Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How to Block Websites With Linksys Wireless Router Read more: How to Block Websites With Linksys Wireless Router

A wireless router communicates with all computers in the wireless network over radio links; it also communicates those computers to the outside world, by way of a wired network backbone -- a cable modem connection provided by an Internet service provider. Since the router can access every request for Web pages issued from any computer in the wireless network, it can keep track of all accesses to websites. You can use a feature built into Linksys wireless routers to prevent users from accessing certain websites of your choice.


    • 1
      Connect your computer to any of the ports labeled with a number on the back of the Linksys router.
    • 2
      Log in to the computer.
    • 3
      Launch a Web browser by double-clicking on its desktop icon. Navigate with the browser to the router's configuration utility. The Web address for the configuration utility depends on the model. For example, a Linksys WRT54GS has its configuration utility listening at address "".
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      Navigate to the menu section of the configuration utility where you can block websites. For example, for a WRT54GS, click "Access Restrictions."
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      Type the Web addresses of the websites you want to block in the appropriate fields, then save the configuration to the router so that changes become permanent. For example, on a WRT54GS, type the addresses of up to 4 websites into the fields in the "Website Blocking by URL Address" section. Click on "Save Settings." After that point, the Linksys router will no longer allow requests from the blocked websites to reach the outside world.

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