Monday, December 30, 2019

Why do I get this Server configuration loading error: Error #2048

Flash Player stores data not only in your browser cache, but also on your hard drive. This information needs to be cleared occasionally to keep up with updates in the game and to keep Tanki Online's loading speeds up.

How to clear your Flash Player cache~

To clear your Flash Player cache, you need to follow the steps written below:
1. Start loading a server and then right-click with your mouse on the screen. A window will appear. Click "Global Settings".
2. You will now see a new window called "Manage Flash Player Settings". On it, click "Delete All".
3. Now you will see another new window called "Delete all Flash-Player data". On it, click "Delete Data".

Is the above shown method not working for you~

If that is the case, here's what to do:

Click --> Start.

Click ---> Control Panel.

Click on the "list view" and make it "View by small icons or large".

Click on Adobe Flash player.

And then proceed to do as the gif above shows.

NOTE : Close all your browsers before you clear your cache.

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