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ALL ICS Commands


Note: This is just intended as a quick reference of the basic commands to get new users started using YaY quickly.

We (The YaY Ultimate Team) recommend that you read through the full list of commands and notes,

to get the most out of YaY Ultimate Edition.


To join someone else’s table, for example table 16, type:

obs 16


To leave a table, for example table 16, type:

unobs 16

Note: If seated, you must stand first before you can unobs (leave) a table.


To create your own table, type:


example: to create a table with the name "autochess table"

create autochess table


To sit down as whites, type:

sit w

To sit down as blacks, type:

sit b


To stand up (you must be seated), type:



To start playing a game, type:



To resign a game you are playing, type:


-------------------SET TIME-------------------------

To set the timer on a table, for example to 10 minutes, type:

tset time 10

To add an increment , for example to change 10/0 to 10/5, type:

tset inc 5


***********************************FULL LIST OF COMMANDS AND NOTES*********************************************

No Time Out

In YaY the notimeout feature (is always on and is not configurable). So, you do not have to worry

about getting disconnected for being idle too long.

------------------Observe a table-----------------------

To observe a table (for example table 69):

observe 69

Note: Another new feature of YaY. When you enter a table (either thru the observe command, the play

command or the create command), YaY will now display in the ics_interaction window the table options

(Rated or not, timer and increments).

Note: And alternative to the observe command is the PLAY command.

The play command will observe the game you specified and try to sit in the seat color you specified only, if no seat color was

specified then YaY will try to sit in the first available seat beginning with whites and then blacks.

To play in game 69 for example and try to sit in the first available seat color:

play 69

To play in game 69 and try to sit as whites only:

play 69 w

To play in game 69 and try to sit as blacks only:

play 69 b

Note: The play command only tries to observe a game and sit, it does not provides a start request.

-----------------Leave a table--------------------------

To leave a table (you must not be seated):




Note: YaY allows you to be in only one table at the time. So in most commands,

you don’t have to specify the table number, this applies to unobserve, protect,

invite, boot, kibitz (or kib) and maybe some other commands.

------------------Create a new table---------------------

The create command now has been enhanced to include if desired, the timer and the increment,

and for the all-star users the Table description, all in a single command line.

The sintax is:

create [timer in minutes/increment in seconds] [Description]

Fields in brackets are optional.

To create a table as usual;


To create a table with timer and increment:

create timer/increment

example: create 3/3

Rules for creating a table with timer and increment:

-No leading zero (s) in the timer, for example 05 is not valid, it should be just 5

-No leading zero in the increment, with exception of a single zero when no increment is wanted.

For example: 0 is valid, 1 is valid, 01 is not valid

-Even if no increment is wanted (increment=0 seconds), a zero must be specified

- Timer and increment should be separated by a slash /

For example, to create a table with 10 minutes timer and 0 seconds increment:

create 10/0

For example, to create a table with 3 minutes timer and 2 seconds increment:

create 3/2

To create a table with description (all-star users only):

create description

For example to create a table with a description that reads: Programs Only

create Programs Only

For example to create a table with a 2 minute timer, a 3 seconds increment and a description that reads: Programs Only

create 2/3 Programs Only

---------------Sit and Stand up Commands----------------

To sit as whites:

sit w

To sit as blacks:

sit b

To stand up:



--To manually start a game when autostart is not enabled, type:--


--------Autoboot rating formula Settings and Commands------

YaY has a feature (wrongly) called formula. If enabled (see bellow), YaY will autoboot

after a configurable period of time, users that do not meet your rating differential

allowed criteria.

If you still want to enforce the formula, but wish not to autoboot the opponent, then set

the boot delay timer to a very high number of seconds (100000 for example, this is more than a day,

by default is set to 20 seconds).

Note: Even if the autostart is on, YaY will not autostart if the opponent failed to pass the

rating differential allowed criteria.

To see the current rating differential allowed:


Note: By default the maximum differential allowed is 200 points.

