Sunday, July 7, 2019

Chess Book PDF

Keene & co - Understanding the Caro-Kann Keene & Gelb - Samurai chess (double pages, no cover) Keene & Jacobs - Carlsen vs Caruana FIDE World Championship London 2018 Keene & Jacobs - Complete King's Indian Keene & Jacobs - Opening Repertoire for White Keene & Jacobs - The Times Winning Moves (new edit) Keene & Lawson - Kasparov-Korchnoi the london contest Keene & Schiller - Winning with the Hypermodern Keene & Schiller - World Champion Combinations Keene R - Evolution of Opening Theory From Philidor To Kasparov Keene R - Flank Openings Keene R - How to Beat Gary Kasparov Keene R - The Times Winning Moves Keene R - Winning with the Nimzo-Indian Keene, Plaskett & Tisdall - English Defence Keene, Schiller & Shamkovich - Killer Chess Tactics all of this from Raymond Keene and co authors.
Karpov & Beliavsky - The Caro-Kann in Black and White Karpov & Gik - Chess Kaleidoscope Karpov & Matsukevich - Find The Right Plan Karpov & Phelizon - Chess the Art Of Negotiation Karpov & Podgaets - Caro-Kann Advance Var Karpov & Podgaets - Caro-Kann Classical Variation Karpov & Podgaets - Caro-Kann Panov Attack Karpov A - B17 Caro-Kann Defence Karpov A - Best Games Karpov A - Chess at the Top 1979-84 Karpov A - Chess instructor 2009 Karpov A - Closed Openings in Action Karpov A - Endgame Arsenal Karpov A - Learn From Your Defeats Karpov A - Miniatures from World Champions Karpov A - My 300 best games Karpov A - My Best Games Karpov A - Open Game in Action Karpov A - Play the English Karpov A - Semi-Closed Openings in Action Karpov A - Semi-open game in action Karpov A - Volga gambit Karpov A - Winning with the Petroff Karpov A - Winning with the Spanish All thus books from famous former World Champion and strategic genius Anatoly "the great" Karpov.
Chess Advantage in Black and White (double pages) Repertoire for Black & White Repertoire for Black and White Sabotage the Grünfeld all thus books from Larry Kaufman.
A Cunning Opening for Black Exchange Sacrifice Steamrolling the Sicilian Understanding the Scandinavian all this from the lesser know Sergey Kasparov Fighting chess Kasparov Teaches Chess London-Leningrad Championship games Masterclass workbook Modern Chess Pt 1 Revolution in the 70s Modern Chess Pt 2 KvsK 1975-85 Modern Chess Pt 3 KvsK 1986-87 Modern Chess Pt 4 KvsK 1988-09 My brilliant games My great predecessors 1 My great predecessors 2 My great predecessors 3 My great predecessors 4 My great predecessors 5 New World Chess Champion On Kasparov 1 On Kasparov 2 On Kasparov 3 Test of time Kasparov G vs the world (this last one come with several commentators, an interview, a scandal and more !) all this from and about the great living legend Garry Kimowitsch Kasparov, 20 years n°1 in the world and most famous player of all time, todays still youngest world champion title owner !! : Karolyi & Aplin - Endgame Virtuoso Anatoly Karpov Karolyi & Aplin - Kasparov's Fighting Chess 1993-98 Karolyi & Aplin - Topalov Genius in Background Karolyi T - Endgame Virtuoso Magnus Carlsen Karolyi T - Eugenio Torre Karolyi T - Exchange Queens Gambit For Black Karolyi T - Karpov's Strategic Wins 1961-85 Karolyi T - Karpov's Strategic Wins 1986-10 Karolyi T - Play the Dutch 1 Karolyi T - Play the Dutch 2 Karolyi T - Tal's Best Games 1 Karolyi T - Tal's Best Games 2 Karolyi T - Tal's Best Games 3 all thus books from Tibor Karolyi.
Caruana his Amazing Story and Games Chess combination world champions 1 Chess combination world champions 2 Chess combination world champions 1 (diagrams) Chess combination world champions 2 (diagrams) Chess Training for Candidate Masters French Defence (multilanguage) Great Chess Combinations Bobby Fischer Great Chess Combinations Vladimir Kramnik Moscow Open Festival 2016 Sicilian Defence (multilanguage) all this from Alexander Kalinin.
Kalinichenko N - Tactic 2004 (Russian) Kalinichenko N - Tactic 2008 (Russian) Kalinichenko N - Tactic 2013 (Russian) Kalinichenko N - Tactic 2017 (Russian) Kalinichenko N - Vassily Ivanchuk 100 Selected Games Kalinichenko N - Winning in the Opening all thus nice quality books from Nikolay Kalinichenko. How to Beat the Sicilian Starting out Sicilian Grand Prix Attack The Dragon Vol 1 The Dragon Vol 2 All thus books from Gawain Jones.
Attacking 101 Formation Attack & Strategies Formation Attacks Positional Attacks All books from Joel Johnson.

Modern Tiger Tiger's modern both from famous and funny authors Tiger Hillarp Persson.

Kings Indian Attack The Dragon ! both from Ron Henley and co authors.

Mastering Endgame Strategy Mastering Opening Strategy Mastering Strategy Play the Sicilian Kan all books from Johan Hellsten.

A Parent's Guide to Chess Back to basics Tactics Elements of Positional Evaluation How pieces get power Everyones 2nd Chessbook Guide to Chess Improvement Is Your Move Safe Looking for trouble The Improving Annotator The Improving Chess Thinker All thus books from Dan Heisman.

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