2016 is the year of virtual reality, as Oculus, Sony, and HTC ready the first home-use displays for sale. With so many questions still looming, we’ve dedicated an entire issue to the technology and software behind what could be one of the most transformative pieces of hardware humanity has seen in decades.
Oculus, Sony, and HTC are jockeying for an advantage as the three prepare to release their headsets in the first half of the year. Launch lineups are starting to take shape and pricing, while not locked in for any of the three offerings, is coming into focus.
In the latest issue of Game Informer, we sit down with Oculus to discuss the present and future of the Rift, Sony to learn about plans for console-based PlayStation VR, and Valve to get the scoop on the company’s partnership with HTC on the Vive. Inside, you’ll find 52 pages on the upcoming headsets and software.

 Cover artwork by Sam Spratt
Above: Watch our virtual reality coverage trailer (or watch and share it on YouTube) to get a sneak peek at our month of exclusive content, and a look at new gameplay.The VR coverage also has in-depth previews on some of the big upcoming VR games, including Insomniac’s Edge of Nowhere and Three One Zero’s Adr1ft (joined by Playful's Lucky's Tale in the rings on the cover above). We also discuss the health and safety issues surrounding virtual reality, and our verdict on the current state of the burgeoning field. Beyond the realm of VR, the January issue also features our review of Valve’s Steam Controller, Alienware’s Steam machine, and the Steam Link. We also sit down with Chris Avellone to talk about his departure from Obsidian and new future at the Divinity studio Larian. Print subscribers should see their issues arriving in the next week or two, but you can access it later today if you subscribe digitally (available on PC/Mac, iPad, Android, and Google Play). 

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