Sunday, January 26, 2020

Beware Sofia the new scam on snapchat

Be careful of this Anthony (Sofia) under his email pretending to be a female called Sofia. he will ask you for money according to his service on this photo fake, He will blackmail you with some bullshit once he got your money'

When getting his id. report it immediately to Snapchat of Instagram where he plays this role

If you’re being harassed by a Snapchatter, we recommend you block them so they won’t be able to send you Snaps or Chats from that account.
How to block someone you’re friends with on Snapchat:
  1. Swipe right to the Friends screen
  2. Press and hold on the Snapchatter's name
  3. Tap 'More' or  ⚙️
  4. Tap 'Block'
How to report an account:
  1. Press and hold on the Snapchatter's name
  2. Tap 'More' and tap ‘Report’ to reach out to us
  1. Press and hold on the Snapchatter's name
  2. Tap Snapchat kebab icon or ⚙️
  3. Tap 'Report' to reach out to us
Learn more about reporting abuse and other content you see or receive on Snapchat, such as 1:1 Snaps!
If someone you’re not friends with is bothering you, you might need to update your privacy settings:
  1. On the Camera screen, tap your profile icon at the top
  2. Tap ⚙️ in the top to open Settings
  3. Scroll down to the 'Who Can…' section and tap ‘Contact Me
  4. Choose ‘My Friends’ to make it so only your friends will be able to Snap and Chat you
  5. Tap the back button to update your privacy settings!
Check out our Community Guidelines and Safety Center for more info and safety tips 🤓

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