Friday, September 20, 2019

How to Beat the Sicilian Defence

How to Beat the Sicilian Defence
The Sicilian Defence is by far the most popular chess opening. If you play 1 e4 as White, on average you are likely to meet the Sicilian in virtually every other game! You need to be prepared to face the Sicilian at all times, and a ready-­to-­use repertoire against it is an indispensible weapon.­In this book, Gawain Jones confronts the challenge of meeting the Sicilian head on. He has constructed a comprehensive Anti-­Sicilian repertoire for White, which is based on lines that are successfully employed at grandmaster level. These are sound, reliable options for White, but dont be fooled they also contain more than a drop of poison. Variations covered include the popular Kings Indian Attack, various Bb5 systems and weapons against Blacks offbeat tries.­A Grandmaster's repertoire against the SicilianPacked with new ideas and critical analysisHighlights key tactical and positional ideas
Author: Jones Gawain
Published 2011, 350 pages
ISBN: 9781857448757

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