To change the rating differential allowed (for example 500)

formula 500

If you only want to play against people with more points than your own (for example 100)

formula -100

Lots of people asks this all the time (I guess they flunked arithmetic’s

in elementary school) "How can I play against everybody? Well,

The maximum rating you can have is 3500, and the lowest rating an

opponent can have is 100, so, the maximum differential ever will be 3400.

To play against everybody:

formula 3400

Note: Another way to play against everybody, is not to enforce the formula at all.

To toggle formula enforcement:

set formula

To change the formula boot delay timer (to 40 seconds for example):

formuladelay 40

------------Cancel Game Commands---------------------

To ask your opponent for game cancellation:


If opponent asks for the game to be cancelled

To accept cancel:


To decline cancel request:

Just don't do anything and keep playing.

-----------Turn Auto Messages on/off--------------------

YaY by default has an auto welcome message that says "programs Only".

I called this message a "warning".

To disable this auto-message [be aware that all other auto messages (like "Good Game") will

be disabled as well]:

set warning 0

--or just to toggle the set value--

set warning

Note: I really hate to see program users not warning human users, but by popular

demand this option was implemented.

Note: To avoid getting banned and/or mute, YaY has a 2 second timer between auto messages. So,

some times no all auto messages will be executed.

YaY only allows you to be in one table at a time.

---------------Change Table Protection Status-------------

To change table protection status to public:

protect 0

To change table protection status to protected (I know it sounds redundant):

protect 1

To change table protection status to private:

protect 2

------------------Invite Command----------------------

To invite someone (matematiko for example):

invite matematiko

------------------Boot Commands----------------------

To boot someone (zozur for example):

boot zozur

Note: YaY’s boot subroutine has a powerful search algorithm. You only have to type a part

of the user you want to boot, for example to boot matematiko:

boot m


boot ma


boot iko


boot ati

etc etc etc

Be aware that the fewer letters you enter in the boot command and the more observers in your table,

the more chances that YaY will find more than one match, in this case you have to enter more letters.

To boot everybody:

boot all

-------------Black-list Details and Commands--------------

YaY has a black-list-autoboot feature

To add/remove someone (matematiko for example) to/from the black list:

autoboot matematiko

Why the same command to add or remove? If the person was not in the

list then they will be added....if the person was in the list then

they will be removed.

To see the current black-list:


Autoboot is enabled by default, to toggle (enable/disable) autoboot:

set autoboot

Note: YaY will create a file called autoboot.YaY and your black-list will be stored here.

If you lose this file: you'll lose your list.

If you sign in another computer with YaY, a new empty black-list will be created.

Very simple....back up your black-list once in a while.

Note: To prevent ourselves (me and zozur) from becoming victims of our own creation,

we added some IDs that can not be autobooted (You can still boot us using the boot command).

------------Change Avatar Details and Commands-----------

To read changing avatar instructions:


