Thursday, November 27, 2014

How can blocking dynamic IP addresses prevent legitimate orders?

How can blocking dynamic IP addresses prevent legitimate orders?

The following graphics demonstrate how blocking a dynamically assigned IP address may block legitimate orders.
1. Users of a certain Internet Service Provider are assigned IP addresses as they log in to their provider.
2. A fraudster from a certain IP address places one or more fraudulent orders with a merchant.
3. The merchant, seeing that the order(s) are fraudulent, blocks the IP address.
4. A legitimate user is assigned the now blocked IP address by their ISP. The legitimate user is prevented from entering checkout because their order is originating from a blocked IP address.

Note: Yahoo provides the IP address blocking feature as is and without warranty of any kind to AT&T Yahoo Merchant Solutions and Store merchants to be used at the merchants' discretion. Merchants should carefully review the Reverse DNS Lookup information provided before blocking any IP address, as IP addresses may be dynamically assigned to users by certain Internet Service Providers possibly blocking legitimate buyers and not ensuring the fraudster is blocked from ordering. Also, as IP addresses may be falsified, merchants are advised to use AVS and CVV responses to determine which orders to approve, reject, or follow up with the issuing bank.

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