Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Best screen capture on the web

Ezvid: Now With Advanced Screen Capture Controls - Screen Region, Transparent Controller & More

How To Record Your Voice And Your Screen At The Same Time With Ezvid

Ezvid can now make simultaneous screen recording and voice recordings for “live commentary” purposes.
Note: Do you want to produce high quality videos which will get lots of views? In this case, we highly recommend you record your screen first, edit your video, and then add narration last. See this blog post.
For best results, use a headset like this:
Even a cheap headset will be much better than your built-in computer microphone. Here’sone for under $6 that we’ve used and sounds pretty good, actually.
Important note: In order to enable simultaneous voice and screen recording, you must have at least one video item on Ezvid’s timeline. If you’re not sure what this means, start by clicking the “new project” button to load Ezvid’s default video region.
1. Click the Capture Screen button.
2. Click “use advanced settings”
3. Click “enable microphone capture”

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