Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Japan's Giant Sinkhole Is Already Totally Gone

Japan's Giant Sinkhole Is Already Totally Gone

Just one week after a 100-foot sinkhole appeared in Japan, there's no trace of it left.

Last week, a giant sinkhole opened up in Fukuoka, Japan. What started as a few separate pits ultimately collapsed into a single yawning chasm some 100 feet long and 50 feet deep. The street's failure was captured at all angles by various amateur camera people, but if you were to visit now, you wouldn't be able to find a trace.
Now, after health and safety checks, the road is back open for business one week later, though investigations into the cause of the incident will continue. The sinkhole may have been a jaw-dropping failure, but if you were looking for a great example of how to promptly fix crumbling infrastructure, look no further.
That is, assuming it doesn't collapse again.
Source: The Guardian

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