Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Scouting and Light Tank Commanders

 for an all-around Light Tank Commander.

Skill #SkillIconEffect
1Sixth Sense

Notified when detected by enemies.

Your armor is usually thin and you rely on speed. Knowing you have been spotted is vital.

2Born Leader

10% increase to effectiveness of all Skills and crew performance.

This provides a general buff to all aspects of your tank’s performance and boost the effectiveness of additional Skills.

3Camouflage Expertise

10% increase to camo factor.

This makes it harder for the enemy to find you while you scout out foes for your allies.

4Situational Awareness

6% increase to max view range.

Your job is to detect the enemy. Every extra percent matters! When your allies attack the foes you spot, everyone gets closer to victory.

5Comms Technician

30% increase to radio range. 20% increase to radio range for nearby allies.

Seeing the enemy isn’t enough. You also need to be able to tell your allies you have seen a foe. This Skill helps that tremendously.

6Marked Target

3-second increase to enemy vehicle detection time.

If an enemy tries to break line of sight with you and hide, this Skill will allow you and your allies to see that foe for an additional, vital three seconds.

7Green Thumb

10% increase to tank’s camo factor when in foliage.

As your tanking ability improves and your knowledge of the maps grows, you will learn to hide in, near, and behind foliage. This Skill will take your knowledge and make it 10% more powerful.

8Track Mechanic

25% increase to track repair speed.

Your mobility is everything. If the enemy tracks your tank, you are a sitting duck and will likely perish very quickly. This Skill helps repair your tracks much more quickly than normal so you can get back to relying on your speed.

9Supply Conservation

15% increase to Consumable recharge speed.

Consumables allow you to go faster, fix debuffs, etc., depending on what you equipped. You will need your Consumables to be ready quick and often as you spot for your allies.

Light Tank Commander Build 2

Another Light Tank build (this time focusing as much as possible on speed) looks like this. This build has Skills that are focused on improving handling and aiming on the move, with a few damage mitigation Skills thrown in to guard against the occasional tumble or collision you’re liable to experience along the way.

Skill #SkillIconEffect
1Off-Road Driving

15% increase to handling on soft terrain, 7.5% increase to handling on moderately soft terrain.

Where you’re going, you won’t need roads.

2Clutch Braking

7.5% increase to vehicle rotation speed.

Agility and maneuverability are the name of the game for this build. This is a crucial Skill to have.


10% increase to accuracy when moving.

You’re not stopping to take a shot with this build, so you’ll need to be able to fire effectively on the move.

4Snap Shot

12% increase to accuracy during turret rotation.

This Skill is great for popping enemies a couple times as you whip past them.

5Track Mechanic

25% increase to track repair speed.

Should an enemy get a lucky shot in or a drop in terrain be a bit further than you expected, this will get you up and running again ASAP.

6Trick Driving

30% reduction in fall damage.

Things can get out of hand when you’re moving at high speeds. This Skill will help mitigate any falls or tumbles you might encounter along the way.

7Controlled Impact

20% decrease to ram damage to self, 20% increase to ram damage to enemy.

Ramming an enemy at high speed is a great way to put an enemy out of commission. This Skill will help you come out intact.

8Pain Tolerance

20% decreased chance of crew injury.

Your tank’s crew is in for a rough ride. They’ll thank you for this one.

9General Mechanic

10% increase to repair speed for all modules.

A broken track or busted turret can mean game over during your high-stakes run. This Skill will keep you trucking when the going gets rough.

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