********************List of avatar index and some sort of description:***********************

1 This is the green male from Mars (default)

2 Blond female with long hair

3 Blue devil (male)

4 Blond female with short hair

5 Young male with goatee (no mustache)

6 Dark skin young male/female, black short curly hair.

7 Flower with happy face

8 Young female with short brown hair

9 Young dark skin female with short brown hair

10 Young blond male with very short hair (red hat)

11 Old man with white beard

12 Dark skin young male with very short hair

13 Young blond male with very short hair (blue hat)

14 Young male with goatee and glasses

15 Kid with headset

16 kid with glasses

17 Red/Orange mouse

18 Dog

19 Female with dark hair and two round pigtails

20 Young male, brown hair and no Yahoo hat

21 Young male with bulky dark hair

22 Young female, brown hair, pigtails on the sides

23 Young male with pink hair and no Yahoo hat

24 Dark male with goatee, no mustache and little hair

25 Dark old man with white beard and hair

26 Female with dark short hair

27 Kid with green tomahawk style hair

28 Young male with very short black hair and glasses

29 Blond young male with flat top

30 Ferret

31 Weird orange creature

32 Grandma with glasses

33 Young male, short brown hair, lite pink glasses

34 Spanic looking young female with lots of makeup

35 Young male with punk white hair and red glasses

36 Pirate

37 Blue creature with unicorn like helmet

38 Gorgeous blond female

39 Flash/Robocop looking hero

40 Young male, brown hair, mouth and eyes wide open

41 White female bear

42 Dead looking female, short black hair

43 Guy with bow-tie and glasses

44 Female with blue hair and halo

45 Male, flat top, dark glasses, smoking a cigar

Use avatar index 1-34 for regular users and 1-45 for all-star users.

So, to change to avatar index (11 for example):

avatar 11

---------------See Lobby Shouts on/off Command----------

To toggle on/off listening to shouts (it is off by default):

set shout

----------Autoswitch Details and Command----------------

YaY has an autoswitch feature, if this is "on", and you lose a game on a table that you are host,

You will auto-stand and YaY will auto-kibitz asking the opponent to switch seats. By default

autoswitch is off.

To toggle autoswitch:

set autoswitch

------Accept Invitations on/off---------------------------

By default YaY does not accept invitations.

To toggle accept invitations:

set open

To accept an invitation, just observe the table you were invited to.

For example, if you receive this message "maternatiko has invited you to take a seat at table #63."

If you decide to join that table (63 in this example), then just type:

observe 63

--------------Autostart Games--------------------------

The autostart feature is "off" by default.

To toggle autostart:

set autostart

Note: For a reason I do not wish to explain, a 2 seconds autostart delay was implemented.

Ignore Moves ( and/or Winboard have a problem undoing moves,

that is when a player requests to undo a move and the opponents accepts.

If this happens, the will croak (stop) the script.

To avoid this, when you are a non-active observer (not playing),

by default YaY will ignore the players moves and will not update Winboard.

If you still want to update Winboard and take the risk of being disconnected if an undo is granted, then type:

set ignoremoves

Note: Do not do this in the middle of a game (you can, but I have not tested the outcome of this action).

Note: Remember that this only applies when you are observing but not playing the game. If you are

playing the game, moves will be updated regardless of the ignoremoves variable value.

---------------Set/Change Timer on Table-----------------

To change the timer in a table (to 5 minutes for example):

tset time 5

To change the increment in a table (to 3 seconds for example):

tset inc 3

Note: You can not put an increment to a non timed game. So, to make a game 5/3 for example, adjust

the timer first, then the increment.

--------------Set Away--------------------------------

YaY has an "away" feature, by default this is off. If set to on,

YaY will auto-kibitz a message (assuming you are the host) to new observers stating that you are away.

The message varies depending if autostart is on or off, and of course most messages won't be auto-kibitzed if warning is off.

To toggle away:

set away


YaY has a new feature called privilege, which detects the user’s privilege level.

Users with privilege level 0 are regular users, level 1 are all-star users and greater than 1 are Yahoo admins

(and league admins when you are in a league room).

YaY can log you out automatically when an admin joins the room and the variable 'retreat' is enabled. By default retreat is disabled.

**************To toggle retreat:*****************

set retreat

Note: Yahoo admins some times ban and/or deactivate users for no particular reason (specially rare IDs).

I recommend enabling retreat when you are logged with rare IDs or an ID that you love to death.

------------Offer/Accept Draw--------------------------

For those playing lengthy games, YaY now has an offer draw and accept draw feature.

To offer draw, just type draw and hit enter.

To accept draw, just type draw and hit enter. (Yep, it is the same command).


YaY has an auto-resign feature. If you or your engine froze and haven't made a move within 15 seconds (for whites, or 20 seconds for blacks),

YaY will auto-resign. I don't think this is new because I think (don't remember) it was included in the B0tijon Editi0n.

What is new is that now the auto-resign can be turn on or off (By default is on).

