Sunday, June 2, 2019

Private group with GoFundMe page just built a mile of Trump’s border wall in 3 DAYS!

Private group with GoFundMe page just built a mile of Trump’s border wall in 3 DAYS!

Remember the GoFundMe started by Brian Kolfage that was trying to raise a billion dollars to build Trump’s wall? It was reported that it got shut down by GoFundMe themselves, but apparently not.
Well now the group that runs the GoFundMe page, which includes Steve Bannon and Kris Kobach, has built one mile of wall at the border with the money and says they will sell it to the government for a dollar:
DAILY MAIL – A non-profit organization, backed by Steve Bannon, to fund Donald Trump’s border wall between the United States and Mexico has built its first mile-long section of wall.
The wall, which spans just under one mile in length, went up over the weekend on private property running next to El Paso, Texas, through Sunland Park, New Mexico, triple-amputee veteran Brian Kolfage told on Monday.
‘It’s just under one mile long,’ Kolfage said. ‘The wall starts at the Rio Grande River and goes up Mount Cristo Rey where the US Army Crops of engineers said it was impossible to build.
Kolfage said once everything is said and done, his organization will sell the wall, which cost between $6million and $8million to build, to the federal government for the bargain price of $1.
‘We’re going to sell this wall back to them for $1 and release the title to them,’ he said. ‘We cant give the government the money because that’s not the way it works. But we wanted to show the american people how to get this job done.’
That’s pretty dang incredible. And if you do the math, multiplying 8 million times roughly 700 miles of border wall, you get right around 5 billion dollars to build the entire wall.

Here’s video of the wall being built this weekend from their GoFundMe page:
The Daily Mail continues…
Kolfage is operating under an entity called We Build the Wall Inc., which is a Florida non-profit tax-exempt advocacy organization, with former White House Chief Strategist and former Breitbart News executive chairman Steve Bannon as director, and former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach on the team as well.
Dustin Stockton, co-founder of We Build the Wall Inc., told The Associated Press Monday that they spent about 10 days moving dirt before starting construction Friday.
He says the wall segment in Sunland Park is ‘mostly up’ and should be completed by the end of the week.
The build was overseen by construction mogul Tommy Fisher of North Dakota-based Fisher Industries.
Kolfage told his team chose the location at the intersection of the Texas, New Mexico and Mexico borders based on data obtained from a Freedom of Information Act request filed with US Customs and Border Protection.
‘It’s the worst smuggling route on the entire border,’ Kolfage said. ‘Border patrol said 1000 people cross a day, on average.’
This will no doubt make Trump very happy to see this project in his name culminate in an actual border wall that the government can buy for a buck.
And with 22 million in their GoFundMe, it sounds like Bannon’s group can build nearly another two miles or so if they have the private land to do it. No doubt this news will make donations soar, so it could be even more!

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