Sunday, March 27, 2016

How to become a Buddhist

Recite the Triple Refuge, Three Jewels
I find refuge in the Buddha
I find refuge in the Dharma (Doctrine)

I find refuge in the Sangha (Community)

Buddhist Sacred Texts
Largest number among the world religions but not all Buddhists rely on texts
No single central text or collection of texts recognized as score Scripture by all the major branches in Buddhism
Dhammapada esteemed in Sri Lanka (Theravada branch) provides a helpful access for the novice to core ethics
25 short chapters and available in English

.Five Basic Rules of Conduct

Lay Buddhists are expected to observe:
Abstain from killing
Abstain from stealing
Abstain from lying
Abstain from improper sexual conduct
Abstain from intoxicants

Lay Buddhists also provide support for the monks and nuns (especially Theravadins)

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