Thursday, November 13, 2014

Top 5 best tool to run cables behind dry wall or attic

#1 #1-MAGNEPULL XP1000-LC-MS-1 Wire Fishing System w/MAGNESPOT

Perfect for wall fish

Product Description
MagneSpot Kit Includes: 1- MagneSpot Kit MS1000, 1- Magnetic Tack, 1- Magnetic adhesive Tack (Loctite), 1- MagneSpot Kit comes with 1- New design: Retriever, Rolling Magnetic w/Rubber "Bicycle Grip" has 30% more pulling strength! 1- New design: 1 1/4" Round Tapered Bullet Drop Magnet w/Braided Brass Flex 13" Leader* & Fish Eye-Let (fits 3/4" hole) has 25% more magnetic strength & the tapered bullet gives it less drag...1- Pull Chain, 1- Operation Manual, 1- Black Blow Molded Carrying Case, Custom Form Fitting Tool Compartment w/Stowaway Handle & 2 Metal Latches (14" X 11" X 4"). New design: BMCASE N/C. This incredible tool will give you a return on your investment the first time you use it! MagnePull cuts wire fishing time by up to 70%! Eliminate multiple trips in & out of attics and crawl spaces. This amazing tool magnetically couples the cable-pulling device through drywall & allows technicians to have complete control. The system was developed to work with metal studs, wood studs and insulated walls! Great for Alarm, Cable, Satellite, Home. Note*** Designed for Professionals only, not designed for DIY applications. Do not use this at home

#2 Greenlee FP18 Wire Fish Pole, 18-Feet
Perfect to pull cable through attic 
  • Push or pull wires over long distances including suspended ceilings, sub-floors, crawl spaces and attics
  • Non-conductive, high-impact construction for long life
  • Specialized hook can be used to install wires in suspended ceilings
  • Velcro strap secures pole when in collapsed position
  • Self-contained, no loose parts

# 3
Greenlee 06186 Cablecaster Wire Pulling Tool With Three Darts

·         50 ft (15 m) range allows for faster installations with fewer pulls
·         Bright yellow body reduces chances of leaving the cable caster behind
·         Glow-in-the-dark darts minimize replacement costs because they are easy to locate
·         Aerodynamic darts provide high accuracy and fast installation
·         Optional flashlight improves visibility


33' Electric Fiberglass Wire Pull Rods Fish Tape

  • 3/16" x 33 Ft. Fiberglass Wire Running Kit


Klein Tools 56011 50-Feet Navigator Nylon Fish Tape

Designed for flexibility and easy navigation through conduit runs
Polypropylene case and handle are extremely durable, offer the maximum in shock and impact resistance
Raised finger grips help transfer 100% of the winding power from your hand and fingers
Round inner ring design provides a smooth, consistent and comfortable surface for winding and rewinding

Non-conductive, composite fish tape slides easily over existing wires and through multiple bends

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