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How to fix DNS error (80710102) problems!

I look up over the internet about the dns error 80710102 and it seem a lack of connectivity between your PS3 and the Sony network platform; After searching I see that I was no alone on this problem and much of my fellas that play over the network are having this issue; so here I come with something that seem to be the ultimate solution to our problem.

The following solution are taken from the Sony PlayStation Forum

"Solution for your DNS error (80710102) problems! (Works for all ISP's)

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Been troubled lately by that pesky DNS error?  Notice that your PS3 can still browse the net, but not log in?  Happen to be a Roadrunner customer? Happen to have any other ISP with a crummy DNS server? Well then read on...

The main issue turns out to be a Roadrunner (or any other ISP's) DNS problem.  The fix is simple.  When configuring your PS3 network (regardless of wired or wireless), use the manual option.  If you use DHCP, leave address resolution at automatic BUT CHANGE THE DNS SERVER ENTRY TO MANUAL.

Picture is only to show where DNS is located, info located in the picture are no the proper method for you.

I replaced the Roadrunner (or any other ISP's) DNS entries with addresses from the Open DNS project which is a free, secure DNS server that anyone can use.  It's safe, easy, and works. 

The DNS addresses are: or/and 

Once replaced, you should have no problem logging in.

BTW, you can also use these DNS servers for your entire network if you like by configuring your router.  That however is up to you, and won't be discussed in this particular thread by me since I'm too lazy to make a writeup for every single router out there.  However, I do guarantee that this fix will work (or at least get you online with your PS3) for the time being.  If it doesn't work, then please re-read this thread and try again before wasting five minutes of your time telling me that it doesn't work.

Also, for those that think that this is a PSN issue; consider this:  With TW, I could still browse the net with the PS3.  I could also use any of my home PC's without problem.  The only time I ever encountered a fault was when trying to log into the PSN network using the TWC supplied DNS addresses.  Once I replaced those, the problem went away.

Think about it now.  If it was a PSN issue, the OpenDNS addresses woudn't have worked for me or anyone else here either.  But, since it did I think it's safe to say that the problem lies with your ISP.  Don't forget that alot of ISP's including Time Warner depend on 3rd party DNS hosts.  Just because you have TW (or Comcast, or Cablevision, et al), doesn't mean the DNS servers are owned and operated by them as well.  Perhaps the DNS provider changed something in their routing tables preventing a connection with PSN.  There are ALOT of variables at play here...

That alone could be a reason why others have similar issues with different ISP's.  Maybe their ISP uses the same DNS host that Time Warner uses.  All you're doing by replacing the DNS address is simply using a different DNS provider; nothing else. 

Enjoy.  Send flowers.  Give me kudos. Name your first born after me if you like.  Have fun!

73 de James K2QI
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