To toggle auto-resign:

set autoresign

----------Boot No Start---------------------------------

YaY has a feature called "boot no start", if enabled (by default this is enabled),

YaY will auto boot the opponent if he/she do not start the game within a configurable amount of time.

Note: Even if the bootnostart is enabled, if autostart is not enabled, the autobootnostart

will not be executed.

To toggle boot no start:

set bootnostart

By default the boot no start delay is set to 60 seconds. To change the boot no start delay (to 45 seconds for example):

bootnostartdelay 45

----------Display New Table Option Changes---------------

Another new feature of YaY. When you are observing a table and you are not the host, if the host

changes any of the options, the new options will be display in the ics_interaction windows. Additionally,

YaY will auto kibitz a message (again, assuming warning is on), so the observers will be aware of the changes.

If you are the host and you change options, no auto kibitz message will be executed.

----------Quick Resign---------------------------------

Another feature of YaY is that it can autoboot opponents for resigning or loosing the game to quickly (before 30 seconds),

by default this feature is on, to toggle quick resign:

set quickresign

--or just--

set quick

Note: YaY uses timers to accomplish certain things like booting an opponent for not starting the game within a specified amount of time,

or booting a user after a certain period of time when he/she was told to stand because of their rating, or delaying the game start command, etc.

Due to the nature of Perl and YaY, the state of a timer can only be checked when there is an event,

and event in this case is when someone joins or leaves the room, when the rating of someone changed, when someone seated,

when a new table was created, etc, etc, etc. In rooms always full like Advance Lounge, events are happening every second,

so the timers here will work nice. But in the other hand, in rooms almost empty,

events will not happen so often and timers will take longer to be checked an executed.

So keep this in mind and do not post questions like "The other day I was in Social Lounge 17 and YaY took 20 minutes

to boot someone for not clicking start", or "My YaY autoresigned too late, the game was already legal and I lost points".

--------Configurable YaY-------------------------------

YaY is now configurable despite the fact that was released in executable format.

By configurable we mean that you can now choose lots of default values like:

autostart on or off

autoboot on or off

warnings on or off


And the content of the autokibitzed messages (warning should be on), for example:

Good Game

$satopponent was booted cause he/she did not start the game within $bootnotstartdelay seconds.

etc. etc.

To configure YaY, open with a text editor like notepad the file YaY.cfg and you will find instructions in it.

Do not rename this file because that is the only file that YaY will look for.

You can delete the file if you want, but if YaY does not find it, default configuration will be loaded up.

Note: By default your windows operating systems will not know how to open YaY.cfg, double click on YaY.cfg and select notepad.exe to open it.

Very important: Do not select "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file." Trust me,

if you do that, it will be so easy to open it afterwards and you won't resist the temptation to open it and make more changes and you probably will end up messing it up.


To resign the game you are playing type:


-----------------------All Observers-------------------

allobservers Lists all the people observing all games/tables.

To show all observers, type:



Displays information on player <who>. Note that <who> must be online and in the room you are in.

Example, to display information on zozur:

finger zozur


Displays a complete list of games on the server. If a seat is empty,

so will the spot for the handle of the person sitting in that seat.

If the 10-minutes-per-move is on for a particular table, you will see the text ``10 min/move'' after the table entry.





Sends a chat message to your table, or the table you are observing.

Example, to chat the message “Hi, how about a game?”:

kibitz Hi, how about a game?



Sends a chat message to the Lobby.

Example, to chat the message “Anyone playing 1/0?” in the lobby:

shout Anyone playing 1/0



Displays the moves of your game.





YaY Ultimate Edition will flag your opponent automatically if their time runs out.



Terminates your connection gracefully. This process can take a few seconds.



You will probably note the absence of the commands ``match'', ``seek'', and others.

There really is no convenient way to emulate these, since the Yahoo! Chess game system is so drastically different than the ICS game system.

To ``match'' someone, you need to create a table and ``invite'' them instead.

The YaY Ultimate Team

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