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Alien Abductions & Synchronicities:

February 5, 2013    Coast Insider Audio
Alien Abductions & Synchronicities:

On Monday's show, experts in mysteries of the unknown, including UFOs and synchronicities, Trish and Rob MacGregor, discussed their work researching alien encounters and abductions, which ties into the Bermuda Triangle mystery, as well as planetary empaths who suffer physical symptoms related to pending Earth changes. Rob detailed the 2011 encounter of Charles and Helene Fontaine, a Canadian couple who saw a craft in their backyard with a vertical rotating band of light, with luminous blue o-rings that were moving inside the band. Helene reported missing time, and being "floated" back into her bed. Trish believes Helene may have been abducted previously as she reported seeing similar lights one week earlier.

The MacGregors recounted pilot Bruce Gernon's 1970 flight in the Bermuda Triangle in which his plane seemed to be taken inside a donut-shaped cloud, and he bafflingly arrived in Miami in just 45 minutes, when the flight, he had made dozens of times before, had always taken at least 75 minutes. In 2009, Rob and Trish traveled with the History Channel's UFO Hunters and Gernon to reenact the flight in the same-type Cessna. The MacGregors also shared details of lifelong abductee Connie Cannon's experience, when she was driving with her son, and somehow ended up on Warner Robins Military Base outside Macon, GA briefly witnessing ET Grays, military personnel, and various craft in the air, before ending up back in their car, with a case of missing time.

They spoke about another lifelong abductee Diane Fine, who was abducted after going to a rock concert. Surprisingly, she said she saw the singer of the band among the Grays, but when she became angry, the singer transmuted into one of the ETs, and they telepathically communicated that they had only created his image in order to please her. On another occasion, Fine said she was taken aboard a ship that had a kind of transparent floor that illuminated houses below that she could see through into people's bedrooms. Both Fine and Cannon reported being taken to hybrid nurseries, where the children were abnormally aged, and Cannon said that some of the hybrids had a noxious smell, noted Trish. Additionally, she continued, Cannon and Fine, perhaps because of their ET encounters, have developed sensitivities to upcoming Earth changes, in which they suffer physical symptoms when a severe earthquake or volcano is pending.

Remembering Ingo Swann:

In the first hour, remote viewing instructor Paul H. Smith presented a tribute to the recently deceased, Ingo Swann, legendary psychic, remote viewer, and artist. Tom McNear, the first military remote viewer trained by Swann, also joined the conversation. Passing away at age 79, Swann's health had been in decline for about the last decade, Smith reported. McNear, who was in the SRI remote viewing program from 1981-1985, said that Swann was a tough instructor/monitor and ensured that trainees exactly followed his remote viewing protocols. For more, check out examples from McNear's remote viewing sessions, as well as a collection ofphotos of Swann, taken by Smith over the years.
Today in Strangeness:
On February 5, 1974, the Mariner 10 took the first close-up images of Venus. In 1981, in Brisbane, Australia, two men created the world's largest Jell-O, filling a tank with 7,700 gallons of pink Jell-O. Happy Birthday H.R. Giger! The artist known for his surrealistic and 'Alien' designs turns 73 today.

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Tonight's Show, Tuesday, February 5th:

Research scientist focusing on cellular nutrition, Dr. Robert O. Young will discuss what he believes to be the true causes of disease. This led him to develop a new form of biology to help people balance their body chemistry using mostly dietary changes and eliminating inflammation. He'll also address the work of Dr. Tullio Simoncini who treats cancer with baking soda.
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