Wednesday, November 2, 2022

How make your own tournament under Fritz GUI:

  This is an instruction how make your own tournament under Fritz GUI:

1- To invite engine to the tournament (see step 4 for details )

2- Edit to modify the engine who invite (set up, opening book.... )

3- To use the same opening book for all engine in the tournament

4- Invite human if you or your friends want to play in the tournament against engine (or against each other )

5- To delete an engine that you selected

6- To use the same Hash for all engine during the tournament

1- choose your engine

2- choose your book, once you chose your book the name book is the right side here perfectv9.0.ctg ... If you didn 't chose a book you see No Book

3- opening different option (take a look at opening book help)

4- Uci engine option

5- If the engine could use EGTB or not during the tournament, if yes check Use tablebases

6- Hashtable size ... don 't put too much for blitz 64 or 128 Mo are enough under 10 mn games

7- The engine estimate Elo if you know 

1- Choose your time control for all engine for the game mn + s increment or give a fix time .

2- How many times the same tournament

3- Move limit to not go over ... here 400,500,600 moves are more than enough

4- permanent brain or not (note : permanent brain on single cpu is bad for eng tournament, on dual cpu this option should be better ) I recommend to not use it for single cpu

5- If you want start games from a given position ( French, English ,Bird, Ruy Lopez ....)

6- if your opening book learning is put on or not .

7- Choose the kind of tournament you would like they play

8- If engine should alternate color or not (exemple in an single eng vs eng tournament both engine will alternate and play with white and black , or if you prefer to put the same engine play white for 100 games .... )

9- Click to begin the engine tournament and you are done :-D

10- next human game ... In case you add yourself to play

11- to see results/scores and cross table.


- on single cpu , don't use the computer during the tournament ... (on dual cpu should be ok with multi task cpu)

- Don't put too much hash for the engine and for the Egtb

- make back up of all your original opening books. (you never know )

- You could stop a tournament and hours later continue the same tournament with open existing tournament and run/continue

- if you want to follow the results (to see what engine is winning or losing) just click on cross table .

-If you want to publish your results on your website click on publish ...your website name and folders to put it ... user and password .

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