ones I forgot; because as I said, I am not a user quite yet and could have missed a few.

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